Racism in Google Searches

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Racism in Google Searches Ebonique Ellis 1/9/14 11:42 AM
Everyone sometimes looks up something a little bit racist/sexist/homophobic on Google searches.  I certainly find myself doing this from time to time.  One day, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if Google donated 0.001 for every derogatory search someone looked up.  Then on the side it says, "We have donated 0.001 to United Negro College Fund because of your search, "Are black people stupid?" The United Negro College Fund was started in order to help African-American to go to universities across the United States.  This search has been selected by this nonprofit because of the stereotypes that prevail..."

You could go to different non-profits and ask them to give you five search terms that they think are derogatory or a problem.  Then have a sponsored Google search for them.  It would be a great way for Google to spend on charity and combat this growing online insensitivity.  

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Re: Racism in Google Searches ابوفيصل الشرجي 1/9/14 1:54 PM
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