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Problem with SSL Certificate

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Problem with SSL Certificate liborsmolik 5/1/14 1:51 AM

I've got message from google webmaster serves that my site host name,, does not match my SSL certificate Subject Name. which are and

They advised me that as a result, many web browsers will block users from accessing my site, or display a security warning message when my site is accessed.

To correct this problem, I should get a new SSL certificate by a Certificate Authority (CA) with a "Subject Name" or "Subject Alternative DNS Names" that matches my host name.

Can you help me with this issue please? I'm not quite sure how and where to get such a certificate ...

Thank you
Re: Problem with SSL Certificate travler. 5/1/14 8:06 AM

Here is the current information about these alerts posted by JohnMu, a Google employee:

"It looks like our crawlers ran across that HTTPS page on your website, and when trying to crawl it noticed that the certificate wasn't correct. If you're trying to serve your users on that URL, then this is something you need to resolve. 

"If you're currently not using that HTTPS part of your website at all, then this is not a critical issue. At some point it might be worth talking with your hosters about just turning off the HTTPS part completely or redirecting it to your HTTP website. 

"If nobody is using that part of your website, then again, that's not a critical issue. Another alternative - especially if you think that your users might appreciate a secure connection to your website - might be to take this as a subtle sign and to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS (using a valid certificate). A move like that isn't always trivial though, so if you'd like to head in that direction, it's often worth getting help."
Re: Problem with SSL Certificate liborsmolik 5/1/14 10:19 AM
Sorry I don't understand to any single thing.

Would you have an explanation for a Twitter generation?

I just want to now how to solve this.

Thank you

Re: Problem with SSL Certificate travler. 5/1/14 12:09 PM
Hello again

It was an automatic alert to let webmasters know to check the SSLs that Google found when it crawled the site.

Basically it is a secure access, used by Google, among others, by sites that collect sensitive information such as credit cards, passwords, etc or sell products.

If you do not need it, then you don't need to use it, which is the gist of the earlier post.

Contact your host to ask why your site is showing HTTPS and tell them you do not need it.

Re: Problem with SSL Certificate liborsmolik 5/6/14 2:43 AM
Thank you very much.

I've been consulting the issue with my hosting service and we installed SSL on my website.

Can you check for me that everything is OK now according to Google Webmaster message?

It's the website ..

Re: Problem with SSL Certificate webado 5/6/14 5:05 AM
You have an SSL cert now, but shows the pages broken.

You need to decide if yrou site works with or without https (the same was as you decide if works with or wihtout www) and 301 redirect from the non preferred version to the preferred one.

Here's a tutorial which will help with 301 redirection from/to https to http: