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What Google+ do with a deceased user?

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What Google+ do with a deceased user? Amir Tamtam 4/2/12 7:51 AM
I am currently doing a thesis on how social network sites handle their users' digital legacy in the event of the users' death. Other big names like Facebook and Twitter have already provided ways for the bereaved family to inform the admin about the death of a user. Facebook even has a download feature where a user will be able to download almost everything that he or she have posted inside Facebook since joining.

I know Google+ is still improving but I fail to find any information on how this social network site will handle cases when a bereaved family wants to do anything to a Google+ account of a deceased family member. The family member might want to close the account of the deceased but they might also want to retrieve any digital legacy (photos, videos) from the account as a memoir. I tried searching in the help and privacy policy section but cannot find anything regarding this matter. 

Therefore, I hope that someone will be able to enlighten me on how Google+ will handle problems regarding a deceased user. If there are already a page where this problem has been notified, I beg for anyone's kindness to give me the link.

*Sorry if my English is not up to the standard. Not my first language.
Re: What Google+ do with a deceased user? aygul 4/3/12 4:13 AM
Hi Amir,
The authorized representative of a deceased user can apply for access to the contents of his Google account or/and close it. The process consists of the two followings stages:

Part 1.  Google requires the following information:
1. Your full name
2. Your physical mailing address
3. Your email address
4. A photocopy of your government-issued ID or driver’s license
5. The Gmail address of the deceased user
6. The death certificate of the deceased user.

Mail or fax this information to:
Google Inc. Gmail User Support - Decedents’ Accounts
c/o Google Custodian of Records
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Fax: 650-644-0358

Google will review your request and notify you by email as to whether or not we will be able to move beyond Part 1 to the next steps of the process.

Part 2 will require you to get additional legal process including an order from a U.S. court and/or submitting additional materials.

After becoming an access to the Google account of a deceased user, the authorized representative can downgrade his/her Google+ profile.