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SSL certificate

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SSL certificate FOTR-rocks 5/1/14 2:58 AM
I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is:

I've received 2 emails from google telling me my SSL certificate doesn't match my url and may be blocked by some users. I've done what wordpress suggested to do by deleting my account in webmaster tools and just having instead of http:// or https:// but it still doesn't appear to be what they want.


Many thanks in advance
Re: SSL certificate S Class Clinic 5/1/14 3:34 AM
The same
Got two massages 
Re: SSL certificate JohnMu 5/1/14 7:17 AM

It looks like our crawlers ran across that HTTPS page on your website, and when trying to crawl it noticed that the certificate wasn't correct. If you're trying to serve your users on that URL, then this is something you need to resolve. If you're currently not using that HTTPS part of your website, then as Webado mentioned (thanks!), you might want to talk with your hosters about just turning off the HTTPS part completely for the moment. This isn't a critical issue (if you're not using that part of your website), but it's worth taking care of at some point.

Feel free to point your hosters to this thread should they have any questions.