No black bar?

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No black bar? MutatedGamer 8/23/13 8:04 PM
This is what my google page looks like:

I no longer have that black bar I'm so used to. This is really bothering. Google is my major bookmark and home page. I open it up and go to whatever part I'm trying to get to from that black bar. It's no longer there, and it's really causing my strife. D:

Does anyone else have this issue?

Re: No black bar? Shannon... 8/23/13 11:49 PM
Hey MutatedGamer,
If you click on those items in the upper right corner, what comes up?  I opened my Chrome and the Toolbar does not look like yours.
Try the domains of other countries and see if you see the bar:
Have you cleared your cache and cookies.  If not, I would.
Chrome "Delete your cache and other browsing data"
Then I would log off/on your computer.  Sometimes when you log off this triggers programs to default and correct themselves.
Now open up a Google screen and see how it looks.
Re: No black bar? MutatedGamer 8/24/13 4:46 AM

+Luke takes me to google+, images to google images, and Gmail to gmail.

I only do not have the black header on web and images. On maps, gmail, etc, I have it. I already tried to clear my cache.

Re: No black bar? MutatedGamer 8/24/13 4:47 AM
Other countries I have the black bar still. Is this some new update google is slowly pushing?
Re: No black bar? Matti nescio 8/24/13 7:05 AM
Any difference whether you're logged in to your Google account or not ? 

Checked it the black bar appears in an incognito window ? 
(then cleared cache&cookies and ruled out any extensions as the cause) 

Re: No black bar? Jessica Schwartz 9/4/13 3:54 PM
Hi MutatedGamer,

We are constantly running experiments on the look and functionality of search, which is why you're seeing the current layout.

Re: No black bar? Adam Ssss 9/13/13 2:42 AM
I'm having this issue too Jessica. I hate it. Please can you stop experimenting and change it back? Thanks
Re: No black bar? bluequoll 9/14/13 8:43 PM
This third party article might explain it:
Google to Launch New Top Navigation
Re: No black bar? Chris Trueman 9/18/13 9:39 PM
I've noticed the same thing on my end. The black bar still shows in Gmail and a few other places but is missing on most Google sites now.

I do NOT like the new UI as it means that I have to make additional clicks to access YouTube, Google Maps, the Google Play Store, and other services. Also, the drop-down box is massive and takes up a full quarter of my screen with its huge thumbnails.

To any Google employees reading this, please change back to the black bar as it was sleeker and more user friendly.

Re: No black bar? Ell Jay 9/19/13 12:00 PM
So they remove the black bar and add an extra click for EVERY TIME I want to go to YouTube, Maps, Images, etc. Their own websites!!! DUMB DUMB DUMB. I'm a QA software engineer and this is STUPID. "How to irritate customers 101". Fix it, Google! It's costing you money and customers!!!
Re: No black bar? bluequoll 9/19/13 3:49 PM
The new Google bar design is being rolled out to all users.
See this announcement: Introducing the new Google bar
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