"Gay should..." Google why?

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"Gay should..." Google why? @G 11/24/13 2:46 AM
I'm a Google lover, I know Google it's not homophobic so please remove it.

I'm a RS on the Youtube Spanish forum and I know people who work on the Google search results but I want to tell this here.


Re: "Gay should..." Google why? Shannon... 11/24/13 9:39 AM
Hey Gari,

I have escalated your question for the Google Team to look at.  It's a weekend for many and it may not be addressed today.  Hopefully soon though!

Take care,
Re: "Gay should..." Google why? Thomas P. - Top Contributor 11/24/13 10:03 AM
What exactly were you about to search for, when you came by that?
Re: "Gay should..." Google why? @G 11/24/13 10:22 AM
Thanks Shannon!

Thomas P. I were about to search for "Gay should marry" to find a list of reasons to complete my school work :)


Re: "Gay should..." Google why? Thomas P. - Top Contributor 11/24/13 10:52 AM
OK, but a better search would be [ homosexual marriage], or perhaps [ gay marriage ].
- In general: Avoid verbs, unless they are essential bondage (and when so: use quoting as needed)
In this particual case: What you essentially did was to use a normative verb, and in effect went looking for opions' of the masses.
Objectification or conceptualisation by leaving out the plural "s" (writing [gay should] instead of [gays should]), - did not improve your odds for dodging such opinions. ;-)