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Suggestion: Least Stressful Route (least traffic)

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Suggestion: Least Stressful Route (least traffic) g01 10/23/13 10:01 AM
Everyone else in the navigation community is focusing on two types of navigation choices:
 * Shortest Route
 * Fastest Route

Some of these options include whether or not to avoid tolls.

However, nobody has yet to consider the "Least Stressful Route" for regular commuters. For instance, the shortest route may be sitting in traffic trying to merge across three lanes of traffic in a stop and go pattern....but if another route takes me 3 or 10 minutes longer and it's clear sailing, I'd much rather spend a little more time in the car for a perceived "faster" commute and not having to deal with the stress of the traffic.

I kinda like the name "Least Stressful" for this route type but something like "Least Traffic" might be more appropriate. Least Stressful might open the door to power tools options like "prefer/avoid tolls", "mind/don't mind traffic", "one/two/3+/any lane roads" etc.
Re: Suggestion: Least Stressful Route (least traffic) g01 10/23/13 12:05 PM
In case anyone glosses over this and thinks it's really just "fastest route", it's actually a slightly more complex problem than Dijkstra's algorithm. It's not just fastest, but fastest route with the least delays. Ie. you have to add an additional penalty for routes that contain traffic on top of the time penalty of travelling them.
Re: Suggestion: Least Stressful Route (least traffic) Carmine S 11/8/13 6:19 PM
I have notice Google navigator tends to take you out of your way to get to some destinations,

Point in case. On my way to work its easier, faster, and less distance to make a right turn down the first street on the right to get to my destination. ( this is what VZ navigator chooses for me ) Google navigation takes me past that street, about .2 miles further down the road to turn right , follow that street for another .5 miles, then turn right again , thus back tracking on the same street i would have turned on 2 minutes ago.

I have seen this numerous times Where Google nav tends to choose the most traveled/busiest routes over more common sense routes to get to a destination.

Same goes on my way home. Google Nav would rather have me drive past a turn, that would save me two traffic lights and a painful left turn down a side street to my house. VZ nav las me turning left at the more common sense location thus avoiding all that traffic.

So the more stressful routes that you are speaking of is most likely most traveled routes vs less traveled common sense routes.

If you use another nav system, you might notice this too