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Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi

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Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi tecknohow 11/17/13 7:16 PM
I have an interesting problem with my N5. When I'm on cellular (LTE/HSPA+) everything works fine, but on Wifi things get a bit wonky. It seems that while connected to Wifi, I am not getting incoming calls (they go straight to voicemail) or SMS/MMS. I can still make calls and send messages fine, but receiving is a no go. As soon as I disconnect from Wifi however, all the missed SMS/MMS come through and I recieve calls again. In my testing of the issue I have found that the failure to receive does not happen immediately upon connecting to Wifi. Around 30 minutes to 2 hours after connecting, I begin to miss calls and messages.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Paul 11/18/13 7:15 PM
Try starting your device in safe mode (instructions and info here) and not running any apps you've installed to test if one of them is causing the problem. If you don't experience the problem while in safe mode that's a good indication that an app you've installed is the source of your issue.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Mickael Jego 11/25/13 11:56 AM
Hi, did you solve your issue? I have the same problem : I have tried to boot in safe mode, no improvement; I have erased and restored factory settings, the problem is still there, even without restoring apps and Google settings!!!!
(unknown) 11/25/13 11:56 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/2/13 8:24 AM
I have the exact same problem. I have zero issues when I'm not on a WiFi connection, but once my phone goes idle after connecting to WiFi all my calls go to voicemail and not SMS or MMS messages come through. I've tested this by sending SMS messages and calling my phone from IOS and Blackberry devices and still have the same problem.
I've tried safe mode, reloading the factory 4.4 images, Google sending me another device via RMA, and I still have the problem.  I've noticed that I stop receiving calls and messages almost as soon as the phone goes idle, so I've been able to duplicate the problem in about 60 seconds of locking the screen.
My carrier is T-Mobile, and my next step is to try a new SIM. I seriously doubt that'll solve the issue since I have no problems when I'm not on WiFi, but I'm getting desperate at this point. After the SIM swap I'm going to see what the Google support tech that suggested the RMA swap wants to do, but it's looking like I'll have to return the Nexus 5 for something else.  Not being able to use WiFi without worrying about missing incoming communication is a huge problem.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/2/13 11:29 AM
Update to my previous post:
I went to T-Mobile and tried swapping out the sim.  Same exact behavior after I connected to WiFi and turned the screen off.  After about 20-30 seconds, I could not receive a text message and my calls from my blackberry and landline both went straight to voice mail.  I waited about 30 seconds without receiving any notifications, and right after I turned WiFi off I received the text messages and the voicemail I left.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Paul 12/3/13 1:16 PM
In addition to the safe mode suggestion I made earlier in this thread, it's also possible that the Access Point Name (aka APN) settings might be incorrectly set on your device. I recommend contacting your service provider and double checking that the settings you see on your phone at Settings > Wireless & networks > More > Mobile networks > Access Point Names are the correct ones for their network. If those APN settings don't match what your mobile company needs them set to it can cause access problems.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/3/13 4:00 PM
I have the exact same issue as reported by tecknohow. I verified my APN with T-mobile. I called T-mobile tech support, they said everything was fine on their side. They believed it was a google Nexus 5 issue. I called Google about that issue, but they said they haven't heard of such issue. I couldn't escalate the issue to engineering support alas. So they are shipping me a new device and I will see if it fixes it... I doubt it.
I feel like Bill Hader from the T-mobile JUMP ads when he receives his SMS a year later from his angry friends...
The Nexus 5 is a terrible phone for making calls & text messages... everything else seems to run, but if you can't make phone calls, what's the point?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/3/13 4:02 PM
I meant receiving calls and SMS messages.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/3/13 6:00 PM
Paul - Thanks for the reply.  I asked my carrier (T-Mobile) about the APN settings when I received the second sim and was told everything should be fine.

I have noticed that my issues always happen when I have LTE enabled, but less so when I'm on 3G/HSPA+.  I've already received 1 replacement unit via RMA, and the latest suggestion I had after reporting I was still having the same problem was to perform a factory reset before RMA'ing the second unit :\  Waste of time in my opinion since the hardware works so long as certain use cases aren't in place (WiFi on, WiFi + LTE, etc.)

I'm starting to wonder if this is just a T-Mobile issue and has to do with location.  Wouldn't different areas possibly use different LTE bands (I think T-Mobile uses 1700 and 1900), and there possibly be a problem with how the Nexus is handling the LTE connection?  Or even how T-Mobile is handling the Nexus' LTE connection?

I'd love to find more information on the carriers that people are on that are experiencing this issue.  It's obviously not some global flaw with Android 4.4 or there would be people plastering messages about it all over the net.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/3/13 6:07 PM
KaiDL - You're right to keep your expectations very low on a replacement device fixing your problem.  I already received a replacement unit and still have the same issues.

I have noticed that manually setting the phone to 3G instead of LTE works a majority of the time, but that's one of the primary reasons I bothered to upgrade.  I'm pretty much relegated to using the N5 as a beefed up N4 for the time being while I keep trying to sort out what the problem is.

What really sucks is that I was going to just go ahead and say f' it and get the Moto X while it was on sale on Cyber Monday (and apparently it will be onn 12/4 as well), but I was told by the google support tech(s) I've been working with that I am outside of the 15 day return period so I'm stuck with this thing unless I try to sell it myself for what I paid :|
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/7/13 12:07 PM
Hi Kaiser_bun - Sorry to hear about your missed opportunity on the Moto X... I received my new Nexus 5 replacement, and I still have the same issue when WiFi is ON & LTE is ON. When I remove LTE from the equation, the problem seems fixed. I contacted google support on this and I'm still waiting to see if they will open a ticket and work on this or not.
Have you been able to get this issue further investigated? Any news on this? Thanks.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/7/13 12:17 PM
Hi Paul,

Since you're a google employee, have you had any updates on this issue? As many more people report on this 'WiFi ON & LTE ON, missed calls/SMS issue' on mutliple carriers (T-mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, etc), do you know if Google is actively looking into this?
I have replaced my Nexus 5 with google and I still see the problem. Let us know, you're our only hope thus far. Thanks.
See new thread that started on Dec 2 about this same issue.!category-topic/nexus/nexus-5/eOToYgJXdrw
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/7/13 5:38 PM
Kidl - I've made no progress with this issue over the past week.  in in a similar position as you where I went through troubleshooting with Google and received another Nexus 5 only to still experience the problems.

LTE seems to be the issue since everything seems to work fine when I stay on 3G. Interestingly enough I didn't have the problem when I went to Virginia for a few days after doing a factory reset but it started right back up when I returned to Florida.  I'm wondering if it's a T Mobile problem in certain areas since nobody on the XDA forums mentioned AT&T.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Rob Lescaille 12/7/13 6:38 PM
Any word on of 4.4.1 fixes this? Now I wonder if people are trying to call me and I have no idea it's not working.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/7/13 6:47 PM
Not just T-Mobile as I am having this problem on Sprint, and yes my area has functioning CSFB. Yeah, it seems this is the same problem I reported on December 2nd (linked above). I would have posted here but I was searching for phone not ringing when people call so this thread didn't show up, but yes it also affects SMS.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/7/13 6:49 PM
My guess is that 4.4.1 doesn't have the fix because when we contacted Google support none of them were aware of this issue. Now that at least a couple dozen people have reported it on this forum, and at least 3-4 of us have gotten Google to look more into this, they will actually try and fix this hopefully... Very annoying issue as you basically don't know if you missed a call or SMS at all. And of the person doesn't leave a voicemail, there is no trace.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/7/13 6:51 PM
That is why I think it hasn't been reported more, hard to report phone missing calls if there is no missed call history. So people have no idea.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/7/13 6:54 PM
Kaiserbun - u saw the new thread. I don't think it's just T-Mobile as infinity03 sees it on sprint too and there are many other people on other carriers who saw the same issue. I think Google ought to address it.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/7/13 6:56 PM
I'm not too confident about 4.4.1 either.  The texts are actually what alerted me to the problem.  You know that T Mobile Jump commercial where the pissed off girlfriend comes up to the guy about why he didn't respond?  Yea... let's just say that commercial was not based on fiction.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/7/13 7:06 PM
Kaiser bun - lol I had mentioned that T-Mobile commercial to Google & T-Mobile reps... Yeah we're experiencing  the same issue as the T-Mobile guy (bill hayder for SNL) in the jump ad. My fear is that all nexus 5 users will get a lot of angry SMS from friends and family... I know I have thus far had a few ones... Problem not widely reported probably BC you can't tell. And yes, Sms was the thing that prompted me too abt this issue. Then voicemail. Also it seems we all need LTE to be in service and LTE isn't available in many cities yet... But Google has to reckon it's an issue at some point.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Paul 12/9/13 12:07 PM

On Saturday, December 7, 2013 12:17:23 PM UTC-8, Kidl wrote:
Hi Paul,

Since you're a google employee, have you had any updates on this issue? As many more people report on this 'WiFi ON & LTE ON, missed calls/SMS issue' on mutliple carriers (T-mobile, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, etc), do you know if Google is actively looking into this?

I'm not aware of an active investigation, but this issue is pretty new on my radar -- it's possible that it's been caught by someone else and already being investigated, or maybe even addressed in 4.4.1, but if not then I'll be happy to get an investigation started.

A couple of questions: are you able to reproduce this consistently? In other words, can you call your phone from another line and have it fail 100% of the time in the right conditions?

Also, if any of you receive the Android 4.4.1 update could you let us know if you still experience the problem? The update just started rolling out and might take a couple of weeks to reach your device.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi kaiser_bun 12/9/13 12:45 PM
Hello Paul,
There's a more active thread about this issue here:!msg/nexus/eOToYgJXdrw/LACvg6RDkJsJ
The original poster provided a video of the problem that demonstrates the problem.
A user in that same thread reported that the 4.4.1 update did not resolve the problem, but I can't personally attest for that yet since I have not received or loaded the update.
I know that I can consistently reproduce this issue, and have done so on my original device as well as a replacement device that was sent after I spoke with Google tech support mid-November.  LTE + WiFi + Sleep/Idle will consistently result in the connection to the cell tower dropping (not the same as a signal loss) and incoming cell communication being impossible.  All outgoing communication will still work (sending texts or making phone calls), and once the connection has been reestablished any queued notifications will come in all at once (SMS, MMS, voicemail notifications).
Switching from LTE to 3G works fine under all conditions that I've tested once the phone as been rebooted.
Carrier is T-Mobile.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/9/13 2:19 PM
Hi Paul,

I concur with Kaiser_bun. The trick is to go to Idle / Sleep for a little while (not sure how long - that I can't verify since I use my cell as my primary phone), somewhere in the Kit Kat code, there should probably be some kind of threshold in there that could lead to know where there's an exception instance that would activate some kind of special case when "WiFi ON" & "LTE ON" & "SLEEP /IDLE MODE ON").

If the tester activates "WiFi ON" while "LTE is ON" ONLY (without going to IDLE/SLEEP) and tries to make a phone call right away, I think the call might go through most of the time.

It's when the phone goes to "IDLE / SLEEP" with "WIFI ON & LTE ON" that we start missing phone calls/SMS/voicemails.

This should pinpoint pretty quickly to somewhere in the code where this case scenario is occurs.

Please open an investigation on that issue. There are more than a couple dozen people reporting it now on multiple operators/carriers. It can't be just a coincidence.

Thanks a lot Paul.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/9/13 2:22 PM
Hi Paul,

I am the OP of the other thread and have a new video I can upload showing the problem again and me attempting to diagnose what does and doesn't fix it. Once the problem happens the phone will consistently not ring or receive texts until one of the following occurs:

Airplane mode on/off
LTE on/off
I send a text
I make a phone call

If another video will be of use I will upload it.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi rey cruz 12/10/13 8:29 AM
That is exactly what is happening with my phone. While with wifi on, lte on and it goes to sleep, I'll call the phone from a landline and it doesn't ring and it goes to voicemail.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi rey cruz 12/10/13 8:36 AM
Paul, 4.4.1 or 4.4.2 didn't fix it. This is a major problem affecting probably hundreds if not thousands of people. Let's hope that google doesn't drop the ball and takes on this head on.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi QWIKSTRIKE 12/10/13 5:17 PM
With my device I am only able to reboot or the phone will not respond at will freeze, and remain unresponsive until I reboot the device.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/13/13 9:32 AM
Hi Paul,

A quick update, it seems like a few of us who received 4.4.2 OTA update in the past few days, have tested 'WiFi ON + LTE ON + Idle/Sleep - Missed call/SMS issue' on T-mobile, and have been successful at receiving phone calls & texts thus far in this scenario (only tested for a few days, and sometimes it may take longer to notice), but fingers crossed, it seems that something was changed in the code with that respect.

Would you be able to see that in your 4.4.2 release notes if there's an item that fixed that issue?

It seems though that others on Sprint are perhaps now having this issue with 4.4.2. Seems to imply then that there might be a "frequency" band specific fix that was made for T-mobile, and might have broken it for other frequency bands...

Anyways, 4.4.2 seems to be promising for helping on this issue on T-mobile LTE frequency bands, but not on Sprint... but I will confirm after more usage.

Keep us posted. Thanks.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi rey cruz 12/13/13 3:36 PM
Not really, I"m with T-Mobile with 4.2.2. and if I leave LTE on I start having calls not ringing and going to voicemail and delayed mms and sms. 
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/13/13 4:10 PM
Thanks for the info Rey. I see, sorry to hear that.
Then it seems like it's got to do with some frequency bands also in LTE perhaps (not sure which one is used in which cities)...
In any case, the issue is NOT FIXED, and STILL PRESENT it seems with 4.2.2.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/13/13 4:16 PM
Kidl, that makes sense as I have only seen T-Mobile and Sprint users reporting this problem, both of which use high frequency LTE bands, unlike AT&T
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/15/13 1:41 PM
Hi Paul,

Just an update on my side, I am experiencing the problem again after a few days of usage with 4.4.2 on T-mobile.
The first few days didn't show the missed calls / SMS issue when "WiFi & LTE is ON".
But now it has re-appeared.

Please keep us posted if the problem is actively being investigated.
It is really an annoying issue and makes the Nexus 5 experience really subpar, when it comes to its phone call capabilities.
Thanks a lot.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/15/13 1:57 PM
Kidl, did you submit a bug report?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/15/13 2:12 PM
I asked Google to investigate the problem, and they told me that they have notified their support team, but I didn't get a ticket number or bug report submission per say. And I wasn't contacted by Paul to do collect data for Google.
So I'm assuming he has contacted multiple other people who have the same issue.

Seems like there's some kind of time-drift problem (counter? memory leak? dunno...) in the code too perhaps... that causes the phone to become non-responsive to external calls/SMS/voicemails.

Such a shame, the Nexus 5 would be a good phone if only they could make it function well as a phone! Can't believe they don't know how to fix this issue or even let it be in the first place! How come the other manufacturers (other than LG/Google) don't have this issue? You would think that now that Motorola is part of Google, they could easily get it right.

I had Samsung and Apple before and all worked fine with WiFi & LTE ON without missed calls/voicemails/SMS on T-mobile.
So it can't be such a tough thing to make it work.

Another person mentioned in the other thread that this potentially was also present in the Nexus 4... but I don't see how since LTE was not present in the Nexus 4...
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/15/13 3:10 PM
Yeah, I was referring to the data collection that Paul had asked some of us to collect. I wish he had you on that list, as it seems to happen to you more often than myself. I use my phone a lot, so every time I send a text or make a call I think it is resetting the counter so to speak.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/15/13 10:15 PM
No, he didn't contact me. Though I would say that I probably don't have the time to help Google for free on fixing their issues.
I have years of experience in wireless systems and I personally don't want to work for Google for free when their engineers should be able to figure it out by themselves, on such a trivial test scenario (one would think they have a software integration unit team that actually test their release before they go out... and this LTE / WiFi ON case is a major case to test out before release). It should be an easily reproduceable scenario in their labs I think personally, and they should have all the tools to analyze the bug once it triggers (analyzers & test code with debug data, etc) if they can't figure it out in the code (I'm assuming it's probably a very quick fix in the end if it's a counter issue or memory leak issue, they just have to know where they got the data initialized wrong or something like that - I might be wrong but my hunch is that it's a very obvious bug in the code in the end, probably a firmware bug on the software interaction with LTE / WiFi hardware... but I could be wrong).
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/15/13 10:17 PM
I agree that's probably what it is. Data collection is an easy process, enable developer mode, turn on USB debug and power menu bug reports. Then when bug happens immediately submit bug report by holding down power button.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/15/13 10:42 PM
I see. Thanks for the info Infinity03. You could probably ask them to send you another unit with SIM card to debug for them. I mean it would only be a tiny fraction of the cost of what it's going to cost them if the issue goes more widespread which it has the potential to be. As is right now, IMHO, the Nexus 5 is not a phone (I mean, I was really excited about this phone and it's been such a big let down), it's just a mini-tablet albeit a nice one, as it is really not a good phone device in LTE mode, which was the whole point for people who decided to buy the Nexus 5.

I tend to refrain to work for big corporations pro-bono, corporations which make billions in profits, and can't even make sure that their phones can receive phone calls.

Like I said, I think Google engineers should be able to look into this issue fairly easily and reproduce it in no time. They might need more than just the "generic" debug code in the current release to find the issue. They might have to create specific debug code in the sections where this case scenario occurs, and load the code onto their test bench to figure out their initialization / memory problem or whatever is causing this issue.

I'm not familiar with Android code, so I don't know how extensive the bug reporting is in developer mode...

I missed too many important calls/SMS lately and got a lot of angry voicemails (like I said, I feel like Bill hader in his T-mobile commercial when he misses his SMS), and so I'd rather keep my LTE off for now...

Google is aware of it, and working to resolve it, that's the most important thing. Best ;-).
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi DavidMQ 12/18/13 4:37 PM
Hello there, thank you for keeping any changes posted here. i have the same issue with a tmobile GS4 i even replaced my device and rooted to see if it was the stock rom or anything like that but no, i still have the same issue. so i dont think its the device itself i think some code from android OS is the one not working. so i was feeling my experience with the gs4 sub par but not anymore since there is more devices having the same issue  
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 12/18/13 9:41 PM
Interesting DavidMQ, thanks for sharing your experience with GS4. What Android OS version and release were you running when you had the LTE / WiFi ON missed calls issue? I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and never had this issue on T-mobile, but it was running an older Android OS version / release than Kit Kat.
Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi alan7467 12/21/13 11:34 AM
I'm having the exact same behavior while on LTE with WiFi enabled using at&t. Thankfully I have excellent HSPA+ coverage in my area. So using 3g instead isn't  particulary painful. Regardless this is a pretty frustrating problem to have and one that I hope Google addresses soon.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Infinity03 12/24/13 8:52 PM
I just had this happen again. I made a new video of the bug (link below) and submitted a bug report to Google. Paul, please reach out to me via email as this is no longer acceptable to me and I need to arrange a return for a refund. I am outside the 14-day return period, so I hope you can help me there. If and when this bug and the static noise while recording videos bug get fixed I will happily purchase a Nexus 5 again - but for now it's just not a reliable phone.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Игорь Фролов 1/1/14 3:48 PM
For Voice over LTE standard developed VoLTE (Voice over LTE).
If your service provider makes voice calls on LTE (2G, 3G) and when the wi-fi is happening.
Sorry for my English translation.
Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Jim Milton 1/2/14 9:38 PM
I am having trouble sending and receiving texts on my Nexus 5 on AT&T.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Игорь Фролов 1/2/14 11:40 PM
Sign in Annex Hangouts. Select the sub-menu, it help. Paragraph sending SMS and MMS. Set up your phone.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi waffles_and_bacon 1/4/14 9:10 PM
I can confirm this problem as well. Running latest 4.4.2 KOT49H build. Problem is very easy to reproduce when WiFi is on and connected. 
I hit the power button so the screen would turn off, and waited 5 minutes.

From another phone, I sent texts and made voice calls to the phone. Texts did not arrive (according to the phone), and voice calls went to voice mail.

If I disable WiFi, phone will then report text messages arriving. Alternatively, if I place a call or send a text message, then the previously sent texts will arrive.

Very annoying, but easily reproducible. I'm sure they'll have a fix soon... better, as it is quite annoying. Running on an LTE network on an 802.11n 2.4Ghz AP
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi gr f 1/5/14 10:55 PM
Same issue here on Movistar in Spain.
When wi-fi and LTE ON, no calls or missed calls, or no emails come through.
As soon as I leave the range of my home wi-fi I get loads of messages and emails.
HAS to be a software issue.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Keith Dollins 1/11/14 7:24 AM
I have the same problem on the Galaxy Note 3 t-mobile Network. I change the default network setting from LTE/WCDMA/GSM to WCDMA/GSM only.seems to be an LTE issue, not sure if this is a hundred percent fixed but my phone seems to be working correctly now on wifi.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Flickr25 1/17/14 11:19 AM
Just FYI To all who may be interested, Got N5 in January, Read all the complaints about N5 not ringing on LTE and WIFI.  I have 16Gb Version and It works flawlessly on ATT Straight Talk on LTE/WIFI and wireless charget ON.  All tests, calls seem to come in Without issues. So far not noted any anomalies.  
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Jane Arts 1/18/14 12:20 PM
I too am encountering this problem. Using an AT&T simcard with LTE through straight talk on the Nexus 5. 
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi jpswtb 1/18/14 1:04 PM
Experiencing the same issue.  Seems like it's starting to be more and more widespread as I'm seeing some threads on this on other android forums as well.  I sent an email to Google but wanted to be sure to add my name to this list in case it's being monitored.  
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi K 1/18/14 11:13 PM
My Nexus 5 on T-Mobile recently just started experiencing this problem as well. I'm on 4.4.2 and it seemed to be working regardless of Wifi or LTE options until last night.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Spencemt 2/3/14 8:11 AM
I've also seen this happen a couple times on my Nexus 5 (T-Mobile).  Unfortunately I've had to resort to turning wifi off because I'm never able to send/receive MMS messages with wifi enabled.  Hopefully Google or T-Mobile can get this straightened out soon!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi gr f 2/3/14 9:07 AM
Hi Paul. You seem to be the only one at Google that has made any kind of relpy to a very concerning problem regarding no calls being received when on wifi/3G/LTE.
Your reply is at:

The following postings are all basically talking about the same issue, and I suggest that someone at Google would acknowledge it and possibly MERGE the themes so it can be raised as a REAL Issue.
Plus the hissing on video recording also needs to be attended to.
We cannot wait too much longer for a 4.4.3 update.
I have RMA´d my phone and hopefully will be here tomorrow, so new testing will start then.

Looking forward to a reply. Thanks.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Garconis 2/6/14 9:27 PM
Just got a new Nexus 5 a week ago with a Straight Talk (AT&T LTE) SIM card. It seems I've had these issues since day 1. The main thing I notice (since I rarely text or talk) is my syncing/notification seems to rarely work. And when it does, it's sporadic. It seems any time I want to use the web, or facebook, the data is there and working. But I'm not receiving notifications for new emails, hangouts, etc. And when I manually check/refresh it still won't work. Until a few minutes later they'll all come through. This happens whether when my WiFi is off...and also when it is "on" (but not connected to wifi).
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi SPNexus 2/24/14 11:50 AM
I took delivery of a 16 GB White Nexus 5 in Feb 2014.  I experienced missed calls and the inability to send/receive MMS messages when connected to WiFi.  This problem did not present itself immediately for me, but only after I installed the AdBlock app and enabled the AdBlock proxy on my WiFi connection (within the phone).  I disabled and removed AdBlock, and for the last 2 days the phone has worked fine.

I have a WRT54G WiFi router (Tomato firmware) which previously filtered traffic through AdBlock at the router.  I also disabled this router-level proxy just to be safe.  I have not yet re-enabled AdBlock at the router to see if this causes problems.  However, I do know that AdBlock does not cause other phones to miss phone calls and MMS messages (i.e. Droid Razr, Samsung Galaxy S2, iPhone 4, 5c, and 5s).  

Not exactly root cause, but I thought I'd at least share my experience.  Hope it helps.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Tom JP 3/10/14 5:51 PM
Count me in for the same problems. I've tried numerous suggested fixes and nothing has worked. I even ordered a replacement SIM from my carrier and verified my APN settings with multiple tech support reps. You should be embarrassed by the Nexus 5 Google!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi eir3 4/10/14 12:10 AM
I too am having this problem. Any solutions / workarounds so far?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 4/10/14 10:56 PM
No fix as far as I know yet, hopefully with the new upcoming firmware things will get better... Just turn off LTE, and go back to 3G in the mobile networks settings. This should remove the issue when WiFi is ON for now.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Aaron Boudreau 4/20/14 2:36 PM
Lte on or off wifi on still won't let me get texts or calls. Actually if I turn lte off it happens more so then lte on. I'm wondering if it's a stupid hidden setting within our Google accounts from doing some silly tweaking with a custom Rom or if 4.3 just ruined everything.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Len the Lock 4/22/14 7:18 AM
Also experiencing the problem on Vodafone UK - just received replacement phone and as per previous posts, the problem still exists. Why do Google send out new phones when they must know it isn't fixing the problem?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Aaron Boudreau 4/22/14 10:37 AM
Since 4.3 rolled out my friend with a Samsung Galaxy s3 has the same issue and my Galaxy note 2 same  problem. I downgraded back to 4.1.2 to see if it fixed the problem will know after about a week.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Con Vlassopoulos 4/23/14 4:23 AM
I am from melb AUSTRALIA and have just experienced the same problem with not receiving SMS messages and incoming calls going straight to message bank . My  Wife came home and asked what had happened. Looked at phone and I had no signal bars. Turned LTE off so good so far but I've only had phone for a week ! I hope they get it fixed as the reason I bought this phone was my old Pear phone ... (Opposition)mob stopped ringing... My wife is pregnant and due in August! I need a working phone Google!...please.
(unknown) 5/9/14 7:11 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 5/9/14 8:09 AM
It's not fixed yet, a workaround for now might be to turn off LTE when your WiFi is ON - or - Turn off Wifi when your LTE is ON... but you may want to look at this thread for a reply from a google employee, explaining some of the steps you can take to try and see if you fall within the categories of those who just have some "settings" issue on their phone, as opposed to the "real" Nexus 5/Android issue with WiFi & LTE ON.

See this thread's "Best answer" by Paul from Google:!category-topic/nexus/calls-and-voicemail/eOToYgJXdrw[1-25-false]

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Claire L. P. 6/5/14 10:21 AM

Hello there,

We appreciate your patience regarding this issue. As it turns out, a new update to the Android OS recently started rolling out; unfortunately, this release will not address this specific issue.

We realize that this issue is not going away, and please know that it is still on our radar. We hope that a future update will address it.

If you haven’t done so already, please read through this thread to determine if there are other workarounds or users’ suggestions that can help you out in the meantime.

Thank you again for your patience,

Claire & Paul

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi DSunnyD 6/9/14 11:18 AM

Would you happen to have an ETA on when a fix may be coming? Any insight as to what the underlying issue may be and why it has been difficult to get fixed? I have held off on buying the Nexus 5 because of this very issue. Thanks!

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi (unknown) 6/10/14 5:53 AM
Hi Claire & Paul.
I don't know if this is the first time someone ha posted about this issue, but seeing as this thread dates back to 18th of November 2013(!), do you feel Google acts in their customers' best interest when you still have not managed to fix this problem?

What is the main functions of a cell phone in your opinion, seeing as fixing a bug that prevents your customers' phones from receiving texts and calls, apparantely is not one of the focus areas of an update you have been working on for quite some time (fully aware of the bug for the whole time) ?

Do you feel the customers who have this bug happen to them, which prevents their phones from functioning like a phone, have the right to be reimbursed and switch to a competitors phone or operating system, or is it the customers' own fault?

I am sincerely curious as to your answers to these questions, as it is completely ridicoulus that you are allowed to continue offering these cell phones to people well aware of a bug that wipes out 90 % of the functionality of a phone.

a less than satisfied Google Nexus 5 user.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Nexus5Dude 6/12/14 9:10 AM
Does rebooting the phone help? I'm thinking it will only fix the problem until the next time the phone goes to sleep with wifi on. Extremely frustrating. I thought people were fibbing when they said they called me and it went straight to my voicemail, because my phone is on all day. Now I know they were probably telling the truth. Please fix this problem Google. I bought the N5 because I wanted the state-of-the-art. I now believe I got the bleeding edge instead.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Liz Colwell 6/12/14 11:58 AM
I'm having the same issue.. not receiving calls or any history of missed calls.. & sms texts.  It is extremely frustrating.. PLEASE someone fix this issue.. also a TMobile customer..but I'm hearing this is not just a tmobile thing.. I also have a Nexus 5... got the new update, but still having this issue. If they don't leave a voicemail or I don't talk to them face to face I have no idea if anyone has called or sent sms texts.. He even sent me a screen cap of his texts and my texts & I've done the same.. this is driving me insane.. GOOGLE.. please fix this.. I love my phone but hate missing my calls & texts!!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Nexus5Dude 6/12/14 1:44 PM
I turned off JuiceDefender's ability to enable and disable data on the cell network. SMS works now even with wifi on. I think JuiceDefender assumes if wifi is on, the phone supports wifi calls, and disables the cellular radio for data.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Babak Zarei 6/14/14 4:33 AM
I have very same issue with my brand new nexus5 on Virgin mobile UK. I have to choose WIFI or receiving calls and text. Very disappointing . 
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi waffles_and_bacon 6/14/14 2:10 PM
I'm surprised that people are still dealing with this issue. I originally had the issue, but my phone works perfectly now.
The original issue for me was that when WiFi and LTE are both enabled, when the phone went to sleep mode no SMS texts or calls were received.
There were known work arounds that worked perfectly for me: 
1. Disable WiFi 
2. Set preferred network type to 3G
3. Set preferred network type to LTE, and set sleep mode to turn off WiFi. 

The 3rd option is what I was using, and I never missed a call.

I don't know if it's co-incidence, but when 4.4.3 came out, I applied the upgrade and have gone back to factory defaults.
e.g, LTE on and WiFi sleep mode to always stay on.

I've re-tested and I always get calls now, no issues. I'm on Virgin Mobile in Canada, FYI.

I have a feeling a lot of the missed call issues are all being lumped into the same issue. If you turn off WiFi and still miss calls, I bet you it's another issue or a provider issue.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi thedopefish 6/14/14 3:01 PM
A lot of us (including myself) feel that we should not have to turn off WiFi in order to safely use LTE, or vice versa.

I'm glad there is a workaround, because this is merely a big annoyance rather than makimg my device literally useless. But I would certainly hope Google can issue a proper fix, especially given how long this thread has been around and the number of users complaining about the same symptoms.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kidl 6/16/14 8:57 AM
I would advise anyone thinking to try upgrading to 4.4.3 even pushed by OTA from your service provider, NOT TO UPGRADE to 4.4.3.
It is the worst update so far from Android Kit Kat, not that Kit Kat was any good with Nexus 5 given all the issues it has.
But upgrading to 4.4.3 will cut your 3G/4G connectivity off for some, create all kinds of weird problems that were not present in 4.4.2, with a new phone calling UI that's terrible and unresponsive (long lags when dialing or trying to input characters/numbers)...

I feel like we're just guinea pigs when we buy the Nexus 5 and get stuck with it, trying to fix all the problems for Google. Engineering is for sure not doing their job properly developping these smartphone products at Google. As a former engineer with 10-years of experience in the R&D field, never would my former telco company have allowed to release a product with so many defects, and yet leave the bugs running for so long without putting all resources to fix this... especially given that Google stocks are at all time high and the company has never had so much cash at hand... they should invest in R&D and engineering support in lieu of buying their stocks to prop up the only thing that matters to them, their big shareholders pockets.... If the Nexus 5 were the iPhone 5, you'd be sure to have the bugs fixed promptly by Apple, yet Apple is doing the same as Google... I wonder why Google is not at least trying to copy Apple's model in terms of customer support...

Alas Google is really not taking its Nexus users seriously. You'd think they would since the people buying Nexus 5 are probably the most hardcore Android users, wanting the "real" android experience. Yet they are the ones being put at the end of the waiting line when it comes to fixing issues on the so-called "Google" phones....

If the Nexus 5 fails to perform in its next 4.4.4 or whatever you name it update, I will for sure swear to never buy Android ever again after owning so many of them... I'm totally frustrated that Google doesn't take its Android users seriously. After being such a loyal customer to Android, I'm afraid I have to go to Apple to get my smartphone experience to the level of smartphone... A shame because the Nexus 5 had some good things going for it... but for sure it's not a phone that works like a phone should work!!!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Mikito1976 6/19/14 2:37 PM
Not sure if this thread is still alive with the problem posted but I am having the same problem. I know that this is not the Moto G LTE section or thread but it is the same problem that I'm having and while searching my problem I came across this thread. Moreover, the phones are kind of related since both are connected to Google (I'm staring to think that it is an OS problem since I'm on my second phone with the same problem). Now, I don't own a Nexus 5 but I do have the Moto G LTE version 4.4.3 and my service provider is Metro PCS/T-Mobile. I'm having the same problem that if I have Wi-Fi on and I have LTE selected in the prefered network type my phone will not connect to the data network not allowing me to send MMS, to do so I will have to turn off Wi-Fi and then place a call so that the LTE can connect to the tower. Now, if I select 3G under the prefered network type everything works just fine. I never had this problem before, ever. I was using the Alcatel OneTouch Fierce 4.2.2 with the same providers and never had this problem. It makes no sense whatsoever. I got the LTE version to use it not to use 3G. By the way I do have a second phone with the same provider the LG Spirit 4G LTE and it works just fine, no need to turned off the Wi-Fi and then place a call to send a MMS. SMH to the point that my neck it's about to break.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Babak Zarei 6/20/14 12:47 PM
Does anyone know newly released 4.4.4 Android has fixed this issue or not?

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Ralph Thaller 6/24/14 4:50 AM
I have updated my phone to 4.4.4 but the problem seems not to be fixed.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Irfaan Timol 6/24/14 4:12 PM
I have got the new update 4.4.4 and i have also factory reset my phone, but the problem still does persist (Do not receive calls and sms when the Wifi is on) . Its frustrating that this problem has not yet been tackled...
I have also changed my phone connection to 3G and also put my Wifi on 2.4 GHZ and they problem still persist... Please resolve it as soon a possible.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Graham-. 6/25/14 12:26 PM
I've been having this problem for the last few months - I even switched provider before discovering that others have been experiencing the same issue. I'm not even receiving missing texts eventually as others seem to be - they just don't turn up at all, which has caused a few problems recently. I'm calling Google this week to try to get a refund, it's not much use having a phone if its simplest functions can't be relied on.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Steve.Lee 6/25/14 4:08 PM
Just started experiencing this issue today. The only thing I did different to my phone is the 4.4.4 update.  
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Daniel Callaghan 6/29/14 9:18 AM
Also having the problem. Wifi on = no incoming calls and texts. Wifi off, and it's fine.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Rob Lescaille 6/29/14 9:25 AM
Has anyone tested this with the new Android L developer release?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi drUmut 7/4/14 3:59 PM
Same issue over here, if i turn airplane mode on and then off, delayed sms is delivered and i can receive calls but after a few minutes later i cant receive any sms and calls. It is 4.4.4 with N5.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi pvito 7/10/14 7:35 AM
I had the problem of not receiving calls even with full signal on T-Mobile. Left a comment on this thread a few weeks ago. 

Installed Android L developer on last Saturday and haven't had the issue once in the five days I've been using L. I'd say it fixed MY issue.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Babak Zarei 7/10/14 7:41 AM
This is good news! however it is really a shame that you have to lose your warranty of brand news mobile. Terrible customer support from Google! :( 
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Nexus5Dude 7/10/14 9:32 AM
I just received 2 calls with WiFi on. Previously, I was not getting calls unless I turned off WiFi. I received an Android auto update this morning, which may have solved the problem. I saw something about an Android Keyboard update, and I'm not sure what else was updated. As long as it is all working, I'm not going to complain.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Len the Lock 7/13/14 7:37 AM
Whilst this problem use to be temporarily fixed in 4.4.3 by turning off WiFi and 4G the problem in 4.4.4 manifests itself when the phone goes into sleep mode i.e. works fine with all options of WiFi on and 3G or 4G but as soon as the phone goes into sleep mode it no longer rings when someone calls. Needs to be woken up and activated to make it work again, clearly this is unacceptable yet still Google fail to address the fundamental problem. Back to the HTC again for a while but for how long?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Anil Hemnani 7/19/14 12:21 PM
Facing same problem on HTC One M8 toi
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Irfaan Timol 7/21/14 2:42 AM
Common Google...  The problem is still persisting.  When do you think you will get that under control? I have posted a comment several weeks ago and I still have not received a fix or even a reply.
Please others users,  just write a quick comment if you are experiencing the same problem,  so that Google start taking care of the problem.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi shazsilverwolf 7/21/14 6:19 AM
This problem seems very common- there are other threads on here about Nexus 5 not receiving calls, going straight to voicemail. People on those have tried new sims/new phones and it doesn't cure it. It also seems to be across different carriers, so it isn't that. Me and my Hubby have identical phones( same build number/firmware etc) , same carrier in the UK, EE, yet I get this issue, he doesn't. It did appear to me that my main problem was with numbers NOT in my contacts list. If someone on my contacts list calls me, I get the call, if its an 'outsider', no joy.
 It is possible we may have cured this, early days. My Hubby had an app on his called Clean Sweep.  Anyone with CCleaner on their pc, its the same type of program. He installed it (free) on my phone and ran it, and so far, so good. Calls getting through. How long it lasts, we shall see, but I will update.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Abdullah Farooki 7/28/14 8:51 AM
Hi Shazsilverwolf,

Do you have an update if your phone is still working now? I tried searching for the 'Clean Sweep' App but could not find it. Can you please share the Google Play link of the app? I am really getting desperate now.

Very disappointed with Google. There have been 4 updates since Nexus 5 has come out and none of them have addressed such a critical issue. :(
Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Evan Blackstone 8/2/14 2:20 PM
Anyone know if the Nexus 5 has this issue on Cyanogenmod?
Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Bernhard Hiesl 8/4/14 1:40 AM
Yes it's also in cyanogenmod
Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Bernhard Hiesl 8/4/14 1:40 AM
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Paul 8/18/14 2:36 PM
I noticed a few of you mention you're still experiencing this issue after receiving the Android 4.4.4 update. We'd like to take a look at this behavior with 4.4.4, so we're going to reach out to a few of you directly via email to request some additional bug report data. Please do not post bug reporting data in this community; it may contain some personal information that you might not be comfortable sharing in a public forum.

Please also note that although we'll be reaching out to a few of you via email, we won't be responding to email follow-ups. To help keep the whole community informed we'll post any further updates here in the forum.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Liz Colwell 8/18/14 2:47 PM
Paul, I'm still having this issue as of yesterday. I love my Nexus 5, but this is really starting to get annoying.. Thanks for checking into this!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Richard Samuels 8/21/14 8:04 AM
Hi, I'm new to this forum.
I to have been experiencing this 'not receiving calls' problem with the N5. Today I received my third handset, which again has the fualt.
Is this problem likely to be resolved at all?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Bram Gosseye 8/21/14 9:19 AM

I'm new in this topic. Since last week my Nexus 5 is suffering from this issue. So is my friends Nexus 5. We both have Android 4.4.4.
I'd like to participate in the bug report data via email.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Mathew K. M. 8/21/14 3:14 PM
Hey...I'm on Virgin too in the UK. This problem just started (here in West Midlands) a month or two after I got the phone and not while in London.

I tried changing from 4G to 3G to 2G preferred and making calls to my phone. Finally, phone calls started coming through once I kept it on 2G and called myself!!! :) After this I managed to receive phone calls when I shifted back to 3G and called myself too!!!

Hope this helps...?!

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Babak Zarei 8/21/14 4:48 PM
I am surprised that the problem goes away in London, I have had this problem in Edinburgh since got my N5 three months ago.

Switching 2g/3g While you are on WiFi allows incoming calls to get through but unfortunately you need to redo it every  time you reconnect to the WiFi.
There is a paid app which automatically handles this switching but it doesn't work with stock ROM and if you root you lose your so far useless warranty.

Let's hope this misery ends soon.


Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Mathew K. M. 8/22/14 2:32 AM

After switching to 2G and then back to 3G while on wifi last night, I have had no problem with receiving calls.

There is one more thing that I did before that; I removed the batteries from my wireless keyboard (2.4GHz). I did this after reading this article from T-Mobile

The reason I thought that might be a cause is because I first started facing these problems after visiting a friend who had a similar keyboard. I don't know whether that helped...

I hope I stay lucky!

Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Bernhard Hiesl 8/22/14 2:43 AM
I'm currently running on Android L Developer Preview and it works.

If i switch back to 4.4.4 the problem is still there.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Mathew K. M. 8/22/14 2:34 PM
Babak and others

Sorry for the wrong info in my link. That link was meant for those having problems with WiFi calling!

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi evoxohio 8/30/14 11:03 AM
I am having this issue on my ATT nexus 5 as well. Running 4.4.4. Got a replacement nexus 5 and it has the issue as well. I'm not getting all texts that are sent to me, people aren't getting all of mine, and sometimes when people call me it goes straight to voicemail.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Christopher Booth 9/11/14 12:14 AM
Hey all. Just wanted to post on here with a solution!

For the past seven days my Nexus 5 has been playing up. Constantly losing signal (especially when charging) and not receiving texts and phonecalls when connected to any WiFi connection. I am running Android 4.4.4. My carrier is T Mobile. My phone now works fine and is fixed by following the steps below:

1) In Settings - More - Mobile Networks in preferred Network Type change to 3G

2) Ring T Mobile (in my case) or your service provider and request an up to date NEW 4G sim card. Mine sent one out free of charge. Mention on the phone call that you want to use their 3G network and clarify if there is anything you need to do in your Settings to ensure you're connecting to their 3G network.

3) Activate new sim when it arrives

The problem occurs on the Nexus 5 when it tries to use 4G and then switch to 3G when 4G is not available. This is what causes your phone, regardless of Android version, to start becoming the worst phone ever, so for now, stick to 3G until 4G has taken over your country with amazing signal (that's my evil plan anyway!)

Hope it helps you guys.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Chris12234 9/20/14 5:58 AM
This is ridiculous. When i go and buy a 400 euro smartphone i DEMAND to at least make phonecalls and send/receive sms. After all this is the main purpose of a phone.

I bought my Nexus 5 last December. I noticed this problem a month later when my girlfriend was calling me and i never responded! She tried to call me 4 times and she faced the same behaviour: She heart the dial tone 3 times and then the line went off. 

Then i searched the web just to find that a lot of people had the same problem. And to make it even worst, i am 100% positive that ALL Nexus 5 owners have this problem, but since is so hard to recognize it, only a small % complains. 

My carrier doesnt support LTE so, i always have the option to 3G. So the problem happens even on 3G not only LTE.

Also i changed my SIM card to a new one. The problem was still there.

The worst part is that i was forced to buy a new phone(my job requires that i am available by phone all the time) and i again bought a Nexus 5(because i am stupid). GUESS WHAT? The same problem!!!!! So this is not a single device problem. The first device i order it from UK, and the second device i bought it from my local shop in Cyprus 7 months after i purchased the first device.

I was always a Google fan. I like their products, their philosophy. But with Nexus 5, they got it all wrong. Especially when so many people complains. They should release a fix the day after!! But instead, its been almost a YEAR with no fix.

If this how they handle their customers, they should let us know so we never buy a product from them. For me, it cost me 800 euro(2 Nexus 5), and still i have an unreliable smartphone. Why not buy a flagship from HTC, LG or Samsung? Why not go to Apple site? It will cost less and perform better.

ps: I can explain to my girlfriend that not answering the phone, is because of a problem on my device. I can also tell her to know that when this is happening to call me at my office or at home. TRY EXPLAINING THAT TO YOUR BOSS!!!

I would like to know if this problem is going to be fixed on Android L, otherwise i will go for a Moto X or an iPhone 6.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Ralph Thaller 9/20/14 6:07 AM
Hi Paul,

Are there any updates on this topic? 

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Artem Saveliev 9/25/14 3:36 PM
I have same problem on M7 with CM 10.2  on AT&T
I can definitly confirm this is location-specific - I just moved from NY where I never had this issue. Here in WA it happens all the time
I will be trying CM11 now to see if there's some app or setting that messes with this, but I really doubt it - I did try all the obvious combinations of settings.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Aaron Boudreau 9/25/14 5:03 PM
4.3 definitely f♡♡♡ed $#¡t up. Seems to be on numerous devices but it is hit and miss and has something to do with the different service providers in certain locations. It's crazy that nothing had been done but I did switch service providers and no longer have the issue. My device was stock. I rooted it and it still works fine now that I've switched. When I reverted to 4.1.2 I didn't have the problem on my old service provider. 4.3 and up was the issue. If on wifi calls and texts didn't arrive until I turned wifi off. This is using a galaxy note 2 and I'm aware of it happening to s3 &s4 users as well.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Aaron Boudreau 9/25/14 5:06 PM
Oh and it didn't make a difference on hspa or lte. In fact it worked better on lte.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi hebo31 9/27/14 3:57 PM
I am having this exact same issue, when I'm at home on WiFi I don't receive calls!!
Surely Google need to fix this?
I've set my phone to 3g only and it doesn't help.
It must be an issue with 4g on the phone as I never had this problem on my Nexus 4
Is there any way we can all complain to Google? There must be so many people affected....
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi thedopefish 9/27/14 4:15 PM
There's a lot of people in this thread claiming they have the "exact same issue" when there seem to be several different (possibly related) issues.

For me, disabling either WiFi or LTE does, in fact, solve the problem--I never miss calls or SMS.  It's only when I leave both enabled that the troubles begin.  That is clearly not the case for everyone.  Further, some people seem to have had success by changing SIM cards or handsets or android versions or cellular providers, but for most of us none of these things has any effect.

This thread is now over 10 months old, and the only response we've gotten from Google is that the issue is on their radar.  It seems like they're just sort of hoping that future versions of android will magically fix it.  I realize these sorts of things can be very tricky to debug, but it's hard to tell if there's even any traction here, and a lot of us are quite understandably frustrated.  Google, please help!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Peter Truman 9/29/14 3:29 AM
I have two Nexus 5s, with different WiFI MAC prefixes - which implies there are a couple of hardware variants about?
One (mine) is and has been fine. The other (my wife's) is not - and won't receive calls.
She does not have a 4G SIM (2G/3G only) and she doesn't get calls when on WiFi.  We can switch to force WCDMA only and it still doesn't work - it's quite random.
I'm going to try flashing an older radio later, as some people have reported the shipping radio versions work, and later ones misbehave.
Alternately I may take the handset back and ask for it to be swapped, and get one with a WiFi prefix matching mine....
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi ptruman 10/10/14 7:09 AM
I have now opened a ticket with Google and not getting a useful response as my devices were not bought from the play store.

This is a sw bug, so the purchase point shouldn't matter.

I've asked for mgmt escalation but doubt I'll get much.  May talk to The Register.

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi ptruman 10/10/14 7:12 AM
I've put my wife's 3g sim in my phone, same problem (no calls)

So, the problem occurs with a 3g sim in a 4g device.  My 4g sim in either device is fine.

Setting her phone to 2g only works and incoming calls work when on WiFi. But that's crap when outside!

Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi evoxohio 10/10/14 7:19 AM
My issue occurs on wifi and 3g/4g. In my case I never get some texts, and some of mine are never sent. I've provided logcats to google showing that the text makes it to the phone, but then gets dropped and never added to the SMS database nor does it notify the SMS app. I've been through 4 replacement handsets and I still have the issue.It's clearly a software bug. Google is giving me a refund, and I'm probably going to have to switch to an iPhone because I need reliable texting.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi A. Rickey 10/23/14 8:47 AM
I am having the same issue:  I don't receive calls, voicemail notifications or texts if wifi is on, unless I'm making a call on the phone.  I'm on AT&T.  At a guess, the issue seems to be that while on wifi, the phone is not checking in with the carrier.  I've spent hours on the phone with AT&T, who are convinced (probably reasonably) that this is a software issue with the phone.  For the moment, I'm simply turning off wifi, but that makes my phone less-than-useful.

I had a very interesting call with Google technical support this morning.  Other than ignoring their suggestion to factory reset the phone--which seems like a shot-in-the-dark solution to what appears to be a software problem, and will burn half a day rebuilding my phone settings if it doesn't work--they have promised to escalate this to a technician.  I have to say, I'm rather unimpressed by Google's phone support:  no questions as to whether I have any third-party apps, what software I'm using, or whether I have any other Google devices connected to my phone.

Interestingly, although I told technical support that there was a lengthy thread here on the support forums, no one seemed very interested or asked me for information regarding the thread.  I rather agree with thedopefish, though: I think they're hoping that something will magically fix the problem. A bit unfortunate for Google's "flagship" phone.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi jjlebron 10/30/14 5:13 AM
I've been experiencing the same problem as you guys. The second I disconnect from WIFI, all calls come in.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Glenn Carroll 11/29/14 4:41 AM
me too - im using a brand new oneplus one - on virgin mobile - wife has same on her nexus 5 - so its clearly an android issue IMO
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi wmiram 11/30/14 6:00 PM
I am a little confused about this whole discussion. As I understand the system, WIFI and carrier data are mutually exclusive. When my N5 or any other phone/OS I have ever owned is switched to WIFI mode the carrier data is automatically disconnected. By design. MMS messages, however, require carrier data ( not WIFI), as the carrier is transporting the image data to the recipient , not the internet.
Conversely carrier data cannot be turned on as long as WIFI is enabled. Since WIFI as the cheaper, or cost free, mode, has a higher hierarchical position it need to be turned off before carrier data can be activated.
So, logically, you cannot expect to receive MMS messages while WIFI is on,,,,
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Ben Joslen 12/9/14 8:14 AM
N5, stock, not rooted or even unlocked. Running 5.0. Had this issue on previous versions and just stopped using WiFi altogether. After the update to 5.0 I decided to try it again as it's silly to not have the use of Wifi. Still the same problem.

How is this not a thing Google is looking heavily into?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Kevin Damsbaek 12/16/14 8:19 PM
Also having this issue on stock Lollipop. Didn't realize it was an issue until recently, when several friends told me that their calls were going directly to voicemail. I've had difficulty pinpointing exactly what is causing this issue. Initially I thought it was only when LTE and WiFi were turned on, but since setting network mode to 3G priority, theres no change, even with WiFi off and after rebooting my phone. I've tried other peoples suggestions to flash an older radio, but that didn't seem to fix it either. I agree that this hasn't been addressed on a larger scale, given that it was also an issue on earlier versions of Kit-Kat. Seems to be some legacy issues that got carried over into Lollipop.
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi ptruman 12/17/14 6:13 AM
Oddly the update to 5.00 has cured this issue on our two N5s.

I could reproduce this issue between phones and it was SIM/operator (MVNO) specific (I.e. would occur on whatever phone the 3G only sim was in. 4g sim in a handset was fine).

Not got 5.01 yet so hoping it stays OK!
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Chiu Wai Ng 1/27/15 2:55 PM
I have the same issue on Wifi and during deep sleep.
Anybody still with the same?
Re: Missed calls and SMS/MMS while on Wifi Marcin Kacprzak 2/1/15 5:07 AM
i got oneplus and everything was fine until today , unable to recive calls with wi-fi on , changed to 3g  from  lte but only worked for 10 minutes , it has to be something with android
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