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Re: New Nexus 7 Random Freeze and Restart

Lacey Smith Sep 9, 2013 5:34 PM
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I'm just curious. I don't remember reading anywhere in this thread (I could be wrong) where anyone has returned a defective N7 to Google and gotten a 'good' one (or not). So far, all I've seen is people having returned, sometimes several times, to another retailer for exchange. 
I agree, it would be great for people to post the results of their exchange experiences with both Google and Asus. 

We have three N7s that need to be returned. They haven't had a single random reboot, but they all have almost constant freezes that last for several seconds at a time, and two of them are, with increasing frequency, periodically nonresponsive to touches on the upper portion of the screens.
 We purchased them from Google Play, so we can return them for an exchange, but how many times would we have to do that before maybe ending up with three non-defective tablets? It really would be, as rxnelson called it, a 'lottery'... or some might call it a 'crap shoot' :)

And yes, I'd be one of the ones complaining about having a hold put on the card. I've known from the experience of friends that they do take their time in taking that hold off. One time wouldn't be a problem. But can you imagine this scenario? Three tablets. Three holds on the card for $269 each, multiplied by whatever number of times we'd end up having to return the tablets in hopes of getting good ones. I could see the holds overlapping one another as we returned a second set before they released the holds on our card for the first returns!  

And what happens to those who have to return to Asus for warranty service/replacement? The average turnaround, some have said, is two weeks.
And how would you know what you're going to get returned to you?  Would it be a new (possibly defective) device? A refurb? The same tablet that you sent in to them, that they've repaired? If they still don't know what's wrong with them, how could they fix them?  So, it would be the same thing. Wait two weeks, get something back. If it's another defective device, send it back, wait two weeks... ad infinitum?

No thanks. As nice as these tablets are, or could have been, it's not worth all of that to us. Not that big of gamblers, I guess.

Good luck everyone.