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We're Sorry. Automated Query error David Sielert 10/20/09 12:54 PM
I've been getting the automated query error (again). Last time this happened I cleared my cookies and all was well again. However, this time that is not working. Ran MacScan and didn't find anything other than some tracking cookies.  
I've emailed google regarding this but can anyone tell me how long this usually takes to receive a response? I've LOVE google and unfortunately I've been having to use Bing all day!

Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error danielroofer 10/20/09 4:09 PM
hey, having to use Bing - i do feel for your situation :-)

Seriously - the automated query warning rarely comes up in error, 99.9% of the time its some malware that isnt detected by your usual scans, so if you know of any other scans (like spybot search and destroy) then do try them.

How did you contact Google? via the form after you saw the automated warning?

Maybe someone else here can advise on wether G respond to all emails they recieve and how long to wait.

Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error godoveryou 10/20/09 9:47 PM
In all due respect Daniel, I greatly disagree that it's malware related.

I'm and Adsense publish and spend a lot of time working MANUALLY with google operators and constantly get this block. I would have been willing to agree with you had I not just pulled my i7 out of it's factory sealed box only to get the same message from Big G... I highly doubt Asus added any malware/spyware to the system before packing it up for delivery. In addition, using combofix which is by far the most aggressive anti-malware tool available, we were still unable to find a cause for this error. In addition, there is nothing else on my network other than the one Asus box, so the idea that it's another computer that's inflected is also not possible.

I've noticed an extreme elevation in the frequency of this blocking lately, and it's the general theory that google is now actively trying to punish affiliate marketers by blocking them from looking at competition factors using operators such as allintitle and inanchor. This seems even more true when used in conjunction. The second going theory is that google is attempting to lower its bandwidth costs and lowered the filter's request number before it flagged the IP for a temporary block. Unfortunately the side effect of this is that more and more "Average" google users are getting pulled into the mix and being unjustly punished by not being permitted to use the Google search services.

Seems like Bing will become the new primary means of internet search if Google doesn't straighten out this mess quickly.
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error David Sielert 10/20/09 9:50 PM
In addition I'm using a Apple (OSX 10.5.7) so that seriously limits the availability and likelihood of me having malware/spyware.. I think this is a huge error in an algorithm someplace and google just doesn't want to fix it 
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error godoveryou 10/20/09 10:01 PM
I would agree with that. Fortunately for google all of the DDOS attacks lately just gives them justification for their actions, no matter how unethical. 
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error David Sielert 10/20/09 10:08 PM
ethics have nothing to do with it this is QoS and this makes it poor. I've been a google fan since the beginning but now I can't even run searches? c`mon google..
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error danielroofer 10/21/09 12:25 PM
Hi again,

Just wanted to go back to your original question:

>>>I've emailed google regarding this but can anyone tell me how long this usually takes to receive a response?

We did have someone in another forum asking about this - i cant locate the thread but if i recall correctly G will contact you only of they have detected a problem and they need more info. So if you havnt recieved a response you can assume that you/your network etc are being treated the same as everyone else. (no idea how long til they look into it - i presume its fairly quickly)

FYI i do alot of searches myself - keyword research, checking competitors, also helping out on this and the webmaster forum, i repeat the same searches frequently, i have only ever had the "we're sorry" page when iv been clicking at tons of caches and it only affects the cache link not the main link. Other ppl have reported that after filling out a captcha several times it eases up and eventually they can search without any probs.

I cant offer any advice other that what is covered in the "we're sorry" help articles. check software that might be a problem, check your network etc.

>>>I think this is a huge error in an algorithm someplace

I use this forum daily and have done for some time - im not seeing an unusual influx of ppl complaining about this so i think we can assume this isnt a fault that is affecting G - any faults result in this and other G forums filling up with many irrate ppl in a short space of time. Apart from yourself iv seen a few other ppl lately - not many considering the number of ppl that use G.


Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error David Sielert 10/21/09 12:32 PM
While there may be very few reports in this forum (this is my first time even posting here). There are lots of reports from Mac users on other forums reporting this issue, I don't know what it is about macs that would trigger this but it seems we get it more than anyone else..  I myself am a developer and I use google as if it were a bible.

The problem has seemingly gone away now.. Possibly google received my mail and removed the ipban (with no notification I should say).

I understand google has had DDoS problems as of late, but theres no way my searches can resemble a DDoS attack and if google's system thinks so then obviously they're system needs work. 
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error godoveryou 10/21/09 7:45 PM
Horrible answer Daniel...... As a google employee I hope you come up with something better...
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error David Sielert 10/21/09 7:48 PM
ya just cause people don't post in the google forums doesn't mean it isn't happening, mater of fact if you google the problem most of the results you get are in fact not even on these forums.
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error Kaleh 10/22/09 3:02 AM

Top Contributors are volunteers within the community ... not Google Employees.  All we can do is share our knowledge based upon Help Center Articles and revelations that we can recall from the multitude of discussions we can remember having read in these forums.

Google Employees will actually have a label that identifies them as a "Google Employee."
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error Jimmy Deheeger 10/22/09 3:13 AM
David Sielert: Glad to hear that you're no longer encountering the 'We're Sorry' page. The form that you used to report the block on your IP for suspected automated querying states that "we won't follow up individually unless we require more info or we have additional info to share with you." Due to the volume of various requests that we get from users, I hope you'll understand why we're unable to respond to each case individually even though we investigate and take appropriate action. I'll keep an eye out for more reports about the IP block.

godoveryou: One of the main ground rules of the Web Search Help Forum is to 'Be nice to each other.' danielroofer is a Top Contributor and not a Google employee; someone who has been recognized with this status for his product knowledge and willingness to help other users on this community. I understand that your comment above may be a reflection of your frustration with the 'We're Sorry' page but it would be great if you can maintain a more respectful tone when you turn to danielroofer or any other member of this community for help.

Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error terri61 10/30/09 1:10 PM
Here's another report. I've experienced it constantly for the last two days. Tried everything. :(
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error kawkaw 12/9/09 5:59 PM
This "I'm sorry" message thing is making me want to scream.  There are so many threads on this problem I've posted my message twice then deleted it because I found another thread slightly more relevant.  So I'm plopping my message here.
On one of the other threads, I did as one user suggested: I cleared cookies.  It didn't help.  Then I cleared temp files.  Didn't help. 
Maybe clearing history would help (?), but... I don't WANT to clear my history!  I'm doing research and often need to refer to the history to check back on a previously-visited website.
Currently I'm doing a mass download of Hugo Jaeger images - one at a time, of course, after new searches on various topics** - on Google's Life magazine database.  It seems like I'm being punished for being fast at the keystrokes to quickly access then download consecutive images.  The Google help topic mentions that the "I'm sorry" message "most likely has a CAPTCHA" on it for the user to type the" squiggly" characters, which lets Google know the user is a human, not "a robot".  But as the other users (with messages above) know, there ISN'T one.  The Google help topic is far less than helpful...
So how do I get this Google restriction on apparently-too-efficient-activity-to-be-human to stop happening???  It's sure a pain in the azz to have to switch to another task just as I'm in the middle of the Google image downloads, then have to wait till the next day to get back to the original task - hoping I remember where I had to leave off!  (Grrr.)
**And that's another issue - getting a maximum of ten screens of search results on any one topic in Google's Life database image search.  It's frustrating, knowing that there are MORE results for the search on that topic (I know this when the search results exactly equal the max number of images allowed in a search) but they aren't included - so I have to CHANGE my search topic in some creative way to try to get more of the results I wanted in the first place, hoping the new search parameters will be close enough to the original to pull up a few images that weren't returned in the original search as I wade through all of the ones that WERE, plus new ones that are off-topic because I had to use different search terms (thanks to Google's maximum search returns cut-off). 
But that's another gripe I need to take to the proper forum, I know that.  End of rant.  (Grrr.)
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error DR_Barger 1/28/10 1:06 PM
I've also been blacklisted from Google. It happened around Christmas on one computer. My wireless laptop is unaffected.
I noticed that I would get the error page and captcha AFTER deleting cookies and temporary internet files. The PC now won't even get the error page. Just total rejection. I can't even log into my Google account. Can't get to the page to register a complaint. Can't search to work on resolving the problem.
I've switched to Bing.
Is there some registry switch that will reset Google, or is there some reason why the solution has to be such a big secret?
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error Mal69 3/29/10 10:16 PM
I have started getting this issue myself and i have no spyware or malware on the computer but i do a lot of searches to check that my site is being indexed in Google, thus i put something like Blu Ray Screencaps or a movie title in the search engine and run a search, lately i keep getting this annoying message even when i'm just browsing normally.

I do like to browse fast and open several pages at once sometimes but it's hardly automated queries.

My Wordpress website does send automatic pings to blog sites though when a new post is published ( but thats normal ) and i wonder if those pings are being associated with my IP and getting me this ban all the time, if so then every blog owner is in trouble but it surely cannot be that.

10 years of the internet and no trouble until now so something has been changed within Google, just remembered the blog would be associated with the IP of my server and not me so the blogs not responsible for it.

I hope its sorted in the future.
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error Mal69 3/29/10 10:19 PM
Oh now that you mention it i did recently start searching from the first set of Google results to way past the normal so i was  on page 30 of the results often, thats when the issues started to appear on my computer and funnily enough others who have been getting this issue report the same thing.

Why have a million search results if you only let me see the first dozen pages before getting annoyed with me Google ?
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error lmts 4/16/10 1:20 PM
I too am receiving the dreaded "automated query" error. Was researching keyword results for Adwords purposes. It appears that roughly five very quick, consecutive searches (using the "allintitle:" operator and copying/pasting keywords from a spreadsheet) was what flagged me as an automated user (which, of course, I am not).

Very frustrating because I'm using google to research my Adwords strategy. In other words, I'm preparing to give google money (Adwords dollars) but the search engine is preventing me from doing so.

I'm not even seeing a captcha field to verify my humanity. So I'm stuck. Whom should I email to report this? What should I do?

Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error Jimmy Deheeger 4/21/10 5:20 AM
Hi lmts,

This Web Search Help Center article explains why you're seeing the 'We're Sorry' page, provides troubleshooting tips and links to a form where you can submit a request for removing the block for automated querying.

Hope you regain access to Google Web Search soon!
Re: We're Sorry. Automated Query error gottasayso 4/21/10 7:17 AM
this is crazy...same as Imts with google translate, etc. etc. etc. 
starting to believe it is about controlling bandwith - agree that something has changed -and google hasn't decided what to do about it - i search a lot of japanese, korean, chinese, etc....it's too bad because no one has emerged as competition to google translate.  perhaps this is why they don't fix the issue - they don't have too.  international business is fed up - well...bing is fully aware of these issues, so perhaps.....

sent info to google with my ip using the form and nothing has changed.