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[Please read] Hi! I'm the new Community Manager

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[Please read] Hi! I'm the new Community Manager Stacie C. - Google Search 9/4/13 7:41 PM
Hello everyone!

My name is Stacie, and I’ll be the new community manager for this publisher forum for Google News. Please continue posting your questions, comments and suggestions to this forum.

I’d also like to refer you to the News Help Center, which can answer a vast majority of your questions.

If you’re already an expert on Google News and want to share your knowledge, please consider joining our Top Contributor program.

To get the most out of this forum, please follow a few of these tips to have your question addressed in a timely manner (referencing a great post from TC bobbygunn):

1. Post only one thread about your problem.

Multiple posts on the same problem clogs up the forum and will actually cause a delay in getting the help you need. Every time you update a thread you start, it gets pushed back to the top of the forum. Staying on one thread also means that you are not causing the volunteers and Google employees to waste time looking through multiple threads on the same topic. This is time we could be spending actually trying to fix those problems.

2. Be specific and give details about your problem.

Many times we see people talking about an indexing issue and we will have to ask them for their url and the url for things like their sitemap or specific pages they are talking about. Always give as much detail as possible when describing your problem. If your sitemap is showing an error in webmaster tools then give the link for your sitemap and details about the errors. The more information we start with, the faster we can get your problem solved.

No matter what your problem is, the more details you give allows us to pinpoint the problem and fix it.

3. Help Others If You Can

While you will see Google Employees and Top Contributors here every day answering questions, This forum allows anyone to help a fellow publisher. If you see a post dealing with a problem that you have experience with, then please help. We should all feel privileged that we are part of Google News. If every publisher took a little time to give back to the community here, we could have a great forum. You have to remember, TC's are volunteers here and Google Employees have a job too. You will see more responses in this forum by the GNews team than in any other forum Google has, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try to help out if you can.

The purpose of this forum is to interact with other publishers. If everyone who visited here and got help just helped one other person, this could be an even greater asset to all publishers.

4 (related to 1). If a thread is more than a year old, it may not be relevant, even if the issue sounds similar to yours.

Google products are always being updated, improved and fine-tuned. An issue that came up for a user or publisher in 2009, even if it sounds like what you're experiencing, could have been related to a completely different set of conditions. So, if you think it might be an old thread, just start a new one.

Here are some additional posting guidelines.


Stacie and the Google News Team
Re: [Please read] Hi! I'm the new Community Manager Guilherme Monteiro 9/16/13 10:26 AM
Welcome Stacie! :)

Re: [Please read] Hi! I'm the new Community Manager Annie Marino 9/23/13 9:02 PM
Re: [Please read] Hi! I'm the new Community Manager unifam 3/22/14 6:34 AM
One of my questions did not receive reply. Stacie Can you please consider. The latest answer at:!mydiscussions/news/eFASCmXp44g