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Suspicious Sign In Prevented

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Suspicious Sign In Prevented BZCG 10/22/12 12:49 PM
I am getting the Suspicious Sign In Prevented email every few days.  When I check the IP address, it matches my Android phone every time.  It tells me to use the application within the next 10 minutes, but I have no idea which app on the phone is causing the issue.  How can I get this to stop?
Re: Suspicious Sign In Prevented wdurham 10/22/12 3:22 PM
GMail is telling you that a suspicious sign in has been prevented. The IP address is always your phone. And you don't know which app is causing it? Does it not occur to you that the app involved is whatever you use on the Android to access Gmail? 

So on your Android, start the browser, visit and then within the 10 minutes allowed, sign in to GMail using whatever app you use on your phone. 
Re: Suspicious Sign In Prevented BZCG 10/23/12 11:23 AM
Yes, it did occur to me that it was Gmail and I did try opening Gmail, opening Google on the internet and accessing my Google calendar all within the 10 minute time frame.  The messages are still happening.

My concern was that I recently updated some apps and with all the new "permissions" they require, it was one of them that was the problem.

Google's instructions were very vague and only said to use the app within 10 minutes; they did not mention the link in your message.

Re: Suspicious Sign In Prevented wdurham 10/23/12 12:20 PM
So did you solve the issue?