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Great Veterans Day Doodle Matt Storms 11/11/13 8:51 AM

What a great Doodle

Before you start talking about the Poppy of Remembrance I suggest that you learn a little something.

The red remembrance poppy has become a familiar emblem of Remembrance Day due to the poem "In Flanders Fields". These poppies bloomed across some of the worst battlefields of Flanders in World War I, their brilliant red color an appropriate symbol for the blood spilled in the war. Since you are Canadien you should also know that the Initial or Very First Armistice Day was held at Buckingham Palace commencing with King George V hosting a "Banquet in Honor of the President of the French Republic" during the evening hours of November 10, 1919. The first official Armistice Day was subsequently held on the grounds of Buckingham Palace on the Morning of November 11, 1919. This would set the trend for a day of Remembrance for decades to come.

That is a fitting tribute to all fallen veterans the world over. So while you might be angry this is how your commonwealth celebrates this holiday. Please look your history up before getting angry and worked up. 

- Matt Storms

US Navy Veteran 99-06

Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle AMsamification 11/11/13 6:10 AM
I woke up and said the same.   I have been on them everywhere about Flaf Day (tiny Flag  nothing else)  So this is goooood
Blessed Veterans Day for Our Blessed Veterans

God Bless America!

Hey I just heard Chris Plante say  May God Bless America , most of us
May dog bless the rest.

Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Lexi Lei 11/11/13 8:38 AM
shame it's so small though, not nearly the size of other Google pics for holidays, etc.
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Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle sprinkles The Clown 11/11/13 9:16 AM
I wanted to let google know I am very disappointed. Each day I come on to see what great google thing happened on the day, from Starwars day on, but on Remembrance day TODAY there was a small poppy at the bottom of the search page.  Canadians ALL celebrate Remembrance day as a way to say thank you to our veterans and there was nothing from google... but someone who has been dead 100 years and made something stupid is glorified on your site.  Our VETERANS should have had a glorified space on Google today!
Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Danielle Cormier 11/11/13 11:54 AM
Thank you for the information "STORM" but I'm referring to the lack of acknowledgment of only having a small poppy on the bottom of its page. I've seen more acknowledgment for birthdays of people that aren't as important as remembering our fallen soldiers.

Thank you for your service in the battle for freedom. We really appreciate your sacrifice.

Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Danielle Cormier 11/11/13 11:54 AM
Great Veterans Day Doodle Kat Jenkins 11/11/13 9:00 PM
Actually I'm Canadian and proud of it! I know the history quite well. Remembrance Day is highly treasured. Too bad Google didn't feel the same.
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Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle thetraveller172 11/12/13 5:49 AM
So Storms,

 Let me see, A US veteran (and thank you for your service, bye the way),  Is going to sit here and lecture Serving members (25 years and counting) of the Canadian Military about our military history.  Here is a question, Know what Vimy is? second question, now what t means for Canadians/  Other question, When did the Second World War start?  How long was the war running before the S got of it's behind and helped the rest of us out?  Shall I keep going? What color was the original US Presidents residence?  Why did the Color Change?

You Americans are awesome, no other country or it's citizens feel the need to be as condescending.

As for the discussion, let me be clear, since you seem to need it;  The point is not that they place a 1/8 inch poppy at the bottom of the page, but;  THAT IS ALL THEY DID.  No Doodle, no links to anything indicating why the poppy is there.  We ask for respect of our Nation's valued moments on a Google page that ends with .ca,  too much to ask?

I guess if it had been the day that the inventor of Leggo or the twisler had died, we would have had a great Doodle with plenty of info linked.

Thanks Google

Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Kat Jenkins 11/12/13 10:15 AM
I find your post almost as deplorable as Google gave for lack of recognition of our veterans.
I tried to let go of your reference to being Canadien. I have never once referred to myself as a hockey player and would never take credit for their great skills. Oh and fyi YES we did invent hockey.
Which then indicates to me that perhaps it was a very poor and misrepresented copy and paste and you did not do your research either. Nor used spell check.
Here is a copy and paste for you giving the credit to Wikipedia:
Remembrance Day (also known as Poppy Day or Armistice Day) is a memorial day observed in Commonwealth countries since the end of World War I to remember the members of their armed forces who have died in the line of duty. This day, or alternative dates, are also recognised as special days for war remembrances in many non-Commonwealth countries. Remembrance Day is observed on 11 November to recall the end of hostilities of World War I on that date in 1918. Hostilities formally ended "at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month," in accordance with the Armistice, signed by representatives of Germany and the Entente between 5:12 and 5:20 that morning. ("At the 11th hour" refers to the passing of the 11th hour, or 11:00 am) World War I officially ended with the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919.
But we also know you and your buddies at Google are not part of the Commonwealth countries so what would you care?
Oh and the comment about great doodle? A doodle is an unfocused or unconscious drawing made while a person's attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or may just be abstract shapes.
Stereotypical examples of doodling are found in school notebooks, often in the margins, drawn by students daydreaming or losing interest during class. Did you graduate?
It's astounding how you an American can stoop yes stoop so low as to make a horrible attempt at completely redirecting the original topic of conversation.
Let's please get back to the disgrace Google has shown our veterans.
Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Danielle Cormier 11/12/13 10:50 AM
Thank you. The origin of the post was just to say that I was upset about the lack of acknowledgment given to Remembrance Day on the homepage. If it wasn't for all of OUR veterans, some of those people that Google celebrate with their homepage animations, wouldn't be alive to celebrate. God/your God/his/her God Bless the world and our Veterans and support workers in those/these wars.
Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Matt Storms 11/12/13 11:14 AM
If you have an issue with Google and a Poppy might I suggest that you start your own search engine and then you can post whatever images you want on the homepage. 
Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Kat Jenkins 11/12/13 1:04 PM
Oh thanks for the suggestion but my now default search engine did an amazing job for me. They knew to pay homage to our veterans. I also uninstalled Chrome. Hopefully many more do the same as a sign of support to our veterans.
Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Matt Storms 11/12/13 6:17 PM
I understand that you are angry but please do not click reply to author. I know it is hard to read and you might be confused. Just click the visible arrows not reply to author. If you click reply to author it is sent to my email and I am very visceral and curt in email. Do not reply to author.
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Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Kat Jenkins 11/13/13 9:10 AM
Well said James! Yes I am angry but just at Google for their blatant disrespect to our veterans. You? Well heck no, obtuse people they are just fun to play with. It amuses me to see people post with such inaccurate information, thinking they are so valid when they are far from it.
Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Matt Storms 11/13/13 12:29 PM
Hey Kat,

I am a vet. Before you start talking about the Poppy of Remembrance I suggest that you learn a little something.
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Re: Great Veterans Day Doodle Jessica Schwartz 11/13/13 1:15 PM
Hi everyone,

This is a reminder that per our forum guidelines, we don't allow violent or bullying behavior or the promotion of hatred toward groups of people based on their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.  If such conversation continues on this thread, we'll lock it.

Thank you.
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