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Gradual loss of traffic

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Gradual loss of traffic NVIgnis 8/29/13 12:49 PM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 

I noticed a gradual drop of traffic on our blog Marriage Issues ( We were ranking well, indexing no problem. All content unique. No black hat strategies. But in last week we recognized a 40% drop. Any ideas what could be the issue? Same happened with other of our domain:

Thank you for your suggestions!

Re: Gradual loss of traffic OldWelshGuy 8/29/13 4:27 PM
what about your rankings have they dropped? could it be seasonal? public holidays, sudden sunshine after a patch of bad weather?

There have been reports of some sort of change in the algo round about the 26th, but nothing confirmed and I personally have not seen anything in the rankings/traffic of sites I monitor.

Any changes to the site? any 404 errors or any such like in Webmasters tools reporting?
Re: Gradual loss of traffic black belt 8/29/13 6:14 PM
Regarding both sites, it's the same approach that is hurting you:

1) You have a new blog that began just a few months ago. You will have a honeymoon for new content and then the rankings for the articles will probably drop.

2) You have 3 big ads above the fold (without scrolling down), right next to each other and that is a no-no. 

Easy to spot. Google is not fooled. 

4) Keyword Stuffing - Every category has the word "stroller" in it. As if that wasn't enough to get the point across, you have the categories listed again in your footer.

5) Multiple duplicate outbound links - How many times do you want to link the same keyword to the same product at Amazon in an article?

This should be sufficient to get you started. You should read the Google Webmaster Guidelines, see the part about quality, and the SEO Guide:

Re: Gradual loss of traffic NVIgnis 8/30/13 3:38 AM
Hey! It might be seasonal, I dont know because both sites are still young (only 4 month old). In gWebmaster I saw there are nine 404 errors and some more of 410 for the site How exactly should I correct them?

(unknown) 8/30/13 3:39 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Gradual loss of traffic NVIgnis 8/30/13 3:43 AM
Thank you!

I went through your points and already changed some things. For other it will take me some time. Just about point 5., duplicate content. I see on many many product pages not only two of the duplicate affiliate Amazon links, but three, four and even more. They are still ranking well. Strange to me.

So there was no Panda or any other update done in past days?

Re: Gradual loss of traffic black belt 8/30/13 4:06 AM
I can't explain why some of these pages may still rank decently. But what does not hurt you today may hurt you tomorrow. And with regard to this practice, it's usually only a matter of time until something happens, whether it's algorithmic or a manual penalty.
Re: Gradual loss of traffic Ben Griffiths 8/30/13 5:21 AM
Marriage Issues (

Re: Gradual loss of traffic spk100 8/30/13 9:05 AM
I have the same issue... There is a slow, gradual drop in traffic without any explanation. I consulted a couple of the top seo guy and they think it is seasonal and tell me not to worry. But without knowing whether it is seasonal or not, it gets a bit scary..

Re: Gradual loss of traffic Ben Griffiths 8/30/13 9:06 AM
spk100, if you start your own thread and share your URL we can see if we agree with the top seo guys.
Re: Gradual loss of traffic spk100 8/30/13 9:08 AM

My site does not quite fit in with the 5 points.
I have daily content updates, unique and original content being added to the site every day for 5 days in a week, sometimes 6.
The site is 5 to 6 years old.
There were some bad links but 60% of them have been removed or disavowed.

The people whom i spoke to saw the site and has not said anything about the onpage factors. But traffic has been on a slow downward trend
Re: Gradual loss of traffic spk100 8/30/13 9:09 AM
Will do Ben.
(unknown) 8/30/13 11:32 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Gradual loss of traffic Tornton 9/3/13 1:45 PM
Hello Michael,

I have read several of your posts and I strongly believe you could help us with several of our websites. Please send me a message at strongly "swiss group corp at gmail com" No spaces.

Thank you in advance.
Re: Gradual loss of traffic Ashley 9/3/13 2:48 PM
I honestly refuse to use a site that forces a pop up on me to subscribe BEFORE I CAN READ ANYTHING. How am I supposed to know if I want to subscribe to you? Stop interrupting your own content. 

As far as the stroller site - I was JUST looking up information on the same subject for my daughters. But if I came across your site (doesn't look familiar) I'd know it was just a thin affiliate/made for ads and move on. 

I like the pics below, but there's no concrete prices and no real unique information for me. The text is obviously written for bots. Humans don't feel the need to bold their keywords in every paragraph. 
Re: Gradual loss of traffic NVIgnis 9/3/13 3:31 PM
Thank you Ashley! Your opinion is very useful for me. As a potential client, what exactly you miss in the reviews, what kind of info?
Re: Gradual loss of traffic Ashley 9/3/13 3:49 PM
First - I'd make the site look more user-friendly and less like a quick site thrown up for affiliate bucks.
I'd get rid of the Amazon link popup when I scroll over the text
I'd quit BSing myself with the paragraphs of intro above and just make a page for humans

As far as the strollers, I want to see high quality photos.
I want price ranges for all of them. 
I want what age/size of kids they really make sense for. I can't put a newborn in some of these, for example.
I want to know what the rating is based on. Did you test them?
Show me a video of you opening and closing the strollers - this feature has been a make or break for me in the past.
I want to see what a pain in the ass (or how easy) the buckles are. I have two very wiggly children. 
I want to see some obstacle course type navigation. Are they easy to get around with 50lbs of kid hangin' off of them?

See - there's so much you can do. Strollers matter and many families buy multiple strollers. You can do a good job if you try. Us? We're on our 3rd stroller in three years. I've researched the hell out of them because that's the kind of shopper I am and no one is approaching it in a really interesting way with lots of usable information. It's just the same old dribble and usually the same 5 or 10 strollers on every page. Modern parents are tech savvy and many are dry and have high expectations of what websites offer. You're not delivering and you have unlimited potential.

Writing like this though? It will get you nowhere:
-Thus, parents are very thankful that sit and stand stroller was created. 
-Yes, you have your preferences especially when it comes to their needs but this guide will help you improve your preferences.
-By comparing different strollers, you are sure that you have the best stroller for your infant and toddler.
-This type of stroller is not the ordinary stroller most parents are using. The design of the stroller is not also the same with the typical ones. 
-But how come it is called as sit and stand? 
-Thus, do not just buy the stroller because it was referred by your friend or neighbor. You need to see and check it for yourself d or you better gather the information yourself. It is worthy if you read and gather the information from this complete comparison guide of the strollers below. 

Have you read any of this out loud? Is this how you speak to your friends?

Are you a mom or dad? A parent? What's your experience with strollers? Why did you choose to create a website on them?