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SSL warning

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SSL warning Margo Schouten 5/1/14 3:45 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is:
Today we received an email from google that "the host name of your site,, does not match any of the "Subject Names" in your SSL certificate"
This is clearly a typing error. It would be great if someone could please tell me where Google found this typing error so I can correct it!
With kind regards,
margo schouten
SSL warning cristina 5/1/14 5:16 AM
URLs of non-existing domains should not work in the first place. You need to check DNS settings of both the http and https version for sub-domains.
A URL of an http non-existing domain redirects to the https URL, but it should respond as a non-existing sub-domain.