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Announcing the Google Maps Gallery

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Announcing the Google Maps Gallery Abby - Google Community Manager 2/27/14 1:26 PM
Dear mapping community!

Today we’re launching the Google Maps Gallery, a new way for organizations to share and publish their maps online via Google Maps Engine.

Maps Gallery works like an interactive, digital atlas where anyone can search for and find rich, compelling maps. Maps included in the Gallery can be viewed in Google Earth and are also discoverable through major search engines.

To learn more about the Google Maps Gallery, visit the Google for Nonprofits Blog and the Help Center.

Re: Announcing the Google Maps Gallery bobidybob 3/4/14 11:22 AM
Is it possible for us to load these public maps on our own websites using the Google Maps API?
Announcing the Google Maps Gallery Hans WorldTravels 3/7/14 12:25 PM
I've seen this window pop up on the bottom of the GE app screen on an iPad Air... latest versions of all.  Great with a caveat... what makes Google think its users care about seeing other peoples' maps if they can't even open their own user created maps?  I believe all have expressed their opinions that having access with full functionality of their own user created maps & placemarks takes priority, without a doubt, over 'vicarious travel' opportunities from others.  If one can't easily arrive at their destination (user defined placemarks) who the heck cares about seeing what it looks like (Streetview, Maps Gallery)?  Please return the basic idea of the horse dragging the cart,  not the cart pushing the horse.

ps The GE app is so sensitive, it is rendered about 99% useless... one is either "eating the earth" or "10 miles off the deck", that is if the world hasn't instantaneously flipped on you. :(

Re: Announcing the Google Maps Gallery Ta Tong 3/9/14 3:14 AM
Are we able to load our custom maps in our mobile phone? Is the feature ready?

Re: Announcing the Google Maps Gallery geo.osm 3/11/14 10:36 AM
Hi Ta Tong,

if you have an Android phone you can use the Google Maps Engine app to get access to your custom maps.