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myzamana nightmare

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myzamana nightmare green16 7/3/12 2:32 AM
Website called or is spamming all my innocent contacts with a email from my name. I use my gmail account as primary email address and any potential spam email to all contacts is a serious reputation and security issue to those who would click on any links assuming it is from a safe contact.

1. Has google thought of blocking applications from accessing contact list
2. Any app/site requesting contact details should pass through multistage security process. I am surprised if google has not provided a strong security to protect individual email accounts.
3. Please please please help me get some solution to this problem. How to do I stop this junk emails being sent from my account.

Re: myzamana nightmare wdurham 7/3/12 3:23 AM
If is sending mail to all your contacts, then you must have authorised them to access your account, either accidentally or deliberately.  You may have done something as simple as clicking on a link in an email YOU received about MyZamana, without realising what you were doing. 

GMail will never give a third party access to your account and your contacts without your explicit authorisation. Unfortunately, now MyZamana have your contacts there's no guarantee they won't use them again. 

One thing you can try is this - click your name in the top right of your GMail window, and click Account. Click Security in the sidebar and click Edit alongside Authorising Sites and Applications. If you see MyZamana listed there, revoke their access. 

Re: myzamana nightmare ramprasadap 7/21/12 8:59 PM
Revoking gmail account access helps

Go to and revoke access

Re: myzamana nightmare Georgicash 10/10/12 12:29 AM
Hello, my friend has the same problem. And all of his contacts (included me) receive the spam from myzamana.

Have you resolved the problem? Can you help?

Thanks !!!

Re: myzamana nightmare ELAINE CRISTINA MAIA DE LIMA 11/6/12 2:10 AM
bom dia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(unknown) 11/13/12 4:46 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: myzamana nightmare mohit rana 11/21/12 3:19 AM
Re: myzamana nightmare Adnan Sami 1/22/13 5:04 PM
helo sir, how i upgrade account
Re: myzamana nightmare shorty82 1/22/13 5:15 PM
Adnan, you should go to there and find out, probably from their help documentation. This forum is for Gmail related issues and myzamana isn't a Google product at all.
Re: myzamana nightmare John Peter Mendonca 2/12/13 6:21 PM
This is very embarrassing considering my Age and My dignified living.My friends were shocked to see my zamana mail from me. I just do not understand this.
Re: myzamana nightmare wdurham 2/16/13 5:34 AM
Sorry, but Gmail is not the place to be asking about problems with a dating website. Visit My Zamana, and close your account. 
Re: myzamana nightmare Anowar Hossain 2/20/13 1:23 PM