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Top Contributor Summit Jessica Schwartz 9/30/13 1:53 PM

Today marks the kick of the Top Contributor Summit, where over 350 Top Contributors from all over the world will join us in San Jose to learn more about Google’s products and connect with Googlers.

Over the next few days, we'll be meeting with Search Top Contributors: Sasch, Colin Holgate, bluequoll, storms, mixalisaspr, Thomas P, Archie Watt, and Master Shifu. We're really excited to meet them in person and shower them with our appreciation. Please excuse any longer than usual lag in Top Contributor responses over next few days as we pamper our forum rockstars.

Want to know more about the TC Summit---go here: If you are interested in learning more about the Top Contributor Program, you can read more here:

Re: Top Contributor Summit + Gaurav Singh 10/6/13 9:08 AM

it was Awsome
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Re: Top Contributor Summit ronna 10/9/13 7:46 AM
I'm curious to know what topics were discussed!
Re: Top Contributor Summit DJohnson905 10/9/13 7:50 AM
Re: Top Contributor Summit Mayra Campos 10/11/13 2:30 PM
Re: Top Contributor Summit Seitenmeister 10/12/13 12:37 PM
yes it was awsome.
@ronna some of this and some of that, most about the usual problems in the forums and how to improve the answers. But most of our knowledge based on the  support articels and experience is all someone can answer to those questions.
And we also used the possibility to give userfeedback direct to some engineers who might be able to make some of these wishes real.
The rest is secret (not so many) as the food was awsome (that was much) and meeting people from all over the world was the best.
I mean about 600 people who use the products and love to be helpful, try to imagine that.
It was a great party with people from the hole world and from "young" up to "not so young anymore".
And I met people I've never met in real life before, but online nearly daily.

And my question of the day, why do some post here without any content? Just asking, hitting the "answerbutton" accidently?

regards Seitenmeister

Re: Top Contributor Summit ronna 10/12/13 12:46 PM
thanks for the feedback!  Maybe some day I will be able to attend!  keeping fingers crossed.

I have no answer for your question of the day. It's a mystery to me as well.

my question of the day is - when someone posts a question, why is it so many never seem to come back to check the reply?  Or, if they do, they should let someone know!  

Re: Top Contributor Summit Seitenmeister 10/12/13 1:25 PM
Answer 1:
they receive an email with the answer by default.
Answer 2:
In this email is a link to the discussion, which can be missed easily and if the answer was helpful, why go back and tell someone.
(I bet many think these are "official support" emails, but that is only my guess).
Answer 3:
Sometimes it is not easy to find a discussion again. Even I have trouble with that and I'm kind of a resident.

regards Seitenmeister

Re: Top Contributor Summit Jason Bartlett 10/16/13 7:54 PM
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