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YouTube 5.0 for Android

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YouTube 5.0 for Android YTJennie 8/20/13 11:04 AM

Hey everyone,

A brand new version of the YouTube app for Android is now available in Google Play! Check out the launch post for more information about the update.

What's new in YouTube 5.0 for Android

  • Watch a video while searching for the next one

  • Search for playlists

  • Use the “Play All” button to watch videos in a playlist continuously

  • Enjoy a new cleaner design

To learn more about these new features, check out the YouTube Help Channel or visit the YouTube Help Center.

Having an issue with the app? If you'd like to report an issue, request a feature, or send feedback to the YouTube team, go to Menu > Feedback > Report a problem. You can also visit Menu > Feedback > Send Feedback to rate the app and let us know what we can do to make it even better!