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Inaccurate price comparisons on Google Hotel Finder

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Inaccurate price comparisons on Google Hotel Finder KGD75 2/1/14 11:14 AM
I was recently looking for a hotel room in London, and used Google Hotel Finder to compare prices and find deals. I found a suitable room and clicked through to book it on

However, when I checked my bank statement, I had been charged about GBP 5 / USD 7.50 more than I signed up for.

As it turns out, Getaroom is based in the US, but quoted the price to me in sterling (I live in the UK), leading me to think I was making a domestic transaction. I did not realise it would incur an additional foreign transaction fee from my bank.

There was no warning on Getaroom that I might pay more than the price listed. I feel the website is deceiving customers outside the US. Had I known I was making a foreign transaction I would have factored this into my decision and may have booked a different hotel, or through a different site.

Is there some way of making sure people using Google Hotel Finder are not tricked in this way?

Thank you.

Re: Inaccurate price comparisons on Google Hotel Finder scs_web 2/17/14 11:28 AM
Hi KGD75,

Did you ever find the solution with Google? Sorry but I also HAVE INACCURATE HOTEL INFORMATION, I already sent 3 feedback, the 1st request was done on 01/24, then 02/06 I sent to Google the 2nd request, and today 2/17 the 3rd request. And YES, we are owner verified and YES, our Google Business Listing (Google+ and Google LOCAL) HAVE THE CORRECT INFORMATION but GOOGLE HOTEL FINDER is listing our amenities as FREE BREAKFAST and WE DO NOT OFFER FREE BREAKFAST.

This problem has generated us lots of problems including monetary reimbursement to some of our guests for this Google mistake.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem please let me know.

Here is where the information is incorrect:;l=Tallahassee,+Florida;q=tallahassee+hotels

And this is our Google Local Business page where WE DO NOT SAY FREE BREAKFAST:


Re: Inaccurate price comparisons on Google Hotel Finder KGD75 2/18/14 1:24 AM
Hi scs_web

No I'm afraid I didn't find a solution with Google, because I couldn't find any way of contacting them - there's scope for hotel owners to contact them, but not potential guests.

And Getaroom weren't any help either.

I hope you find a solution.


Re: Inaccurate price comparisons on Google Hotel Finder scs_web 2/18/14 7:44 AM
Don't feel bad about it, I am from the hotel and I am still not able to fix it either!

The support at Google is becoming weaker by the day, too many different applications and not a lot support. It feels Google is shooting in all directions with their applications but not able to support that many.

Even to perform targeted searches now I have to go to other SE to be able to get exactly what I am looking for - sad, especially because I own a few stocks from Google!!

Take care.

Re: Inaccurate price comparisons on Google Hotel Finder Michelle House 2/22/14 7:18 AM
I tried Google hotel finder and didn't like them. I had the same problem with an extra charge and had to dispute through my credit card. Never again will I use them. I prefer for my hotel reservations. They have a mobile app and I never charged extra.