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Steinbeck doodle geopgeop (RL-USA) 2/26/14 11:27 PM
It looks kind of weird to me that the Google Doodle for John Steinbeck's 112th birthday has the 'play' button in place of the second 'g' in 'Google'. It actually makes the word 'Google' look more like 'Goodle', but in capital letters so 'GOODLE'. (Or maybe that's the new name for the Google Doodle!)
Re: Steinbeck doodle bluequoll 2/27/14 2:51 AM
I can't see the Steinbeck Doodle.
Why am I not allowed to see it in Australia?
Feb 27th is nearly finished here!
I loved Steinbeck!
I've been to Monterey!
I didn't see the sea otters, but I saw the Steinbeck bust.
I've seen Cannery Row.
But I can't see the Steinbeck Doodle!

Re: Steinbeck doodle geopgeop (RL-USA) 2/27/14 3:19 AM
Re: Steinbeck doodle Rakam 2/27/14 10:22 AM
Hey, we couldn't see it either, in other browsers, but in Chrome, it works for us.  Hope this will help.
Re: Steinbeck doodle Rakam 2/27/14 10:23 AM
Re: Steinbeck doodle bluequoll 2/27/14 1:32 PM
Thanks, geopgeop. I went looking for that before I posted, but it wasn't up at the time.

Users in the US don't realize it, but for those of us who live outside the US there's no way to see US-only Doodles on the US page. When we visit, we get served a plain vanilla version of the homepage with no US Doodle because we're detected as not being located in the US.

Sure, we can always look it up in the Doodle directory when it's finally included there, but there's a basic principle at stake here that I don't think even those at Google can fully grasp: We folks outside the US can visit any other country homepage in the world and see their local Doodles, but we're prevented from seeing the US homepage. Why?

Edit: Of course, we could use a US proxy if we really wanted to see the US Doodle, but why should we have to?
Re: Steinbeck doodle bluequoll 2/27/14 1:37 PM
I seldom use Chrome, but I'm still not seeing any Doodle on or on the New Tab Page. Nor did I yesterday (27th Feb my time), the couple of times I did open Chrome.