Updates to the new Google Maps—Pegman, Earth tours and traffic

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Updates to the new Google Maps—Pegman, Earth tours and traffic Daniel - Community Manager 11/6/13 10:30 AM

Hello Maps Community,

Today, we’re excited to announce a few great updates to the new Google Maps, including updates to Street View, Earth View, and driving directions!

Explore the world with Pegman

You can now see areas where Street View is available with one click.

  1. Click the Pegman icon in the bottom right corner.

    1. Areas with Street View imagery available will be highlighted in blue.

    2. You can also see indoor imagery highlighted on the map as orange dots.

  2. Unclick to drop him on the highlighted areas of the map and your screen will zoom down to street level.

Learn more

Get a bird’s-eye view with Earth Tours

Explore beautiful, 3D imagery of buildings and terrain for thousands of locations from above with Earth Tours available right in your browser. (Available on WebGL-enabled browsers, like Chrome.) Wherever you see the Earth Tour icon, you can click, sit back, and get a virtual tour from a soaring angle. Ascend the Swiss Alps or circle the Statue of Liberty. Learn more

Navigate the roads with confidence

When you search for driving directions, you’ll now see congestion along the route and real-time incidents on the map, including data reported by Waze. You’ll also be able to see typical traffic at a specific day and time—when viewing traffic, simply select “Typical traffic” and change the time. Learn more.

For the full launch announcement, visit the Lat Long Blog. Don’t hesitate to send us your feedback, and if you have a question, please start a new topic in the forum.

Happy Mapping!

Daniel Mabasa

Google Maps Community Manager