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My site dropped in search rankings

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My site dropped in search rankings Sk Shafi 9/3/13 11:42 PM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
 My site from not ranking well in search results from june. i am not able to find why my site not ranking in search results can any review my website and pls share your valuable ideas.
previously my website raked in 1 st page and from June slowly its loosing ranking in Google. pls  share your valuable ideas to overcome 4m this  
Re: My site dropped in search rankings black belt 9/4/13 2:32 AM
Sorry to hear about your problem. What keywords did you rank for that dropped? No... drop that. Challenge Coins must be it. Looking at your site...

I see 259 pages indexed:

I see a HUGE number of links from lots of junk: 25,000 that dropped to around 22K and from only a few hundred domains. You also had some type of link explosion earlier in the year -- Did you hire an SEO/marketer by any chance?

Question: Do you have any manual actions taken in Google webmaster tools?

Unfortunately many sites have (and still benefit) from having a huge number of total spam links. Over time, these sites are experiencing the other end of the stick after having a great deal of benefit for such a long time. IMHO, your site is possibly getting hit as a result of the huge number of questionable links. It could be either a manual action and, if Google hasn't taken that step, the algorithm is starting to figure it out on its own. You will face a very difficult time trying to remove these links and creating a disavow list for consideration. See the following:

PS - I don't even need to get into the tremendous keyword stuffing going on in your blog ("challenge coins" begins virtually every blog post)   -- a totally crazy 64 times in just this one article alone. -- 62 times here and that's modest. It would have been more if you didn't misspell coins several times.

There is one article posted every day during the business week. It reads like a keyword generated printing press.

18 - 20 times Challenge coins is mentioned on most pages.

Honestly, I think that Google has intensified its efforts to devalue sites that abuse reasonable practices and created absolute minimal value in order to game the search engine. I think that you shouldn't expect any recovery soon unless you make major changes to your site to remove the obvious spamming practices, on and offsite. You'll want to read these articles too:

Re: My site dropped in search rankings bhargava aloori 9/16/13 9:14 PM
As black belt is said its very much true info - don't repeat keywords more its treating as keyword stuffing. Make your content more quality. there is multipul h1 tags. Use only one h1 tag per page and also you can remove tags in these pages why because it's looks as keyword stuffing. Put content above the fold at-least few paragraphs

in tag pages word "tag" has h1 tag and make h1 tag as proper targeted word

Remove h1 tag in header "Challenge Coins City"

Some pages don't have h1 tag

Audit your all backlinks some are banned. ex: check in this domain banned.
Re: My site dropped in search rankings black belt 9/16/13 9:25 PM
LOL, someone got mad and downvoted me. That isn't going to help since what I'm saying here is unfortunately easy to identify if you spend enough time here. Many times you can see the same issues repeating themselves with consistently poor results. Doesn't impress humans and probably is being picked up by the search engine.

Yes, the h1 tag issues are important to remedy. In addition to making sure you have one (and only one h1), tags should probably also not be indexed if it results in the same page being seen with different canonical URLs. Thus tags should be noindexed here.