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question about licensing / fair use for 3D warehouse models

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question about licensing / fair use for 3D warehouse models cei_tim 5/24/12 6:04 AM
SketchUp Version:8

Hi all, sorry if this is a noob question, but I couldn't find any specific information about this.  For work I am being asked to create an instructional eLearning course related to safe driving.  Is there any chance that the models that other people uploaded to the 3D warehouse are under a creative commons license and therefore able to be re-used for other people's projects?

For example, if I wanted to create an animation using a car from sketchup in my project, would I have to create my own car from scratch in sketchup or would I be able to use one from the 3D warehouse? The same goes for the road and surrounding buildings. Are all models under the same licensing agreement or are there some that people were willing to post to the 3D warehouse under a creative commons license?

Thanks for your help. : )
Re: question about licensing / fair use for 3D warehouse models Aerilius 5/24/12 1:49 PM
Most models in 3D Warehouse are not exactly Creative-Commons-licensed. Licensing is a bit difficult to understand. You should look into the Terms of Service for reference.
If I understand it right, models are under whatever license the modeler chose (if any) and under the modeler's copyright, with the exception that 1) 3D Warehouse is allowed to create thumbnails, convert the files etc. and 2) other users are allowed download, modify and publish downloadable models for free. If this sounds paradox in your ears then you would have to consult a lawyer.

Alternatively to be very sure, you would jsut contact the modeler and ask for permission. Many modelers have enabled the possibility to contact them, and there is a blue envelope icon next to their user name on the model page.