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Re: over 100,000 sub-domains: cross-domain sitemap submission

barmstrong Dec 18, 2010 9:53 PM
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Well good news, the sitemap suddenly started working without me changing anything!

I suspect that it is #1 that I mentioned above where Google had to update it's cached copy of robots.txt on all subdomains.  GWT now accepts the same sitemap with many thousands of subdomains without errors.  And I didn't have to add subdomain sites to GWT.

It's a shame this wasn't documented anywhere, since I was about to rewrite the whole thing with separate sitemaps for each subdomain.

So I can now say my above statement was incorrect.  GWT *does* support sitemaps with more than 1000 subdomains - it just may show errors for about 3 days while it is updating cached copies of robots.txt (if you recently changed those).