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Google Now Flight: Leave by X:XX" - Only 1 hour?

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Google Now Flight: Leave by X:XX" - Only 1 hour? dmo580 4/10/14 2:00 PM
Okay Google, can you please update the Google Now leave time for flights to be more than 1 hour? I'm saying this as a frequent flyer with TSA Pre that 1 hour is typically the latest I'd get to an airport.

This is assuming I have no bags to check. I don't know who put in that 1 hour reminder, but it should honestly be at minimum 90 minutes if not 2 hours. Considering the TSA recommends arrival at the airport 2 hours before your flight, I think that would make a lot more sense.

For my flight today I'm looking at Google Now and it's telling me to leave at 5:53 for a 7:10 PM flight. I know that it takes just under 20 minutes without traffic, but given that its rush hour, I know that drive will be more than 40 minutes. PLUS I need to park my car. If I make it and TSA Precheck saves me life, I can see that I'll still be bolting to the gate during the end of boarding.

So please Google, your 1 hour arrival makes no sense, even for frequent travelers. The settings should reflect what makes sense for the general public. Account for the fact that many people check bags especially for longer vacations.

Re: Google Now Flight: Leave by X:XX" - Only 1 hour? david.king 4/11/14 5:30 AM
Thanks for your feedback, dmo580. You can send this feedback to the team if you select Help & feedback > Send feedback. When sending a feedback report it would be very helpful if you: 

  • Include a detailed description of the problem. 
  • Scroll to the bottom of the feedback tool and change the User Account setting from Anonymous to your email address.