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Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source>

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Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> Erik S. 6/1/12 2:17 PM
Hey Google News publishers,

We wanted to let you know about some new content in our Help Center regarding how to best address the issue of duplicate content across multiple news sites or properties. In short, the <syndication-source> tag has been deprecated, and the remaining options are more consistent with the existing guidance in this area for Google Web Search.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in this thread.


Erik and the Google News team

(unknown) 2/21/13 9:16 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> Tim Ruder 5/28/13 9:16 AM
Thanks for pointing this out Erik, while I get nervous using "disallow" tags, it has worked for me.
Re: Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> Shawn S. Lealos 6/11/13 12:09 PM
I have a question about duplicate content. We are still trying to get into Google News and I just discovered a site that is stealing some of our articles and posting them in their entirety on their site. There is no contact info on their site to ask them to remove it or to just reduce it to one paragraph and a link. Will the fact that we published it as original material before they stole it for their site help us, or does that not matter when it comes to the fact there is now unauthorized duplicate content on some of our articles?
Re: Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> Shawn S. Lealos 6/16/13 9:26 PM
Re: Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> Guy E 7/8/13 6:01 PM
How is this site in Google News, when they syndicate at least 80% of their content from AAP who's a large news distributor in Australia?

Seriously, has been used on around 30 other sites, yet it was in Google news?

And from the same site, only promotes their affiliates and betting odds? This was indexed by Google News 19 hours ago... I don't want my kids seeing this rubbish when they're looking up the latest AFL rounds?!?!?
Re: Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> pasha bhai 7/27/13 10:12 AM
hy erik, i want to submit my site in google news sitemap so please tell me what i do.
Re: Regarding duplicate content and <syndication-source> Mike Webb 8/4/13 12:25 PM
blogspot domains are not accepted..