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diwali doodle Pavithra Chandrasekaran 11/1/13 11:17 PM
why is there no doodle for google india website for diwali?
this is extremely upsetting as am a die-hard fan of google doodles(which are always good).
Re: diwali doodle bluequoll 11/1/13 11:45 PM
Google displayed a Diwali Doodle 5 years ago:

Google seldom repeats a commemoration.
diwali doodle Krishna Natarajan 11/2/13 8:28 AM
Great question. I was expecting a Diwali doodle too. Disappointing.
Re: diwali doodle Vamsee123555 11/2/13 9:03 AM
Have mailed to  prop...@google.com for having Diwali 2013 Doodle

On Thursday, October 31, 2013 10:41:38 AM UTC+5:30, Nitin Darekar wrote:

Re: diwali doodle ABC_News 11/2/13 9:56 PM
Google does not even put logo for Easter or Christmas, which are celebrated by more people than Diwali. Google has a strong policy against doing doodles for religious holidays, with few exceptions
Re: diwali doodle Ankit Mundra 11/3/13 1:27 AM
Halloween doodle was there...
Re: diwali doodle var1234 11/3/13 1:16 PM
very bad as i expected that google will set a doodle for deewali but it didnt which was very sad...!
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Re: diwali doodle narendrasr 11/5/13 9:44 PM
This is in reply to answers by bluequoll and ABC_News.

Your response is quite Interesting.
Wonder what do you have to say about these:

Though as an Indian its upsetting to see no doodle on Diwali, I acknowledge that the decision is Google's and I respect that.

Re: diwali doodle Ryantube007 11/6/13 11:25 AM
Bottom line, what's your point if google.com or google.ca does not accommodate Diwali believers. Google does not accommodate any traditional religious North American holiday either. And these at least are holidays and celebrations North America was founded upon.

Halloween and st. Patricks day are not considered religious holidays in North America. Further to the point, These are both national holidays brought by the settlers of North America. It is tradition.

There was no Christmas doodle because it is a religious holiday, despite its long standing tradition, to accommodate those who have other beliefs.