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Indexing rank falled down dramatically

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Indexing rank falled down dramatically Dmitry Svirydovich 9/4/13 3:43 AM
My website it is buiseness catalog with companies/vacancies in belarus. Today I mentioned dramatical falling of indexing ranking of content.
Could you please help me understand what is went wrong.

Re: Indexing rank falled down dramatically Paul Newham 9/4/13 4:36 AM
Hello Dimitry

1. The content on your website must be original and unique. You must have written it, or have permissions to publish it, an dit shoudl not be published elsewhere on the web, otherwise it is simply duplicate content. Material on your website is publishe don other sites. Here is an example:
Duplicate Content
2. You have an advertisement at the top of every page. You should not place ads above the fold, because it means users and Google see this and have to scroll down to get to your content.
3. There is very little actual original content on your site, so there is not much for Google to index. It is, essentially, a directory, and these are getting increasingly difficult to rank.

Here are some links to help you improve your site and consequently its rankings.

Google Guidelines for Little or no Original Content.

Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide PDF.

Google Webmaster Guidelines: Best practices to help Google find, crawl, and index your site

Best wishes