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SSL warnings for domains we don't use

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SSL warnings for domains we don't use Glenn Burgess 5/1/14 2:41 AM
We run a combination of multiple sites over two subdomains and some other URLs on a load-balanced server. For some reason, Google Webmaster Tools has begun alerting me about SSL issues, but it's combined the domains together. So, for example, we are running sites like:

And have valid SSL certificates for * and *

However, I'm being warned that we do not have a valid certificate for sites like:

Which is correct. And nor do we have a site there, so where on earth did this address come from? Our SSL certificates are functioning correctly for the actual correct addresses.

We have quite a few of these sites and are getting notifications for each one. Currently being plagued by email after email. I could just turn off email notifications, and I may well have to, but that sort of breaks the effectiveness of GWT.

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Re: SSL warnings for domains we don't use travler. 5/1/14 8:05 AM

Here is the current information about these alerts posted by JohnMu, a Google employee:

"It looks like our crawlers ran across that HTTPS page on your website, and when trying to crawl it noticed that the certificate wasn't correct. If you're trying to serve your users on that URL, then this is something you need to resolve. 

"If you're currently not using that HTTPS part of your website at all, then this is not a critical issue. At some point it might be worth talking with your hosters about just turning off the HTTPS part completely or redirecting it to your HTTP website. 

"If nobody is using that part of your website, then again, that's not a critical issue. Another alternative - especially if you think that your users might appreciate a secure connection to your website - might be to take this as a subtle sign and to move your website from HTTP to HTTPS (using a valid certificate). A move like that isn't always trivial though, so if you'd like to head in that direction, it's often worth getting help."
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Re: SSL warnings for domains we don't use Glenn Burgess 5/1/14 8:19 AM
Thank you, but this does not answer my issue. I understand what the SSL warnings are for and what they mean.

However, GWT is combining multiple versions of our domains into a single big subdomain (please see my example of, which it then complains has an invalid certificate. Which is correct, but that's because that address (and the others it is inventing) doesn't exist. It is doing this for many domains on that server, and plaguing us with warnings about it.

Not helpful. These addresses don't exist, and I'm not sure why GWT thinks they are worth telling me about - the addresses go to 404 pages.