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Anonymous Reviews?

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Anonymous Reviews? keanoo 6/8/12 2:47 AM
Hello, I recently tried to write a review for a business, and noticed like many others that Google has changed the way this work.

I was asked to publish all of my previous reviews and this little window pops up.

With Google+ Local, all your reviews and associated photos are visible to everyone on the web, under the name *******. Your reviews and associated photos are displayed to: 
  • Anyone who views your profile on Google+
  • Anyone who searches for places, if they've added you to their Google+ circles
  • Anyone who views places you've reviewed
 I'm quite concerned about this, for obvious reasons I wouldn't like the sometimes negative reviews that I have rightfully left to be associated with my name and photo, I would much rather they stayed anonymous.

Is this not possible any more?

Re: Anonymous Reviews? treebles 6/8/12 4:41 AM
They should remain anonymous if you do not create a Google+ profile. The would be attributed to "a Google user".
However, I do not know what Google plans are for the future. Should they force a Google+ profile on everybody then the reviews would not linger be anonymouys but I would guess that they would let the user know beforehand.
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? gobbisharon 8/13/12 7:30 PM
I would like to review local restaurants but won't do so now because my name will show up. I live in a small town, and am unique in the local telephone directory.

Google, you screwed up on this, some people want to join in, BUT have the choice whether to show their names or not.

For instance, i'd have no problem leaving my name on reviews outside of my local area.
rtxx 8/13/12 7:48 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? martin88 8/14/12 3:20 PM
Just want to say that Google should really fix this issue - they are hurting the local businesses. I am unable to post my positive review on a place because I do not want my name published.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? zfives 8/15/12 6:57 PM
OK, so I can post on this board anonymously but I can't post anonymous reviews of businesses in my local vicinity. TERRIBLE policy Google. I'm going to have to create yet another fake Google account for this purpose apparently. Sheesh
Anonymous Reviews? handsfree 8/23/12 3:48 PM
It's not so much that I want to be anonymous, but it also says a public web search of just my name will pull up my reviews.  So at a glance, anyone can see where I come and go, just by searching my real name.  With employers now searching names, I don't want them to know that much personal stuff about me.  I have a unique name, and 90% of results are related to me.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? stevelion 9/2/12 10:06 AM
I agree with most of the posters here.  I know of no other review site that requires the use of your full name vs. a nick name.  I'll no longer be posting reviews on Google as a result.
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? S. Villarreal 9/19/12 7:57 PM
All reviews are displayed as "A Google User" except for mine, which showed my full name. Definitely can't put a review up for my apartment complex now. I solved the problem and erased all my helpful reviews. Thank you Google. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Stone220022 9/24/12 8:51 AM



I believe you are missing the point entirely...


People can be responsible when writing a fair and reasonable review; but what we can not be responsible for are the actions taken against the reviewer.  Allow me to provide I went to, I looked up the place when I was in there, it was dingy but I wanted to know what others thought.  There was a review written by a 'Lynda' who offered her opinion and down rated the place.  The next review was by a jerk who just abused Lynda by name.  An example I can use from my experience...I sent flowers to an ex-girlfriend for her birthday; they botched the delivery so it didn’t arrive until two days later.  Should I write a review to highlight the reliability of this shop to be unacceptable?  Sure....but I can't without having my current girlfriend or mates pick up on the fact that I'm sending birthday flowers to an ex :S


Another point which you raised I found interesting... "as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how..."  Well guess what, the reviewer may not want to be contacted by the shop/business.  They do not want you reaching out to them and might find that quite offensive or intimidating.

Anonymous Reviews? GoodSpeed150 10/2/12 10:10 AM
I've also stopped writing reviews.  Good or bad.  I hate the fact they know my name and can see my profile.  FIX THIS
Re: Anonymous Reviews? bub00 10/21/12 2:08 PM
Me too. No more review Google till this is sorted!!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? BP8 10/22/12 10:51 AM
Same issue here.  I relied on a google review to pick a shop, and then found it to be horrible.  I was going to provide a review, but don't want my name associated with it.  It was only then that I realized the latest review was 10 months old.  It probably would have gotten bad reviews recently and I would have been able to avoid the bad shop if not for Google's policy of no anonymity.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? relx 10/22/12 11:15 AM
Can anybody recommend alternatives to Google Local that will allow me to review anonymously?  Even though Google really dropped the ball on this one, it would be nice to still contribute my experiences for others.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tzone 10/22/12 11:19 AM is the alternative
Re: Anonymous Reviews? dmcutaia 10/25/12 5:48 PM
It would be nice to know if there are places for reviews that are anonymous.  I am a bankruptcy attorney and my clients want to write me reviews but they don't want anyone to see their name because it is a private matter.  Google needs to understand that sometimes people have legitimate reasons for wanting to maintain their privacy.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? briannnnn 10/27/12 7:35 PM
I just deleted all of my reviews.  This is really sad.  I have to go back to some of the places I have reviewed so I can't have my name on it if I give a poor review.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? heeyyyaa 11/5/12 10:24 AM
Seriously, Google this needs to be fixed. I will just review places on yelp instead, if I cannot review places anonymously. I certainly don't want my full name and my picture linked to all my reviews. 

I would like to contribute to Google Local, but cannot because of this issue!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? zfives 11/16/12 6:25 PM
Update: I was actually able to change my name from my real name to an alias. I wish I had documented the process because it wasn't very straight forward; I think I did it under my "Profile" which I accessed under my picture. Google only allows you something like three name changes every two years. You have to pick a real sounding name like "Terry Anderson", not "abc 123".
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Til1223 11/17/12 6:31 AM
Has anyone figured out why we must post our names next to a review? The premiss behind posting a review is to provide kuddos or concerns to others who are inquiring. If someone wants to post a name, let it be there choice.
In my case I want to post my concerns with treatment at a hospital ER. If my name is associated with my review, I fear that it will negatively impact the service provided to my family if we ever have to return. But at the same time, I owe a review to those looking for insight on past expereinces at this location.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? relx 11/17/12 10:27 AM
Doesn't this change your Google+ user name too though, and any other places your name may reside? (Gmail, etc)

Sounds like Google is encouraging users to open fake accounts to retain anonymity.  Sad.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Nicola Williams 11/17/12 12:53 PM
how do you get it to be public, I am having that problem?

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Potted Meat 11/18/12 3:04 PM
I agree that the anonymous review capability should be restored.  I also have to say that the Review feature of Google Maps is one of my favorite features.  I use it every time I travel, but it might be on its way to becoming less useful.  I have noticed that for many restaurants and other businesses, the most recent review is several months old.  Is this because fewer people are willing to post reviews now that they aren't anonymous?  It would be interesting to see how many reviews were posted per day to Google Maps while it was possible to be anonymous, and how many reviews per day are being posted now that it's no longer possible to be anonymous.  I wanted to post a review of a pizza joint, but was instantly turned off by the fact that my full name would be visible.  I did not post the review even though it was positive.

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Re: Anonymous Reviews? joseph blowisf 11/22/12 4:10 AM
Simply 100 % unacceptable to not allow anonymous reviews. It should be up to the reader to assign credibility based on the name.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? mike'snickname 11/25/12 2:47 PM
Insiderpages and Yelp both display only the reviewers first name and last initial, but obviously will not reflect in the number of stars you get on Google.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Ali Y 12/2/12 8:40 PM
There is a reason for their decision, You see what used to happen was people positively self review their business , and leave positive for their shops, or people leave not genuine reviews, like your competitors want to bring you down and leave a bad review..You see now it is more of honest, everyone is know, yes, people may like anonymous but the previous way was not working as well..

I recently made a negative review on a mechanic, that destroyed by fav car,  and after sometime, I get a call, threatening call, that mechanic want me to remove my review?  it had my name, and he check his database to get my contacts! should I sue Google if something happens to me?

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Juxxize 12/8/12 4:58 AM
I'm not bothered about being anonymous but i sure as hell don't want my full name and a picture , facebook lets you use nicknames and other sites let you use usernames i hate having my full name posted on reviews and what not , i tried to change my google plus name to my nickname / username i use online and it says because people don't change their name in real life I can't change it on google plus! i don't want my full name being used and i can't read reviews for local businesses anymore now . thank-you google once again .
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Ebone' B. 12/8/12 10:03 AM
I'm so annoyed with Google right now. So many people use Google to search businesses and read their reviews. I want to leave a review about a new doctor I'm seeing and I honestly don't want my full name associated with the review. I'm sure this doctor won't come looking for me but I'm not wanting the public to be aware of my personal issues with him, more so I want to publicly display my issue with the business, in hopes that one day a general consenus will develop. As an adult I know that many reviews are fiction but when you have several reviews over a span of time saying the same thing, there has to be some truth there. I'm worried that by Google keeping this change many reviews won't be posted.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Cory12345 12/9/12 9:24 PM
It's really insane that I can't post an anonymous review.  No way do I want my full name and picture linked to a review, regardless of whether it's positive or negative.  I wanted to post a review today and stopped myself.  Get your act together Google!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Rennie66 12/14/12 10:15 AM
Hi you probably already know this about changing your name on your profile but it will only put the new name on the new reviews. Any and all old reviews will still have your full/correct name on them and photo on them.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Firdouza Rabbi 12/14/12 5:38 PM
I wonder how many of these people whining, have been busted, either making self fake review for thier business, or unjust fake review to  business competitor, ,,,get over it,remember Google motto, "Do NO HARM",,..
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Jeffrey B # 12/21/12 11:47 AM
 Forget about just the reviews, what if your buddy sends you a link to something provocative and its funny. Now the other members can see what you have viewed and where you have been.  For example my wife? Are you crazy Google? We want to be anonymous when we want to.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 12/21/12 12:40 PM
nobody enforces you to use Goolgle reviewing any business you like or don't like.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? joseph blowisf 12/23/12 1:17 PM
Right. Over the past week, I have been systematically removing all traces of my real google accounts, deleting all history, email, and now using yahoo for searches. The tipping point was when I searched for my real name, and found a map pointing to where I was. Google has simply gotten too obtrusive, too tracking, reading all your stuff and blasting you with content related ads, what else are they doing with my info? I am saying goodbye to google in every way I can, and the rest of my family is also. We have had enough.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Brian Rathgaber 12/27/12 6:40 PM
The reason some want to be unknown, is like my self, The owner lets the employees do rails of cocaine in the kitchen, and my name is a def need to be unknown, but the public should know!

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Lee O. 1/5/13 8:56 AM
I support the need to not have my full name shown in a review. I have refrained from reviewing for this reason. I will delete my + account until this is fixed.
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 1/7/13 6:38 AM
nobody needs to serve or use any services of what he thinks is like "big brother"
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? greg+ 2/2/13 2:59 PM
To googlers:
I recently saw an article about microsoft on{X} app, looked interesting, at least definitely worth trying, so I installed it, only to realize the only way of using it was to connect through facebook...
So I wanted to write a review on google play to let potential future users know of this requirement (which already many, many users had complained about, but hey, an extra opinion is always good). Imagine my surprise, when I was unable to write a review, because I didn't have a google+ account! I didn't have one, still don't and don't intend on having one in the future. That Google wants to integrate android and its various apps and services together that's great, but let the user choose the level of integration he wants. And please, O please, don't say things like "Google Play reviews now use Google+ so it's easier to see opinions from people you care about", so you mean to say that you are doing this for me? Because me, I just want to write a review, or to use an app (on{X} in this case), not to have to connect to a social network, which is something I am truly not interested in using. A lot of people are interested in using them, that's great for them, I am especially glad that they've got the possibility to write reviews...
The way I see it, Google's businees philosophy is 'open the door, yet show the way': developing android, putting it in open source, letting OEM put their crap on the phones but showing them with product like nexus phones and tablets how it can be when used as intended, people want to use other app stores, they are free to do so, but Google develops the Play Store hoping it will give all the features one may need so that one doesn't actually want to go somewhere else. Well do the same with google+, make it so good that people want to use it and not facebook, but don't force android users to create a google+ profile in order to put a review, only so that a year from now you can say 'hey look how many new users google+ have, it's definitely catching on facebook'. First, users don't like to be instrumentalized in your little stand-off with facebook or whatever else business quarrels 2 companies might have. Second, the extra google+ "users" that we will have (at least the one like me that don't not care for social networks) are not gonna go/use google+ so they won't click on ads and bring money to google.
So please: don't become like Apple by forcing a maximum level of integration upon users, just let them integrate things the way they want them to be!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? anonymous-coward 2/5/13 1:00 PM
I have had to stop reviewing apps in the app store as well as all places on Google because of this policy change. I don't WANT my reviews linked to my G+ profile. If I wanted everything I said on the web to be linked to me I'd use Facebook, duh! I also find it interesting that google will let me choose the nickname I want to be displayed and allow me to choose if I want it linked to my G+ profile for this very post, but not for any reviews. What a shame.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? G$$GLE 2/6/13 3:12 PM
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Jessica J. Johnston 2/17/13 8:56 AM
I've had similar problems as everyone here describes. I went to a doctor last year and received horrible service, and was upset about the lack of help in my condition - I have TMJ quite bad which flairs up from time to time, and at the time I went I had been in excruciating pain for over a week. I have insurance and paid my fifty dollar copay. After receiving basically no help, in which I seemed to know more about the condition than the doctor, I was prescribed an anti-inflammatory and sent on my way. Obviously this didnt help whatsoever with the incredible amount of pain i was in. After I posted a google review about my experience, not even a week later I received a bill from the doctors office stating that my insurance did not cover the visit and I needed to pay another $100. This was never mentioned when I was there and I feel without a doubt it was because of the review I posted. I own my own house and pay for everything, so extra money isn't something I have a lot of- especially to pay a doctor who did virtually nothing to help my condition. So much for finding a doctor who MAY be able to help me- I have too much to pay off. It's ridiculous. I am not a fan of this Google+ junk.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Aaron Klapheck 2/22/13 3:10 PM

I agree with your sentiments. I have found most reviewers to leave honest feedback and most businesses strive to make improvements in response to customer feedback. I find this policy change of showing peoples names needed, because a few bad apples ruined the bunch. Being an anonymous user gives people the power to say things they never would normally. Because some people have abused this power now all the rest of us are being "punished."


I post as myself everywhere and have a unique name so I am obviously biased against anonymity. Statistically speaking, a person who post using their real name live just as happy a life as those that do not. I have not seen any negative effects in my life as a result of posting using my real name and believe most people who do would say the same. Again this goes back to the extremes. Most people in America are not a part of a persecuted minority group. Because of this, your comment does not seem applicable to most people living in America. I do agree with your conclusion though, that privacy is valuable to some people and in some situations, this mostly comes down to common sense. Anonymous name or not I would not post a public review of my primary bank, as this would not be a good idea. With the vast number of Americas using smart technology, on-line services, and numerous digital resources, privacy is simply a figment of the imagination. Even hundreds of years ago when people lived in small towns and neighborhoods there was no such thing as "privacy." Anonymous reviews or not, if a person wants to find you they can.

Realistically I think the issue has more to do with businesses having access to people's names with the potential to hound them than any privacy issues. Again we are looking at the extreme cases as I have posted hundreds of negative and positive reviews of businesses with absolutely no problem whatsoever. I would like to reiterate, if you are online making reviews then ANYONE has the potential of monitoring you. In reality, this usually is not a problem though. If you are an average American, then posting reviews using your real name will likely not effect you in any way whatsoever so long as you use common sense.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Aaron Klapheck 2/22/13 3:38 PM
The most important reason that real names should be used comes down to the USA legal system. Whoever stands to loose the most is given preferential treatment (this is why pedestrians have the right of way, and there are many more examples). So we now have two situations (both of which are not likely but possible).
1. Users being hounded by businesses to change their review.
2. Anonymous user posting a horrible, untrue review.

In case 1 being hounded could cause serious issues in a persons life (but in the vast majority of cases this is simply viewed as an irritant) and there are many avenues of recourse available to people who are being hounded. The main one being to sue a business that does this.
In case 2 a horrible review could cause negative publicity and could even put a business out of operation, which would be far more damaging than a simple irritant. More that this, there is absolutely no recourse of action a business could take in this situation unless they already have a good idea who made this comment, and even then possibly not due to free speech.
(unknown) 3/2/13 7:26 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Saturn1217 3/25/13 10:00 AM
Does anyone know how some users are still able to post anonymously in the play store? There are still reviews being left by people with relatively new phones (One X, Galaxy S3) that show up as Google User. But whenever I try to leave a review I can't get past the Google+ sign up page.

And to those that support this new system please understand that at least for me personally it has nothing to do with the developer knowing who I am. I don't want people I know (my parents, my boyfriend, friends who aren't that good friends etc.) knowing my exact app history and the comments that I make on apps. I would like that kind of anonymity. That is why I would have no problem having a static nickname that is attached to me. I don't want developers to get punished by irritating people who post unfair reviews. But right now I can't leave any feedback (good or bad) on the Google Play store and it is starting to really hamper my Android experience. 

Plenty of other major vendors (Apple, Amazon) manage to maintain a feedback system without forcing people to attach their real identity to information which can in some cases be sensitive information (or just embarrassing).

I am extremely disappointed that this policy remains in place and it is making me think long and hard about how much I want to invest in Google's ecosystem considering this seems to be the direction their headed for everything.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ChWalker 3/25/13 10:30 AM
Saturn, I think the review may have been left BEFORE the reviewer got a new device.  I might be wrong though.

Your reasons are very legit about not wanting every little damn thing you do online tied to your real name and picture.  Just like you, I refuse to review any application or Google maps location until this privacy bug is corrected.  Why basic privacy is such a hard thing for Google to respect is very baffling.

In the past I used to disregard and chuckle at the people who called Google "evil" as I wrote them off as just being paranoid.  I love Android, Google Maps, Gmail, etc, but having zero respect for their customer's privacy has really infuriated me.  It's been a very long time since I've left a review and it's unfortunately the trend is going to continue.  What also bothers me is wondering how many reviews now go unwritten because of this new practice?  Someone might have saved me from dealing with a shady vendor or restaurant, but I'll never know now.

Until Google straightens their act out, I'm going to use Yelp! for local reviews, and Amazon for Android application reviews.  It's a shame I have to start avoiding Google at all costs now.  The company had a great thing going with lots of potential.  All we ask is for a check box before posting a review on whether to link our Google profile and photo to the post.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Saturn1217 3/25/13 10:51 AM
That's what I thought too but I actually googled and found this discussion after seeing reviews for the newest update to Evernote posted as "A Google User" by people who have new phones. That is why I was curious. 

I apologize that I didn't realize this was specifically regarding reviews to businesses through Google maps rather than google apps but the principle is still the same (and actually it is more important for reviewing local businesses). 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Tighe Caldera 4/12/13 9:15 AM
I was about to write my first review today, but I also dont want my name associated, while I give a very positive review to one company and a very negative review of another.  I will be canceling my google profile.  WTF  google, fix this
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ET phone home 4/14/13 12:25 PM
I was also planning on posting my first review today too. In my case, it was due to a negative experience at my doctor's office. I'd like to inform the public, but don't want to be treated differently as a patient. I don't mind verifying my identity by signing in, but I should be given the option of not having my name displayed for the world to see. At least let me choose initials or something.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ChWalker 4/14/13 1:04 PM
This thread has gone almost a year without reply from Google.  Perhaps instead of replying to this thread, everyone should create a new topic for the same issue until they hear us.
Anonymous Reviews? Dargo 4/18/13 10:09 AM
I was just about to review a business location i just visited, but do not want my wife to know i was there today (just in case she can still somehow find this - it's a surprise hon).

My personal info is nobodies business, but even worse - nobody has the right to know where i am right now or where I've been today.

A good business just missed out on a great review from me over the inability to make it anonymously.

This seriously skews and degrades the reliability of the review system worse than anon reviews ever could.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? ChWalker 4/18/13 11:38 AM
Another great example.

GOOGLE!  I strongly urge you formulate a "Common Sense Team" who regularly reviews Google products for blatant flaws that are hindering the user experience.

The fact this thread has been going on so long without any feedback from Google proves they really don't care what their customers think.  What a shame.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? my name is anonymous hah 4/22/13 9:49 AM
I agree, I want anonymity back. They can make it an option for their users. Non users can't post anything so why is this a problem? If a company has a 'fake post' issue, then they can demand to know who posted it. I'm taking my review down asap!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? bocaradio11 6/1/13 8:29 PM
WTF? This is deeply disconcerting. I do NOT want my name and profile published when posting reviews. Absolutely rediculous! This is a blatant invasion of privacy laws.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? justin.d.skiles 6/3/13 5:17 AM
I was going to leave a review for my current doctor's office, but I don't want my name to be associated with the review. There are some negative feedbacks that I would like to leave, but I am afraid that the staff would be retaliatory against me.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Taurug Baca 6/3/13 2:53 PM
I too refuse to post unless it's anonymous.  Civil suit courts be damned.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? resteasy 6/6/13 8:53 AM
I think there's room for both official non-anoymous full & helpful reviews by attributed reviewers AND a stream of anonymous banter.  Often the latter is quick hitting and short lived.  For instance, today's gmail on android update lost the 'move message to trash' feature.  I suspect that wil be fixed quickly, but it'd be nice for potential updaters to be able to see that info and nice to not have to fully rate the app and be forced to leave an attributed review just for that type of tidbit.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? resteasy 6/6/13 9:09 AM
How about, in addition to reviews, a link to a more anonymous stream like the google product forums?
Re: Anonymous Reviews? resteasy 6/6/13 10:01 AM
I just realized this thread is in the 'Google Maps' forum.  I was thinking of app reviews in the google play store originally.  But I think that reviews of items on google maps could benefit from an anonymous thread of reviews or quick notes in addition to more complete proper reviews.  What is being missed with "heavy [attributed] reviews" (if you will) is a lot of valuable information (reference twitter and the like) that, when aggregated, may even be better than "heavy" reviews.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Bargle 6/11/13 2:21 PM
Hm.  I just hit this today.  I made myself a complete throwaway Google+ profile to use for reviews.  Being able to post anonymously, or at least customize the displayed name seems to be mandatory here.  I imagine the vast majority of the reviews that would get left aren't once people realize it's linked to them intimately in real life....which is a problem in a number of ways, some of which are detailed in this thread.  Sigh.  It's a shame really.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Privacy Isdying 8/18/13 4:18 AM
I too am peeved that I can't post a review anonymously, so I created this "fake" account in order to do so.  This may or may not help Google+ with their numbers, but it wouldn't surprise me if it did.  The internet is after all, nothing but a large market, with information being both the product and the legal tender.  Google puts its pants on one leg at a time like everyone else.  In other words, they make their money selling advertising space, and the more hard data they can provide to prove eyes on the page the better.  Privacy is the casualty of this brave new world.
(unknown) 8/18/13 10:58 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? kgl rdnsklkdsjzvnbzjkn 8/19/13 6:27 AM
looks like you r the only one ho feels this way.  why would you want your face and name posted publicly on the internet.  i cannot think of a worse idea.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? rkimpeljr 8/29/13 7:36 AM
That seems like the logical solution. Make a fake account. I wouldn't be surprised if half of the negative reviews for companies are by fake-named accounts. Maybe we could make one fake account and everybody use it. This would be the most well known Google account in the world!

Say I go to a restaurant and write an unflattering review, with my name and picture. Later, my family decides to go there despite my protest. It wouldn't surprise me if the workers would have a hit-list of people's food to spit in. We used to have a list of customers who write bad checks. This is a logical (though demented) extension of that idea. Sharing positive opinions about, say, a sex-change surgeon would also be the sort of thing you might not want attached to your name.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? funfact 9/1/13 1:55 PM
Funny thing is, professional restaurant reviewers almost NEVER use their real names; almost all are identified by pseudonyms. If you wrote for the Times, you COULD remain anonymous! Which just makes this whole policy all the more ridiculous. Google should consider that if professional critics use pseudonyms, there may be a reason for it and that, just maybe, its users would like to remain anonymous for the same reason(s).
Re: Anonymous Reviews? AZKev 9/4/13 7:56 PM
I and many others I know quite using Google for feedback due to this purely thought out direction.

Best thing to do is ignore Google and use better sites like Yelp (they are growing like mad since Google's dumb direction). Traffic drives Google's moves. I was a very early G+ user (way before beta) but dropped all of it when this was announced around the Zagat acquisition.

Anonymous Reviews? jvrichardson 9/14/13 9:34 PM
I don't need every co-worker, family member and random acquaintance knowing where I like to eat and shop. No thanks. This does suck because I often refer to Google reviews for things I'm thinking of trying, but I don't want to have my likes and dislikes spammed to everyone I know if they happen to be Googling or using Google+. I think many people will feel the same and not want to leave reviews anymore.. It's really too bad.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? sneakyninjamonkey 9/17/13 7:36 AM
I agree...I was about to post a negative review to a local dog daycare/boarding business but after reading some of the other reviews I decided against it.  Apparently the proprietor called multiple individuals in the middle of the night and harassed/threatened them if they left bad reviews!  After reading this I didn't want to post anything, despite the fact that this place needs to be shut down (In addition to the illegal harassment by the proprietor, he is cruel to animals left there for daycare or boarding, sexual harassment of employees, rude and arrogant customer service, lying straight to customers' faces, changing policies on a whim, and on and on).  I haven't used their services for more than three years, and I doubt he could get a hold of me, but this is definitely a failing on Google's part and this guy is a prime example of why.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Nich H 9/20/13 11:38 AM

Sorry for the caps. I just got off a call from this HORRIBLE company and I wanted to write a bad review about them IMMEDIATELY so no one else will use this scam of a moving company. But the problem is they still have my furniture. I've been waiting for my furniture for 3 weeks now, even though they said it would arrive 3 weeks ago. And the way they conduct business is like the mafia. THEY HOLD YOUR FURNITURE HOSTAGE so they can control you.

THIS is why I want google to redo anonymous reviews because I DO NOT want them to see it was me and then do something horrible.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? steffen29 9/28/13 11:32 AM
Well then google should give the option to edit your public name on a review, as well as give you the option to have the business owner reply to you in an email. It can be like a dispute resolution technique.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Neau Wulf 10/2/13 10:46 AM
Not sure what dumb thinking factor was in the head of the fool who thought that it was a good idea to post your real name.. Now i can't leave any honest reviews without being afraid of be retaliated on. I rated the apartment complex I stay at and a month later i received a letter stating I was bad mouthing the company and harassing them online. I mean really? WTF? How could you not think this through? Most reviews will come from current customer of a company. So why would Google think to throw the name of the individual in the face of the company who left the review? If not anonymous at the last something the says verified Google+ user without stating the name of the user unless the user wish that their name be visible for the one review.   
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Causels 10/7/13 1:05 PM
How dare you convert our old reviews to our real names without our permission!  I'm not normally one to take privacy too seriously, but I left reviews expecting them to be (somewhat) anonymous.  Having them instantly changed to my real name leaves me feeling extremely violated.  My trust in Google is slowly being chipped away.

I would not be surprised if this change led to a major decrease in the number of new reviews, a decrease in total reviews as users delete their previous entries, and a general decline in usage of Google reviews (kill off the contributors, lose the users).

Not all businesses serve anonymous customers.  Imagine how many therapists, lawyers, realtors, financial advisers, etc. will no longer receive feedback (both negative AND positive) due to privacy concerns.  I, unfortunately, have a very uncommon last name in a mid-sized town--imagine how hard it would be for a business to track me down if they wanted to?  It's not even like I leave horribly negative feedback, I am an adult and I leave professional feedback.  If I have been seriously scammed or dissatisfied with my service, how am I to warn other potential customers now without the fear of verbal/financial/physical repercussions?  Yelp.  I suppose that's how.
(unknown) 10/10/13 10:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 10/10/13 11:11 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? npg500 10/11/13 10:46 PM
I've just got an update from Google: If I understood this correct they are changeing their Terms and Conditions and will allow the user to select the level of anonymity (e.g. with or w/o picture/name). This is going to be effective from the 11th of November.
I really hope they've learned their lesson. We will see it after 11/11.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? npg500 10/11/13 10:52 PM
But reading it again it probably means only they do not use your name and picture in socialized ads unless you want that. Thank you Google for at least letting us decide that. /sarcasm off.
Anonymous Reviews? AshleeB 10/18/13 3:54 AM
I was wondering the same thing. Have us sign in under our account but then allow us to change the name. That way one person can't make multiple fake reviews and the truly concerned citizen can make a comment without fear of retribution. Fix this google or you are going to lose lots of people.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Chad Sweeney 10/19/13 6:23 PM
I think the obvious answer to your question is this: If you give a bad review to a company (who remember, is run by people) and leave your full name, you are completely opening yourself up to harassment.  Understand now?  Perhaps in your world, you wouldn't have an issue with leaving your address or telephone number either?  
Re: Anonymous Reviews? AshleeB 10/20/13 11:48 AM
Well as for me I wanted to review a place on a military instillation. I worry with me leaving a full name it may come back as a negative thing for my husband. But the place really needs to know they need work and if I can spare someone else from the same frustrations I would be happy.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ithinkikan 10/26/13 11:33 AM
If a review is not the best but constructive ,
Having your identity show seems ok. It is understandable that if you are being extremely mean you want to hide your identity.  If you want to inform a company so that they can improve, you can always send an anonymous letter. Or if you feel somehow endangered, such as the military comment. In writing a review, I always consider how I would feel in receiving the review. Would it help me improve or just destroy me. I guess it depends on your intention when leaving a review. Mostly, I leave a review when I am thrilled by a great experience or want to share something good.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ithinkikan 10/26/13 11:33 AM
Re: Anonymous Reviews? DarkRitualist 10/27/13 11:39 AM
You can still circumvent the system by creating a fake google account, sign in to your fake account and write the review.  This proves that Google's effort to force us to use our real names doesn't work if we really want to remain anonymous to write our reviews.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? pvevans80 11/7/13 1:23 PM
My reasoning is because I want to leave a bad review for my apartment complex. If I post it with my full name they can and will retaliate. I would rather not piss off someone who has free access to my apartment. Or could cause me many other problems. They deserve their "bad" review. But I don’t think I should have to open myself up to their harassment. All I want to do is warn others NOT to rent here
Re: Anonymous Reviews? GaReNi 11/9/13 10:04 AM
I'm done leaving reviews until its fixed.
(unknown) 11/13/13 2:48 AM <This message has been deleted.>
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? LaurensPi 11/26/13 4:28 AM
I really understand what you mean, this is unacceptable...

Sometimes a see unfair reviews from "a google user", which could be the employee or owner or whatever.... But then I want to respond with only my FirstName and that's not possible....

A possibility could be, like I mentioned, to -at least- have the possibility to post your first name...But preferably a nickname
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Chris1166 12/9/13 6:36 AM
So.. has anyone from Google addressed this? or are we just left to complain amongst ourselves here?
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 12/9/13 9:57 AM
Chris there is nothings to "address" from Google. It was their decision to no more allow anonymous reviews.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Chris1166 12/9/13 10:47 AM

I might be wrong, but I don't think it's difficult to believe that Google might consider changing policies or discussing rationale with customers.  They've done it in the past for other issues.  Do you think that I'm being unreasonable? Question mark?
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ChWalker 12/9/13 10:55 AM
Google wants all users to create fake accounts for leaving reviews.  It doesn't seem logical, but that's the way it is.  One day they will hopefully realize how absurd the current system is.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? jang geun gulk 12/27/13 10:18 PM
Before that you must choose the Best Product Review Writing  Services for your reviews, after that don't use your real name it may be quite difficult to you.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tmd63 1/4/14 2:11 PM
I have tried to create a review and I have been stopped from doing so. I have a google+ account and I am logged in, but every time I get to the point of 'Add a new review' and the button has the link of 'void(0)'. But nothing happens.
Has Google stopped allowing reviews????
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 1/4/14 2:26 PM
it should have the linkage "javascript:void(0)" - this would be pretty normal.and triggering the javascript behind the link.

I can't see yet any specific reason for doing nothings when clicking the link on your end.
But couple of days ago I posted a reveiw and I just  tried it minutes ago on a US business and got no problems.

Would recommend you should try an other browser at first - just in case!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? David Nance 1/5/14 8:43 AM
The most accurate review a facility can have is one given by an employee that works there... If that review isn't 5 stars the employer can fire you. If I have to put my name on my review I cant be honest with it.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? thispersonhere 3/26/14 11:42 AM
I have a similar problem, but from the side of the business owner.  I had to fire an employee for theft.  They tried to claim unemployment, I contested, and they lost. One year to the date of their firing a review was left on, saying "Was treated poorly after years of loyalty to his practice. He is more interested in money than the care of his patients".  I closed the account, but Google somehow picked up that review, and lists it as being left by the anonymous "a google user".  I have tried to flag the review, but there is NO way to have it removed as far as I can tell.  This is a small example of a huge problem - anonymous reviews left by competitors, and disgruntled former employees (who may have been fired for cause).  The courts in Vermont recently judged that the anonymous nature of a negative review can be challenged - in the case of a business owner who was having negative reviews left by a competitor, and wanted to sue.  From the reviewers side, yes, it is nice to review anonymously.  From the business owner side, it is not a good thing at all.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? muncyweb 4/3/14 11:27 AM
Add me to the list. I would wish for the functionality to be added to Google to allow anonymous reviews. I do not want a Google Plus account. As a result of Google's recent requirements for commenting and reviews, I have also stopped utilizing the comment section on YouTube. Google is essentially eliminating anyone who believes in privacy from being a participant in their large web ecosystem.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? george schaaf 4/27/14 5:55 AM
You have a very dangerous attitude. If you think the only reason someone would want to remain anonymous is because they are writing an UNFAIR review then you clearly do not think straight and reasonable. Some people don't want the business that just gave them extremely poor service trying to contact them and harass them further. I personally don't write bad reviews until I have given the business a chance to fix the problem, if they only want to fix the problem because they see I wrote a bad review on them then they don't deserve to be able to contact me because I have already given them the chance to fix the wrong and they didn't. Aside from that advertising everyone's name on their reviews is just bad business practice. A reviewer may have a  legitimately bad review, that doesn't mean he/she wants their name plastered to it. Do you want potential employers and the like to be able to see every bad review you ever wrote? A nickname would serve the same purpose. People could see who is spamming bad reviews by looking at the NICKNAME, not the real name, same result just better means. SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? BurnedHomeowner 5/12/14 11:52 AM
I am a homeowner who went through costly legal proceedings to hold a home remodel contractor responsible for wrongdoings. In the end, having settled out of court, there is no public record other than the initial filing of the law suit against the business. Aside from my posting reviews & photos, the general public would remain unaware of the risks involved in doing business with this company.

This company's attorneys have threatened me more than once with legal action for my posts. The company got my personal information from sites that expose their reviewers to this kind of bullying from a business. They needed that information as their proof to go after me & no one else they had wronged the same way. They even warned my spouse against writing reviews on the company. Another victim of this company contacted me, but after learning of the company's threats against me, was afraid to share their story any further, even with government agencies or home remodeling associations. 

This company has far more money than we do & can force me into a position where I may need to hire an attorney. They can drag the legal process on for years costing me $$$$ in legal fees along the way, then drop the lawsuit before it goes to court. It was described by my attorney as a cost a business is willing to incur for doing bad business & buy an undeserved spotless reputation. Their wallet is bigger than yours, POOF, you are gone. 

Do a web search for sites that offer to help business owners clean up their reputations. Read about their strategies to have only positive reviews show up in a search. Read what they suggest doing to customers that have written negative reviews.  The #1 thing they need is proof that you wrote the review, then the intimidation of the reviewer can begin. 

Re: Anonymous Reviews? tmd63 5/13/14 7:24 AM
Hey Burned.
Why not beat the company at their own game.
If they start a legal action against you, you just reciprocate the action. For defamation of character. Only you dont drop the legal case before it gets to court, and charge the company for ALL your legal costs, including all the costs to defend yourself against their action.
If you are in the right, you can come out of it, winning the case, getting your money back, and compensation.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Rywill 5/23/14 10:19 PM
Another vote for "let us post anonymous reviews."  I'm a criminal prosecutor, and if you think I am going to post a review of my kid's preschool under my real name, you are crazy.  
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Concerned citizenn 5/24/14 11:30 AM
Hey dude my son works at a place called sportsman bar in west field WI. The owner told him 10 months ago  he was going to get the hood fan fixed above the grill, one of the deep fryers fixed so it was proper temp. many, other things."My son said to me mom when I put in my notice I told him the icing on the cake was watching him steal my tips" I asked my son if your cooking why would you be getting tips? He said the owner sits at the bar with the waitresses he only hires exactly the same body type, they don't wait on anyone but him. Customers come in wait start to get pissed because no one takes there order so he goes and takes it so he can have something to cook, order comes up he yells order up it will sit and get cold because the waitresses are still sitting at the bar so he takes the food out before it gets gets cold. He said when the customers leave the owner runs over and grabs the tips. My son gave  two weeks notice to be fair he told the owner he had it with the lies of repairs and watching him stealing his tips for 10 months. My son is ethical he wont cook food that could make someone 'ILL or possibly KILL them. He told the owner if its fixed he will stay. Its stupid a prime spot up by a casino, major places to fish and the Wisconsin Dells. The guy could be making money hand over fist hes to lazy. He has the place for sale what a joke. From what I hear he cant keep anyone working for him because its not safe or sanitary. The only reason hes not shut down is the health inspector is incompetent. He will sucker another kid into working for him promising the same thing he has to all those kids that really wanted to work. Its to bad because there are are 2 out of 4 people working there he really will miss. My son told him for 10months he watched him stealing his tips. the owners reply was the other cook didnt come and get them so he just asumed that he didn't want them either. My son said that the owner was trying to be sneaky he would lean over the table like he was going to bus it slip the money in his pocket then slink away. My son would have to come out and bus the table and dish wash. So the kid is a waiter, cook, bus person, dishwasher,.

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:20:56 PM UTC-5, MB-CBS wrote:
Mike and everybody else who wants to remain ANON. Why? If you stand by your review and you have taken the time and consideration to be FAIR and REASONABLE with you review then I don't understand why you want to remain protected as ANON. I have no issue with using a handle like here in this forum, but only if you can click on this to send a direct message to the poster and have access (in a way that also protects the user, process for access) to their full legal name so that issues of actual slander can be easily dealt with between the parties with a simple retraction or removal of a slanderous posts before the need to initiating proceedings. Speaking for Myself as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how I could redress (fix the issue), improve (try to learn and not repeat) and provide better service. Hopefully they would return as a customer and eventually post a positive review. I generally find if you engage with disgruntled customers and address their issues they will eventually become loyal to your business because you take them seriously and they know if a problem arises you are willing to sort it out.

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:20:56 PM UTC-5, MB-CBS wrote:
Mike and everybody else who wants to remain ANON. Why? If you stand by your review and you have taken the time and consideration to be FAIR and REASONABLE with you review then I don't understand why you want to remain protected as ANON. I have no issue with using a handle like here in this forum, but only if you can click on this to send a direct message to the poster and have access (in a way that also protects the user, process for access) to their full legal name so that issues of actual slander can be easily dealt with between the parties with a simple retraction or removal of a slanderous posts before the need to initiating proceedings. Speaking for Myself as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how I could redress (fix the issue), improve (try to learn and not repeat) and provide better service. Hopefully they would return as a customer and eventually post a positive review. I generally find if you engage with disgruntled customers and address their issues they will eventually become loyal to your business because you take them seriously and they know if a problem arises you are willing to sort it out.

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:20:56 PM UTC-5, MB-CBS wrote:
Mike and everybody else who wants to remain ANON. Why? If you stand by your review and you have taken the time and consideration to be FAIR and REASONABLE with you review then I don't understand why you want to remain protected as ANON. I have no issue with using a handle like here in this forum, but only if you can click on this to send a direct message to the poster and have access (in a way that also protects the user, process for access) to their full legal name so that issues of actual slander can be easily dealt with between the parties with a simple retraction or removal of a slanderous posts before the need to initiating proceedings. Speaking for Myself as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how I could redress (fix the issue), improve (try to learn and not repeat) and provide better service. Hopefully they would return as a customer and eventually post a positive review. I generally find if you engage with disgruntled customers and address their issues they will eventually become loyal to your business because you take them seriously and they know if a problem arises you are willing to sort it out.

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:20:56 PM UTC-5, MB-CBS wrote:
Mike and everybody else who wants to remain ANON. Why? If you stand by your review and you have taken the time and consideration to be FAIR and REASONABLE with you review then I don't understand why you want to remain protected as ANON. I have no issue with using a handle like here in this forum, but only if you can click on this to send a direct message to the poster and have access (in a way that also protects the user, process for access) to their full legal name so that issues of actual slander can be easily dealt with between the parties with a simple retraction or removal of a slanderous posts before the need to initiating proceedings. Speaking for Myself as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how I could redress (fix the issue), improve (try to learn and not repeat) and provide better service. Hopefully they would return as a customer and eventually post a positive review. I generally find if you engage with disgruntled customers and address their issues they will eventually become loyal to your business because you take them seriously and they know if a problem arises you are willing to sort it out.

On Sunday, July 15, 2012 7:20:56 PM UTC-5, MB-CBS wrote:
Mike and everybody else who wants to remain ANON. Why? If you stand by your review and you have taken the time and consideration to be FAIR and REASONABLE with you review then I don't understand why you want to remain protected as ANON. I have no issue with using a handle like here in this forum, but only if you can click on this to send a direct message to the poster and have access (in a way that also protects the user, process for access) to their full legal name so that issues of actual slander can be easily dealt with between the parties with a simple retraction or removal of a slanderous posts before the need to initiating proceedings. Speaking for Myself as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how I could redress (fix the issue), improve (try to learn and not repeat) and provide better service. Hopefully they would return as a customer and eventually post a positive review. I generally find if you engage with disgruntled customers and address their issues they will eventually become loyal to your business because you take them seriously and they know if a problem arises you are willing to sort it out.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? npg500 7/16/14 1:15 AM
Google changed their name policy on Google +

Does this also apply to maps or not?

Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 7/16/14 1:27 AM
not really,

you now can create a profile named as "blablabla" or "George W Bush" and reviewing "The White House" it should appear as review posted  by "blablabla" or "George W Bush"
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tripleteamed 7/30/14 5:39 PM
Agreed, this is lame.  I experienced terrible service by a business, but want to remain anonymous.  I'm still unable to provide anonymous feedback on google maps businesses.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? David Malucci 9/1/14 4:50 PM
I just began writing a review, noticed the; Google+ Local reviews and photos are publicly visible on the web under the name XXX and gave up writing the review.  Whether it good or bad I just don't feel comfortable getting my full name broadcast on the internet. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? nismo2491 9/9/14 6:06 PM
I agree 100 % ii want to leave a good review for a competitor and can't for fear I'll get fired off my bboss knew i went there.  Sorry for tips typos  . Apparently Google hasn't fired fired figured out how to make backside backspace'b ahem work  . Sms sSame smh goog le
Re: Anonymous Reviews? buc19 9/14/14 5:27 PM
Def not posting reviews and the feedback on apps will suffer because of google's useless policy of showing full name on reviews
Re: Anonymous Reviews? NumeroBurnso 9/17/14 6:25 AM
Have you fixed this yet google?  This is so ridiculous.  Yes, you are trying to protect fake review.  but at the same time you have less than 3 for reviews for businesses that have been aroud for 10+ years.  FIX THIS!!!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Faigy Topp 9/17/14 4:34 PM
I'll explain to you the reason. 
Because for example, we were very disappointed with the service of a certain business and warned them that we will give a bad review if they don't fix the situation. 
They didn't fix the situation. Instead when my husband came in the next 2x they treated him kindly and then handed him a copy of the review and told him very sternly that he better get his wife to remove the rating. I refused to remove it since that situation has yet to be cleared. And now he's refusing to finish up with my husband's current issue until I remove the rating. 
If I were able to do it under anon, he wouldn't know it was specifically me. 
Now I need to rate a specific dr and I'm using my old acct because I don't want my name associated. Not that I plan to use him again. Ever. But I just don't need that. There is no reason why Google can't link it to our profiles for their internal use only. 
Honestly, I can technically still rate a dr 3x by going into my multiple accounts. (business, old personal, new personal, husband's new, husband's old) 

Re: Anonymous Reviews? L'Amore Wedding & Event Planners 10/6/14 8:43 AM
I so completely agree!! If you have a legitimate reason to leave a negative review, but want to do that anonymously you should be able too. 

On the other hand, Google needs to be diligent about the way they handle reviews as well.  They do not properly check out the reviewer, when a company questions a bad review. Some of these are written by competitors or people that the company had to stop doing business with, because of their lack of professionalism, honesty, etc.  

If Google won't take down a negative review that is in question, (and there are even be legal orders against), they should, at the very least allow anonymous reviews.  
Re: Anonymous Reviews? AJWL 10/6/14 8:55 AM
We have so many problems with Google in regards to reviews. They should let people post anonymously or with user or nicknames, as long as they can somehow still verify that it is legitmate. 

On the other hand, they do allow illegitimate and illegal reviews to stay up, even once there's been a legal order of it to be removed.  I can't figure out why I can't find a class action suit addressing all of this somewhere.  They way they handle reviews--in both directions, is horrible. Haven't found any other site that allows lies, (that they refuse to take down), to be posted by competitors, but not legitimate anonymous reviews.  

I think they're whole Google+ system needs to be revamped and they have to find a better way to handle review posting. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Jamiwiho@&$ 10/6/14 1:20 PM
Well no google reviews from me until I can use an alias. I just don't want my name out there positive or negative.
Anonymous Reviews? tzone 10/7/14 6:34 AM
On a true note the alternative to google review is an app called livenightout which will let you post anonymous reviews of businesses using alias. Check it out at : Available on the iOS and android app as well. We should always have to freedom to share our experiences at a business without being afraid of repercussions.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tammy wade 10/11/14 7:13 AM
if you are going to review someone you need to say who you are because if what you say is liabel you can and should be sued  ......keep in mind if you say something with the intent to do damage it is LIABLE even if it is true 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Jamiwiho@&$ 10/14/14 6:39 PM
I have no issues with liability. I stand to my review and would be ready to answer any questions from the business or their lawyer.
What I do not like is that the whole world can trace where I went to dinner and when - therefore the alias.I don't want my name posted on the internet with the exception of maybe my linkedin profile and official press releases. (No, I am not using facebook)

Re: Anonymous Reviews? G Adam 10/19/14 2:58 PM
I agree with this. I'd like to start leaving reviews of places I've visited (nearly always positive) but I'd prefer that the entire world didn't know where I buy my clothes from or where and when I last ate out.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Rohit Malik | 10/30/14 9:32 PM
Not fixed till now?
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Shanon of the Keep 11/3/14 5:02 AM
I just went through this,  i posted a review for a restaurant that warned people that they their red sauces are not vegetarian and a waitress from the restaurant tracked me down and reprimanded me for leaving the review...........
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? Warren Serrano 12/16/14 7:07 PM
I just deleted my review on a very crooked company for fear of retribution from the company.  I wish I could leave my review up and I'm positive that there would be more negative reviews against these guys but no one is leaving them b/c they are big dudes who can probably hurt you.  Instead, more people will naively call these guys for service and getting cheated out of money just like me. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? bHereNow 12/18/14 6:02 PM
Agreed. This is rediculous.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Adam Paradise 12/31/14 9:03 PM
Harming your pets? That shit is definately illegal bud. Highly doubt you have to fear for your pets safety...  But I definitely get the point about anonymity... Don't always want people to know what Mr anonymous is viewing lol Just own up to your fetishes perv
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Adam Paradise 12/31/14 9:04 PM
Re: Anonymous Reviews? flanders flanders flanders flanders flanders flaps 1/6/15 7:34 AM
That seems like the biggest problem to me: Using your real name makes it easy for stalking, harassment, blacklisting, and more. People who have to give up their privacy automatically start censoring themselves.

Google is opting for a sterile, nice, dishonest environment full of politically doublespeak... where honesty should be king.
Welcome to 1984.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Crazy_Madness 1/18/15 8:43 AM
I want to leave a review of a dance instructor who injured my knee for bad teachings... That is a public service, however this is BS as I am trying to avoid future issues to other people.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tammy wade 1/24/15 5:41 PM
the point is there are places to do that (complain) like the BBB when you "personally"  damage some ones lively hood you are liable .
if the instructor is really doing something wrong the authority's can take care of it, but "YOU" aren't necessarily an expert and MAY have misunderstood some aspect of the training  and if you miss represent what happened you have harmed a companies reputation all for not   
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Wanna Be Anomynous 2/2/15 6:11 PM
That is not an obvious problem, obviously each account can simply be allowed to only post one review, just without displaying the owners name.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Joey Jilly 2/13/15 1:11 PM
i agree
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tammy wade 2/13/15 2:23 PM
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? Elizabeth Hediger 2/17/15 8:47 AM
I will give you an example of why people want to remain anonymous sometimes. My story for example, I want to post a review of the company I rent from, but if they see my name on there, they WILL start harrasssing me and I cant afford to get kicked out of my place, but I also want to warn people because I have had so many problems with these people. Just because I dont want them to know who I am, doesnt mean my post isnt "fair" "true" or "reasonable". These people are not the kind of people who would want to contact you to fix the problem, they are the type of people to make your life hell. (which they do without negative posts). Just wanted to give you an insite as to why people may want to remain hidden.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Crazy_Madness 2/17/15 10:46 AM
This is total BS...Everyone as a citizens have freedom of speak their mind and give a stupid review regardless of destroying the credibility of whoever. It is what democracy is all about, however twisted people take the criticizes and don't improve themselves which is what on the positive side should do. On the contrary they take it against the person that spoke. Legal or not legal Google is not in the power to control this as if a legal suit starsts Google will see themselves in the responsibility to display the user and IP address if they are subpoena.

On that front Google covers their backs... It is upon the user to display their names or not regardless of the situation not upon google.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Gobsheet 2/20/15 3:05 AM
Like many others, I've simply stopped reviewing now that my full name and picture are public.  I also don't particularly want my reviews to be readily visible to my G+ contacts.  I don't review so that friends can see how many I've done.  I'm happy that they are just linked to a nickname.  Very importantly, that does not make them completely anonymous.  Anyone making abusive or inappropriate reviews can still be tracked, if needed.  Allow nicknames, and I'll start reviewing again.  That seems to be a view of many on here.  
For the record, this is my opinion.  If some are happy to have their name linked to reviews, that's fine but I'm not happy with it for me.  Polite request.......please don't reply challenging my opinion.  Leave your own......hopefully that makes sense!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? signe10 3/2/15 4:06 PM
I agree. I'm not posting a review on Google + because I don't want my full name used. It's a positive reivew so I have no concerns about upsetting the business owners. I ust don't want my full name on the web in that way. Period. I'm posting on Yelp instead. Google may want to rethink this decision. They're forcing folks away....
(unknown) 3/13/15 12:49 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Wesley Smith DDS 3/19/15 7:42 AM
I am trying to find out how I can change the reviews that automatically pop up when the name of our business is googled. We have a lot of great reviews but the two that are displayed are the only negative reviews! It bothers me greatly.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? treebles 3/19/15 11:04 AM
Hello Wesley,
I am afraid that it is something that the business owners cannot change or influence, it is up to the Local algorithms to decide which ones to pop-up first.
However, the two reviews are actually only one that it was split in two making it look like two independent reviews. This is a known bug that was escalated to Google but apparently they have not fixed yet.
I will escalate the matter to Google employees.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Jade W 3/20/15 3:23 PM
Thanks for the heads up, treebles.

@Wesley Smith DDS, thanks for your post and feedback. Right now, review snippets don't necessarily come from different reviews. I have passed on the feedback to the team that this display may be confusing. Thanks. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? H Ru 3/29/15 5:48 AM
I went to a few amazing restaurants and want to leave great reviews for them on Google maps but do not want any personal information associated with my review. I don't even have a Google+ and don't want to want to make one,  so now I will not write a review.  This is a pity. Some places are just so good and I want to share my positive experience but Google messed it up.
(unknown) 4/3/15 11:49 PM <This message has been deleted.>
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Anonymous Reviews? Alison McFarland 4/18/15 4:10 AM
Wow. This has been an issue since 2012 and google still hasnt done anything to fix it? Maybe google needs a bad review now.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 4/18/15 7:07 AM
Alison that's  not an "issue" but an intention - their intention. 

Feel free to review Google here:  Google+ page
Re: Anonymous Reviews? lesterrz 5/8/15 9:38 AM
I understand the reasoning behind this policy- trying to discourage people from writing untruthful reviews and such. But I don't even want my positive reviews to show up under my name! Believe me, I would LOVE to write a thorough, raving review of my psychologist. She's wonderful. But I don't want my prospective employers to Google me and find out I see a therapist. That doesn't tend to leave a great impression, no matter how genuine and kind the review was.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Dianne Worchestky 5/13/15 12:25 PM
I have not established a google+ profile and the review I wanted to leave would have my name associated with it. I'm sure this new practice will discourage many from leaving reviews. I'll turn to Angie's List. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? vikqwerty 5/25/15 8:03 AM
I've just deleted my G+ profile because of this.  I can't really figure out why I didn't delete it ages ago.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Flash Tsquare 5/28/15 6:48 AM
I just posted a negative review, under an alternate (fictitious) name, rating a restaurant 2+. Google seems to have published my review but changed the rating to 5+. Looking at other reviews, I see multiple instances of bad reviews combined with 5+ ratings. It seems that Google reviews are pretty much useless.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ts8769 6/1/15 7:20 PM
To reinterante,is it possible or not to leave an anonymous review?  I cant figure out how to do it without creating a false google plus profile.  Please advise.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 6/2/15 1:28 AM
All reviews can posted from a personal G+ profile or a G+ business page only

Re: Anonymous Reviews? IMNancyC 7/13/15 6:40 PM
I tuned in to this as of 7/13/15.  I was doing something last week involving a review on a client Google+ page. I wish I'd have taken the time to jot down a note as to exactly what I did to find.. but...

I was absolutely logged in to my Google profile.  When getting ready to share what ever it was I was doing - maybe a review - can't remember, I saw a link or a pop-up asking how I wished my name to appear. (I think I was given a few options - my name as it appears in both of my Gmail accounts, the ability to use only an initial - in both the first and last name fields.).  The message specifically said "... how you wish your name to appear...". Can't find ANYTHING remotely close today, now that I need it for client instructions for their patient privacy.  (Also a huge downer!! I'm a marketer trying to help my clients get reviews posted to Google. Patients in medical practices, clients for attorneys - really prefer some privacy. They don't seem to have a problem with first name and last initial, but they do NOT want their last names to appear.)

If I find it again, and believe me.. still looking, I'll update the thread.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 7/14/15 1:48 AM
If I find it again, and believe me.. still looking, I'll update the thread.

Its described in here (under "Important tips for Google+ profile names"): 
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? Fred Sohlberg 7/16/15 5:51 AM
If you look at this issue from a local business perspective (they would like to know who reviews them, so they can determine if someone leaving a review is a customer of theirs or not, especially when people leave them bad reviews).

I am at the moment trying to help a local business get a false, and malicious review removed. My client have looked through their whole customer database, and what work was carries out for this reviewer, and was unable to identify them. We are now working on getting the review removed from Google (which is no easy task).

If anyone could leave anonymous reviews, it would make it even harder for local businesses to know if a bad review was done by a true customer, or just by a competitor attempting to pose as a customer, in order to steal business from them. The issue for businesses has existed since 2006.

At the same time, I can understand if someone who leaves a review for a Doctor, or a Psychiatrist, would not want their reviews to be shown.

I guess the best way that Google could solve this is:
- Let a reviewer choose if they want their name to be seen by ALL, or only by the Business Owner (possibly allow anonymity in case of loansharks, extreme organisations, and religious fanatics, where Google would need to be an intermediary between business owner and reviewer).

This way, a person can leave a review which is anonymous, though not to the business owner.

Do you think that some of you would start leaving reviews, if this was an option?

Comment, and if give a thumbs up if you agree, and Google might listen..

/Fred Sohlberg, Idun Marketing, Reputation Marketing Expert
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Re: Anonymous Reviews? Migznyc 7/23/15 12:31 PM
They need to take a cue from Amazon. You can post with your real name or a pseudo name. At the end of the day, real names are PRIVATE information and if an individual wishes to hide their true identity behind initials or an avatar they have every right to. None of these reasons for the contrary respect an individual's right to choose how they manage their online persona. In the case of a slanderous review with no merit, a connection to the real profile would still exist, which makes allowances for the culprit to be tracked down if need be. There is no "need" for a real name to be published, there should be an option to choose.
Kittie Foster 8/5/15 9:27 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 8/9/15 12:52 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? budthebusman 8/17/15 4:01 PM
I will use YELP for all my future reviews
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Saturn852 9/2/15 9:52 AM
I really wish I could comment anonymously, but now I can't. Google CEOs, please give us the ability to anonymously comment again.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Brandi Cruz 9/2/15 8:20 PM
You can go into your google plus and change the name that published to your account... Its under the profile tab in the left corner

Re: Anonymous Reviews? RichardEJLund 9/5/15 3:40 AM
Hi Brandi Cruz. Can you give more details on how to find that please? Thanks.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 9/5/15 3:50 AM
Re: Anonymous Reviews? RichardEJLund 9/8/15 4:05 AM
Thank you that is very helpful. R.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? blujaded 6/15/12 12:47 PM
I'm seeing the same thing.  I don't want my full name associated with the reviews I submit.  I've gone along with google's privacy grab so far, but this is ridiculous.  I tried signing out, but it will only allow me to post a review if I'm signed in.  I guess I will have to cancel my google + profile.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? _C_ 6/18/12 10:28 AM
I agree.

I don't want my name on my reviews.
A couple months ago there was a way to change your reviewer name to what ever you like, now for those old reviews it shows my full name WTF+ google.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? JDea 6/25/12 5:18 PM
I am very discouraged about posting reviews now, and I feel as though it was a big mistake to publish my full name.  I wish i can put a nickname. fail.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? googlermostly 6/26/12 2:16 PM
+1 from me.  I like reviewing, but I don't want every Tom, Dick and Jane on the web to see me and my review.  I'd be better with a nickname and you could see all my nick name's comments with out having to worry about harassment from a disgruntled vendor.  A place I do business would treat me worse if I really express my feelings.  Same things with contractors, they know where you live and did a terrible job.  I'd leave a note to warn others, but don't want that contractor coming and robbing me or harming my pets.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? JDea 6/26/12 2:28 PM
They are having a fireside chat on Thursday about google+ platform, and I've mentioned the review privacy as a concern
Re: Anonymous Reviews? electric fury 7/3/12 6:06 AM
These are news items that maybe the reason the change, legal action - 

its not an answer, just might be the reason. also see 

Appeals Court Upholds $150K in Punitive Damages for 3 Fake Reviews

or search: google places review court case
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Mr.Goblin 7/5/12 2:20 AM
The obvious problem is that if you have a guy post multiple reviews anonymously you have now way of knowing it is the same person or a way of verifying it is a real person not a fabricated one.  However on the flip side someone who would like to make a review that would either warn people or encourage a change in the store will not come forward if he cannot protect himself from retribution.  A very tough position,  I suggest if it is a matter of public safety you should go to the authorities and report your issue.  If you feel this has not gone far enough a public warning is needed make another google+ account that has no personal information what so ever in display and use this as your protective shield.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? RTsc 7/13/12 9:20 AM
I agee! I do not want my original name and picture posted with every review on Google! If that had to be the case I'd review for New York Times instead!!!! Just would like to post reviews with a nickname!! Is it too much to askk GOOOGLE!!!!!!!!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? MikeY1234567 7/14/12 6:53 AM
I think that google should defiantly track who makes reviews, but to post the persons name and picture for the world to see is a bad idea.  I'm done making reviews until this is fixed.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? MB-CBS 7/15/12 5:20 PM
Mike and everybody else who wants to remain ANON. Why? If you stand by your review and you have taken the time and consideration to be FAIR and REASONABLE with you review then I don't understand why you want to remain protected as ANON. I have no issue with using a handle like here in this forum, but only if you can click on this to send a direct message to the poster and have access (in a way that also protects the user, process for access) to their full legal name so that issues of actual slander can be easily dealt with between the parties with a simple retraction or removal of a slanderous posts before the need to initiating proceedings. Speaking for Myself as a business owner I would want to make contact with a poster of a negative review and find out how I could redress (fix the issue), improve (try to learn and not repeat) and provide better service. Hopefully they would return as a customer and eventually post a positive review. I generally find if you engage with disgruntled customers and address their issues they will eventually become loyal to your business because you take them seriously and they know if a problem arises you are willing to sort it out.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? AnonymousCoward123 7/16/12 11:05 AM
There are plenty of good reasons for wanting to post anonymously.
For example:  There exist people that are hiding from abusive and dangerous individuals.  Why should they have to sacrifice their privacy with regard to where they visit to be able to participate in reviewing businesses online?
Another example:  To avoid discrimination.  What if the poster doesn't want to disclose the fact that they frequent various halal grocery stores for fear of being targeted or discriminated against by people with anti-Muslim sentiments?

Basically, privacy is still valuable to some people, and just because there exists a percentage of people that don't care about privacy doesn't mean everyone should not care about privacy.

Also, they irony of you posting under an anonymous name "MB-CBS" is not lost on me.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? nix3r 7/26/12 12:37 AM
I am in a similar situation. I think anonymous reviews are a must, in order for people to avoid discriminatory practices. For example, I give a negative review which they then read and from then on refuse my business.

If official hotel, restaurant etc. reviews are conducted anonymously, I don't see a case for google against anonymity.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? kellix 7/28/12 2:24 PM
I would like to write a positve review for my physician but I cannot, because GOOGLE wants me to use my real name. I do not want it under my real name because I don't want people to know my email address, or honestly that it was me that did it. I think its fine for google to know this info if they need to track someone down for a review, but I don't think they need to post your real name. Most sites let you do it under a assumed name EXCEPT Google. You have my email adddress, that all you need.
Make changes please.
Eric Sockwell  
Re: Anonymous Reviews? relx 8/3/12 7:00 AM
When I noticed this, I stopped leaving reviews as well and I'm sure I'm not alone.  I wonder how many reviews go unwritten now because of this.

I'm interested in knowing Google's reasoning for this.  I think the best solution would be providing a check box on the review form that writes "Associate with Google+".  If checked, it does exactly what it does now.  If unchecked, you can choose a new or predefined nick name that has zero affiliation with your Google+ account and profile picture.

Google will obviously always know who the review was associated with with is FINE, but businesses and the ENTIRE WORLD should NOT!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Darth Squirtle the Grey 8/3/12 10:40 PM
I'm no longer using Google's review system due to this issue. I will never review through google again until I am able to post without my picture or real name showing. I don't care if I have to use a Nickname (we already use nicknames in the forums, so come on google, get with it) or if I have to remain anonymous and there be an option to "hide all anonymous reviews" due to their credibility. Some places I review don't always get five stars and the owners don't need to see my face and legal name, especially if I'm giving them a really negative review.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tzone 8/5/12 4:50 PM mobile app/mobile site allows you to anonymously post and read live reviews as well as engage in real-time chat conversations with other night lifers around you.
It can be used in nightclubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, and social events.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? kiter matt 8/5/12 5:24 PM
I'm in full agreement with what other users have been saying here.  There is no reason why would shouldn't be able to post under a nickname.  I would like to review positive reviews anoymously as well as negative reviews.  I feel this is an area where Google should improve.  Businesses would get more reviews and google would generate a lot more traffic for Google Local if you could review anonymously.

Google please re think this decision.  I know you are trying to promote and integrate google plus into all products, but reviews are not an area where you should be forces to use your profile.  Please give people that choice.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Bennyboy11 8/9/12 6:14 PM
There is no question that reviews should be anonymous.  For some businesses this is a 100% no brainer.  Take a counsellor/therapist for example.  Or how about a family lawyer? or defence attorney?  Lol, Google.  This is not only foolish but counter productive.  
I'm an adult, so I'll leave an honest review, and not just respond solely based on my emotional state.  Do you think someone is going to leave a review for the therapist that helped them through depression if it's not anonymous?  Fat chance.  They SHOULD leave a review, but there is no question that they should be allowed to have anonymity. 
Like others have been saying I don't want to leave a negative review with my real name and picture either.  I don't want to be tracked down by some bum restaurant owner (for a call or G+ message, etc.).  You do realize that could very easily happen, right?  Maybe they'll give me free vouchers.  Maybe they'll harrass me.  Anyway, if anyone really wants to they can just make a fake account and post reviews from there.  So this move doesn't seem to solve ANY problems, though it does make some unfortunate ones.
Come on Google.
Jase RobertskajpokC 8/9/15 11:56 AM <This message has been deleted.>
jones jerome 9/27/15 9:26 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? shawn latorre 10/2/15 10:31 AM
I'd like to join a buying and selling forum, but my gmail address gives my full name.  This can be problematic as I DO NOT want buyers showing up at my house.  If I can't create another GMAIL address using some cute moniker, is there another email service that you folks might recommend?  I've not been happy with my first name/last name showing up all over either--it seems as though it could be linked to another, less obvious GMAIL address..... 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Not sharing my name now 10/2/15 1:06 PM
I was just threatened after writing a review and my boss was contacted as well; threatening me at my place of employ- this is harrassment and you have exposed me to it when I engaged my freedom of speech and I would like contact with yout legal department.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Not sharing my name now 10/2/15 1:07 PM
Becuase after a bad experiance I wrote a review then got personnally threathened by the owner and my place of work was contacted and threatened too- what recourse do I have. Sharing your opinion shouldn't be dangerous
Standagainstklonopin 10/13/15 3:05 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Standagainstklonopin 10/13/15 3:18 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Anonymoussssssssssssssssss 10/19/15 6:10 PM
My below review I left on Googleplex with 1 star. 

I am not sure where I can post this review so I went here. I just want to be able to post a review and remain anonymous. I have a rare last name and would like to post a review of a business that has treated me bad. I do not necessarily need them to be able to single me out as the bad review by associating it with my name and picture. Also if I wanted to recommend a specific doctor (say a proctologist helped me out) I can not do so unless I tell the world I have hemorrhoids..then google my name and forever more everyone thinks I have hemorrhoids...
Now I have changed my Google + name just to post reviews... That sucks..I wish I could use my nickname like on youtube... Your policy protects businesses from bad reviews by shaming people into not posting.. lets say a doctor touched me inappropriately...the list goes on....I will be using other review sites.
First Name Anonymous
Last Name 1
Linked to my real E-mail forever...I don't need G+.
Yes, I could have created a fake E-mail address with a fake name but I don't see why I need to for one review.
I only leave negative reviews if things are really, really, wrong just to try to save other people.
I left one star here to get your attention. Reviews gets 1 star while most of Google is 4 stars and the search engine gets 5 stars.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? massagemaiden 11/12/15 8:12 PM
Can you believe this F'ing crap???!!!  I wanted to post a review about Lifetime Fitness forcing a pedophile that was PUBLICLY arrested (at their Scottsdale location by Homeland Security) upon my minor child to take swim lessons from.  My poor child saw this on the web and recognized the person's face and saw the headlines!  We were floored to say the least.  My child was deeply affected by this.  When I tried to reach out to the corporation they passed me back to the local place to speak with club director, R. Molica.  This person tells me to put in writing what my needs are to address their open and accepted cooperation with Homeland Security. Molica stated Homeland Security told them to not reveal to anyone they had an undercover (sting) operation going on to catch someone they believed was operating a pedophilia ring!  I told him IMMEDIATELY that I wanted nothing else to do with LTF and I wanted the 3 or 4 months of fees paid out fully refunded.  My child suffered from social exposure.  LTF exposed my child to someone they knowingly and openly thought believed was running an illegal ring organized to harm children! This was in operation BEFORE I showed up to enroll my child in lessons at the Scottsdale club!  I was overwhelmed by all of this and decided to take care of my child as a priority above all else.  A few months went by and the organization starts coming after me for continued billing.  I finally called R. Molica, general manager, and he told me I was offered a 50% discount of fees.  He said he was real sorry about my kid but I needed to work with their collections people to clear the amount due.  Why would I want this information public so someone can come traumatize us as continued victims?  When I approached him about clearing what he states is owed, he hung up on me.  I am ready to sue!  Even if I can't win against that multi conglomerate, I can at least let someone else know about their misdeeds.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Matt Southwell 11/13/15 1:39 PM
i know this thread is very old but is there anyone who might see this who was fired from a doctor for a google review even when he ACTUALY did mess up my back worse with the 2nd injection and when I told him about . I was yelled at saying I was ruining his rep but he has 8 reviews all are 1 star and one was from an emergency e.r doctor who was also mistreated , I the any legal recourse for such treatment? I would very much like to hear from someone who has experience with this. Thanks.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Evgueni Tzvetanov 11/21/15 8:49 AM
I am with you guys. This is ridiculous -- Google is the only company that forces you to display your full name when you do a review. I have so many things to say about certain cervices in my area, but I am reluctant to share, knowing that my name will be fully exposed.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? balu chokka 11/25/15 9:09 PM
How can we remove my restaurants reviews in google map is it possible??

Re: Anonymous Reviews? ehg 11/26/15 1:14 AM
Nope balu
its not possible
Re: Anonymous Reviews? KAT401 12/1/15 11:53 AM
I'm so glad I finally found this thread!  I combed through the Google setting pages to find out how I could get my nickname to show up (instead of my real name) on app reviews but couldn't find anything on it.  Now I know why...b/c Google doesn't let you!  And apparently Google doesn't want you to know that, either.  The thread didn't come up when I searched the forum via Google account help pages. I had to do a regular Google search to find it.  Anyway, I join my voice in SOOO MANY OF YOU to say that it is ridiculous that Google does not give users the option to use a nickname (or be anonymous) to post reviews.  I have not been able to rate any apps because I do not want my real name to appear. That makes me sad b/c good developers deserve good reviews.  BUT (as an FYI to those who don't understand why so many people hesitate to use their real names)...I do not want the whole world to be able to find out which apps I use (or have tried using) on my phone or local businesses I have dealt with. It's personal info that I want to keep private. It's a basic privacy issue.  I see how old and long this thread is and with so many people raising this issue, Google is still not budging...UNBELIEVABLE!!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Nickname please 12/28/15 10:57 AM
In most reviews, I'm totally fine with adding my full name. However, I've recently had some plastic surgery and would really prefer using a nickname to ensure more privacy. I'm not comfortable sharing something so private with the world. I would love to leave a glowing review for my surgeon but will have to find other channels to do so. Incidentally, there are currently no reviews regarding her practice on Google. This could be a coincidence or there are others with the same thoughts.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Michael Notsaying 1/16/16 4:23 AM
2 days ago i posted a review for a hotel i stayed at. Today i tried to do the same for somewhere i just ate but it wouldnt let me. I put "Notsaying" as my sir name and it still wouldnt let me post due to "add full name".

Cant be bothered trying another fake name. It was usefull while it lasted but i'm not leaving my name all over the internet so no more reviews.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? dayar 1/31/16 12:43 PM
Its terrible to publish my full name on reviews - Google got this one wrong. Shame on you google, you cannot shove Google + and all those crap to the users forcefully.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Pamela Lusk 2/7/16 9:50 AM
I think it's important to have the person's first and last name on Google reviews, as I have seen it first hand where someone owns a business and certain people that are jealous of either the business owner or the people working for them, will post rotten mean Reviews purposefully to harm their business and/ or reputations of the people working for them!! So at least their full name is disclosed perhaps because of a possible lawsuit that could have happen. Believe me this stuff happens all the time and has nothing to do with actually making a correct review for others to learn by but only happens because of jealousy. So sad!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Sin'Jin 2/14/16 5:03 PM
@Pamela Lusk

Some level of security needs to exist. As is, how would you like if a person was offended by you, intentional or not, decided to track you down?  With your full name, it would is rather easy to do.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Fred Sohlberg 2/18/16 4:52 AM
I understand both @PamelaLusk and @Sin'Jin, and @MichaelNotsaying, and @NicknamePlease...
For a business it is important to be able to identify a reviewer, not for the sake of hunting them down, but to be able to verify that it is an actual customer, rather than a disgruntled former employee, or a competitor trying to vote your business down. Why this is important is because someone leaving a review without having done business with you, is against the Terms & Conditions to Google Reviews, also you have to have done business yourself, rather than review on behalf of someone else. For the business owner, they can (in the case of false reviews) contact Google and ask them to remove the reviews, as they violated their terms & conditions. For the UK there is an additional way, where you get a Lawyer (Solicitor) to write a formal letter to Google, requesting further contact information of the reviewer. Either Google shares that information, or they HAVE to take the review down, by law.. I have not had to do this for my business yet, but might need to resort to it for my clients.

For a customer (reviewer) on the other hand, it can sometimes be in their interest to hide their identity. Especially when you have dealt with a Cowboy outfit, and you are afraid of them going after you with threats etc. If you think the business owner might come threatening you, then you should probably stay away from reviewing them. There are however other ways of getting it known, though you need some SEO knowledge in order for your anonymous reviews to end up on the first page of Google (beside their Google+ listing), just to make sure that your voice is heard, without the business being able to go after you. I would not advise anyone to do this, and if you happen to be a business client of the offending business, it might be time to cancel your relationship, and work with the Pareto principle, rather than spending 80% of your energy on those Cowboys..

For someone like @Nickname Please, who does not want to share with the whole world that they have done plastic surgery, there needs to be a way to give a good review for the Surgeon, so other people can get advise. I would like Google to make it possible to leave semi-private reviews, for places like Doctors Surgeries, where the real name can still be seen by the Doctor (so they can determine if it is a real of fake review). Same if you have seen a doctor about a VD.. Nothing you would want to share across the web, right?

@MichaelNotsaying, why are you so afraid of letting people know that you stayed at a certain Hotel, and you found it bad, or good? Unless you stayed there while having an affair??

All the best, and lets hope Google wakes up to make it possible with semi-private reviews....

/Fred, your Reputation Expert
Re: Anonymous Reviews? whyumadtho? 2/24/16 11:02 PM
Why do people need to let you basically track them down if they leave a bad review? Demanding access to their full legal name is excessive and creepy. Accept the fact that you failed that customer in some way and don't chalk it up to "slander". What a baby
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Mykdee311 2/26/16 11:37 AM
had a dealership refuse to perform a recall, because i had previously submitted a poor review about the dealership. now i remember why they got a poor review. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? saurabhkumar9 2/29/16 10:38 AM
Here is my own experience to add to this conversation - In my hometown, I was once looking for a local (but major national) bank branch. I found one quite near to my home and went their walking. Google Map shows it as a branch location, complete with a bank door photograph. When I reached there, I found it was not a bank at all.  It was some other business, which was perhaps associated to the bank, but not a bank branch at all. I thought Ill leave a review of the same, and would suggest Google Map correct this listing. I also took a photograph of the exterior of the shop to submit to google map to help other people like me. BUT, as soon as i took photograph, he shop guy came out yelling and tried to bully me in and tried to get me inside the shop asking hundreds of questions and trying to intimidate me. Now I more want to leave the review and share this actual shop front photograph, but am worried he will know my specifics, name and photograph and I don't want him making trouble for my family. The photograph I took was from outside his shop, so that would make it from a public place in a shopping complex, so I don't see why i cannot take a photograph and leave a review, unlike what he was saying. Still, I would prefer in this case if I could upload anonymous review and upload his shop photograph anonymously. I am OK if Google sees I uploaded the photograph, but I would not want general public to know the same too.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Jan Bornholdt 3/8/16 8:43 PM
I'm totally fine with disclosing to the business that i reviewed who i am, but i find it absolutely pointless that i have to reveal to the rest of the world reading the reviews who i am. I've recently been asked by my doctor to write him a review and while i was very happy with the service and results i don't want to disclose to people that might know me that i have undergone a certain procedure. 

Yelp allows this and their entire business is based around reviews. If google want to get serious around reviews (aside from Restaurants) they should seriously reconsider this policy. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? YLC76 3/21/16 5:49 AM
I'd like (at least some of) my reviews to be anonymous or to use my nickname. If I need to leave a critical review for a business that I'll visit again, I'd rather NOT have my first and last name permanently listed in their google search results page.
This is the first forum post I write and I'm surprised you can change your name, even to a totally made up one, here in on the forums but you cant do it for reviews.
I agree that reviewers should take ownership of what they write but there should still be some level of privacy. If google doesn't change this I'll stop reviewing places and adding info, photos, etc
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tammy wade 3/21/16 11:41 AM
I think the point is you never "NEED" to  leave a critical review for a business ...if you are having a real problem with a  business there are proper channels to go through like the BBB one should be judge jury and executioner   
Re: Anonymous Reviews? YLC76 3/21/16 12:18 PM
Who said anything about being judge jury and executioner?? I would to share my experiences with others without necessarily being identified by the business owner or anybody closely associated with them. I'm sure that getting a rude reply or finding a hair in my soup doesn't really qualify for a formal complaint with a consumer protection agency (i.e. the BBB which I had to look because 5.7bn of us don't actually live in the US of A)
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tammy wade 3/21/16 2:27 PM
1...if you leave a critical review...this make you a judge (most likely not qualified)   .2...the fact that you and you alone decide how sever the statement is makes you a jury...  .3 ...and the damage you create for a  business (that is someone's or more lively hood ) makes you the executioner
you are also making every thing cost more because the  business must now spend to fix the damage ...
it is unfortunate but you can do 1000 things correct and 1 thing wrong and all people remember is the 1 mistake
the final point is  anonymity is far to powerful a drug for the mean people of this world so it a person can't put there name on it they should not say anything
Re: Anonymous Reviews? george schaaf 3/21/16 2:43 PM
Tammy Wade, you are wrong on so many levels. If you want to quell free speech go live in North Korea. You sound like a rude business owner who doesn't want to be held accountable.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? george schaaf 3/21/16 2:43 PM
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tammy wade 3/21/16 6:23 PM
George I in no way want to  "quell free speech" ever if you say something liable you need to be sued how dos one do that if your not man enough to say who you are ....say what you want to I don't care but don't hide behind a wall of anonymity that is not what   free speech  is about ... 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tesuji 3/23/16 2:41 PM
Uh, reprisals
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tesuji 3/23/16 2:53 PM
Google, please let me leave anonymous reviews on Google Maps. I recently moved to a small town, and there's no way I'm putting my name on a review. But people need to know that, for example, the only ISP in town here sucks, as does the self storage company I'm using. 

People should be free to post reviews without fearing bad consequences. I find the reviews very helpful, but your policy is causing people not to post them.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Migznyc 3/23/16 8:54 PM
So glad to see this thread still active after all these years but sad that Google has yet to acknowledge the need to protect its users privacy. To the user claiming one should contact the BBB, thats not quite the point of leaving a short review on a business or service you've frequented now is it? I think that would actually be even more damaging. You're missing the point here. Google reviews offer a quick way for someone to see what past patrons' experience was like and then quickly form their own opinion on the spot. If a place has gotten 12 bad reviews and only 1 good one then you'd proceed with caution. These reviews are already linked to users so if for some reason they needed to be contacted by Google, that can be done. Its asinine to force users to post their full names. It even borders on dangerous to the user depending where they are, such as the case with the person who just moved to a small town. Makes no sense.
Anonymous Reviews? Gerard Ferguson 3/24/16 2:29 PM
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Gerard Ferguson 3/24/16 2:29 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Anonymous Reviews? Gerard Ferguson 3/24/16 2:29 PM
Gerard Ferguson 3/24/16 2:29 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Sarah Mathen 3/27/16 5:39 AM
True. Google reviews is absolute bull. You have to make sure that these reviews are atleast true. Most of them are by people who have no clue what is even the organization that they're reviewing. I will inform everyone to not rely on Google Reviews. It is absolutely unbelievable. Never have I ever encountered something created by Google that is this stupid since Google Wave. Very sorry Google, but this is such a disappointment. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Scotty Cunningham 4/4/16 4:23 PM
I feel they should just put your first name or a nickname. They could still have it linked to your profile so you could only do one review per profile, or to cut back from competitor reviews. Too many users are unfair with their reviews. Be reasonable and put the reasons why you leave a review.  I almost disregard reviews people make at one star because they are just pissed about something stupid and didn't warrant that bad of a review. Still, I don't like the idea of my name and photo and any review, good or bad. If I had a bad experience, I actually tell the management to their face. I use these reviews to help other users see good and bad, not to hurt any place of business. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Daryl Romrell 4/7/16 11:26 AM
I agree 100%
Google didn't think about real life interaction, like this.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Daryl Romrell 4/7/16 11:32 AM
Have you ever considered the shady contractor that someone has dealt with, and would not stand behind a decent resolution.
Maybe someone doesnt want nasty retribution from this contractor. But would like to give people a fair warning.
Not everyone is as zealous at making things right as you are MC-CBS.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? The Heat 007 4/7/16 11:11 PM
Google, I would strongly suggest to allow reviewers to choose a name other than their real identity in order to post a publicly displayed business or service review. I am all for verifying the fact that those are real people writing, not some creep hiding behind a temporarily created ID. for instance, one can apply for one pseudo name per account and let him/her maintain it for the remaining of the active account. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? treebles 4/8/16 4:58 AM
Google has not required a real name for several years now, even before the removal of the requirement of a Google+ profile to write a review.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? ILoveBurgers 4/8/16 6:01 PM
Wow Tammy- you are indeed wrong in many levels. Rating a business and sharing a negative experience is not libel by any stretch of the imagination if it's true!! Would you really sue a legit person of they posted a negative review of your business? Someone made the North Korea reference above and suing someone for disagreeing with you and posting a negative experience at your business is very North Korea-ish IMO.

Ironic how when we're posting here Google gives us the option to link or unlink our Google+ profile and change our display name. LOL.

Re: Anonymous Reviews? MedicMac 4/22/16 12:04 PM
I do not want my real name next to a review for a Psychiatrist office. I am a professional in a stressful job. I can not have my name out there for everyone and anyone to see. It isn't anyone's business. I do want to tell people about the provider and how much she helped me but no real names, please! I could be ostracized by my peers and lose opportunities for promotion because sometimes, life overwhelms. Especially when holding someone's life in your hands.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? V E Burke 6/12/16 3:31 PM
Got to say those guys were fast, fair, on time, I got my first 3 day of cool air sleep. My wife loves me now. Tell that young man Evan He made my weekend. I would have paid twice what he charged. Glad I did not say that. A Freon leak on a 1 year old unit. glad it had the new Freon. 7 lbs of Freon filter dryer and repair the leak we could here was $780.00. If AC had the old Freon the Freon would make the ticket about double.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Charmaine Olivierioa 6/14/16 11:09 AM
No.  Google doesn't believe in privacy.  They like to let everyone know your real name and personal information so if you dare write a review, business owners will be able to harass and stalk you.
This message has been hidden because it was flagged for abuse.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Emma Kbbbb 7/1/16 10:43 AM
I am in an industry in which my clients would like to remain confidential. However, my business's web presence suffers because our clients do not feel comfortable writing posts that display their names. Does anyone have any advice for addressing this problem? 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? RichardEJLund 7/21/16 4:58 AM
You can change your name to a pseudonym at but you would need to look into how this impacts other Google services. I read that 'if you have a Google+ profile, any changes you make to your info in About me or My Account will show up on your Google+ profile'. Fortunately for me I do not currently use any Google services where I need my real name to appear. So I should be able to leave reviews using my pseudonym. I will check this out.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Tim Kimball 7/23/16 8:08 AM
Lots of post,, but none with a resolution.  I am asking Google to allow me to post under a nickname or something other than my full name.  I have been harassed by people for writing a bad review and them having access to my full name.  Some of the statements bordered on threatening.  Simple solution,, let me post as a nickname.  This program wont even let me pick a nickname,, it put some in the nickname slot using my full name.  I know it cant be that tough to give us an option to have a nickname and hide our real information.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? h0lyd1v3r86 7/23/16 1:18 PM
I can understand your anger, but personally I've long since resigned from hope that Google will ever address this. They're far too concerned with chasing their moonshots and have long since lost traction of their user base. In the Google universe, there is no room for the merit of actually critical reviews and guarding the privacy of the sincere and truthful reviewer. They just don't want that. In their perfect world, they think a persons full identity on the Internet is perfectly safe and makes the statement authentic. They live in a bubble of Silicon Valley bliss.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? STVZ K 7/28/16 5:20 PM
this reply above made my day^
Re: Anonymous Reviews? RichardEJLund 8/5/16 3:59 AM
Additional to my comment on 21/7/16, a friend who is on gmail has told me that my name on emails to him now appears as my pseudonym rather than my real name. So there are consequences for this approach to anonymity. I have reverted to my real name and abandoned any plans to write reviews on Google.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Joe Rhodes 8/16/16 4:07 PM
log into your google account per a computer, then proceed to click " YOUR PERSONAL INFO" under the "PERSONAL INFO & PRIVACY" tab, Then select your name by clicking on it and you can then manipulate your "Screen Name" that is displayed to the Google universe. =) hope this helps!!!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Ethan Yim 8/16/16 5:26 PM
But then people in your circles won't know who you are. It has been said that you can connect a google plus page to your reviews and it will become the name of the google plus page- it works on youtube.
(unknown) 8/22/16 7:04 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Deepika Mehrotra 8/23/16 11:04 AM
I have no problem with my name being seen. But,my reviews can only been seen to me. and when I log out I can't see my reviews written for that business or place. Can anyone help me and tell me why is this happening?
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Gibhunter 10/4/16 7:15 AM
Why can I use my nickname here but have to use my real name on reviews?  I rarely give reviews now because of this.  There are several companies that have screwed me this year and I cannot leave reviews so others know because I still have to work with the companies and do not want warranty and other issues because of a negative review.  I am unable to be honest for fear of retaliation.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? PN+ 10/13/16 5:55 AM
Would be cool if ehg Robert use his brain before letting stupid replies.
"nobody enforces you to use Goolgle reviewing any business you like or don't like."

Dear Robert, if you could use your brain, you would find, by your own, that it's true for every business. The service is bad, so don't complain, and just don't use it. So Google local has totally no use...
 You are not even able to understand that some Google can change the rules. Imagine this case: once you let a review with a anonymous account, and then, after a while, the rules are changed, and your real name appears. You are not even able to imagine all the cases it can put you in very bad position for having let reviews under your real name. Threats, etc.

PS Put your real name, so angry users could phone you and tell you how stupid are your replies.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? DanAskingGoogle 11/10/16 3:38 PM
I am not Dan but my computer keeps automatically filling in this name when I try to post a review?  What gives?  ANd why is it automatically filled in yet not be me?
Re: Anonymous Reviews? therd3 11/14/16 9:41 PM
I just wrote a review for a bad app on the play store and then started reading other reviews and found all most all of the 5 star reviews were from "A google user" and after reading them realized they had no idea what they were reviewing. They were paid reviews! THIS was for Foscam security app and most thought it was a game & a lot just gave a 5 star review for an app that did not work. AND you could see that they all started on a single date when they decided to pay for reviews I assume. THIS anomalous reviews is not working due to people taking advantage of this pay for good anomalous reviews!
GET some balls people and stand behind your name and your reviews! I do! I wrote a bad review for a local restaurant and they told me not to come back unless I removed my review.  I wouldn't  remove it!  I have found better restaurants as a result!
Re: Anonymous Reviews? therd3 11/14/16 9:41 PM
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Fred Sohlberg 11/14/16 10:01 PM
Hi Therd3, Good for you! Most companies that try getting reviews for their business by paying people, or asking people who they know to review them fail, and you can very often spot those fake reviews from a mile away.

On the restaurant trying to get your to remove the review, did they do that on the review site, or contact you separately? Also, do you happen to have the name and location for that restaurant so I can check it out, please? I am looking for additional stories on how some businesses fail to provide a good service, even trying to use bullying when people don't happen to like them.

That restaurant failed, first when it provided you with a bad experience, and secondly when they tried to bully you into removing it.

Fred Sohlberg, Reputation Marketing Expert
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Fred Sohlberg 11/14/16 10:05 PM
Gibhunter, are you saying you are afraid to leave bad reviews because you think it will void any warranty you have on the goods or services you have bought from these companies? It sounds like some form or weird warranties then...
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Fred Sohlberg 11/14/16 10:13 PM
Hi Emma,

If you make sure you get the reviews in writing from your clients/customers and they state that you can use that review, then you could do the following (in order for them to maintain their anonymity).

You can use a service like HMA (Hide My Ass) where you can get a different IP address (i.e. computer address), so you appear to be from somewhere else than your business. You can then create a Google account on behalf of that client (but use a different name, so they cannot be identified), and post the review under that name.

If the reviews get removed you can then contact Google about it, and as you have an audit trail of the review to show Google that the review is genuine, they might let the reviews stay. As long as you have proof the reviews are genuine, they might let them stay. If you explain the reason why your clients don't want to share their name publicly.

This might solve your problem. Please let me know if it does.

/All the best
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Fred Sohlberg 11/14/16 10:24 PM

I don't think 1 bad review among 1000 good ones will make one difference to a company, unless they answer that bad review in a bad way. If they instead are apologetic and show a sincere willingness to address the issue, it then gets turned into a good one. So here the responsibility is just as much on the business as it is on the person reviewing that business.

I agree that anonymity makes some people do and say things they would not do and say if they would have to put their name to it. The way I deal with it is, If I cannot put my name to something, then I should not do or say it! I.e. Man Up, or Shut Up...

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Andrew McConnico 11/21/16 3:17 PM
This is absurd.  Would love to leave a positive review for a great business.  Will need to create a shadow account.  
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Betsy Feller 12/2/16 10:59 PM
Treebles commented that thewhole "anonymous" reviews help is no longer valid.  Here I was able to change my name as you can see, but I amtrying to write a review and it is not set up the same way. I can NOT change my name there. peace
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Betsy Feller 12/2/16 11:01 PM
I feel your pain.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? tasitsa 12/10/16 6:26 AM
I would like to be able to leave anonymous reviews too
does not seem relevant any more
Re: Anonymous Reviews? salb222 2/18/17 5:38 AM
Has anyone answered the question, what the Google "Nickname" setting is used for within Google Account?  There's a field for firstname/lastname and nickname, but nickname doesn't seem to be used anywhere, that I can find. Why bother adding a field within My Account if it's not going to be used? I too would like my Google Nickname used so I can leave reviews online without anyone seeing my full name. Even more puzzling is why this post uses a different name than my Google Reviews account. Very confusing.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? bangleys 2/28/17 6:58 AM
I think the "best answer" is incorrect.  From my personal experience, my username has been attached to my reviews and as a result, I've retracted and stop posting my reviews.  Last thing I want is retribution off the back of constructive criticism.. 
Re: Anonymous Reviews? MtnX 2/28/17 7:12 AM
From an identity theft standpoint it is a terrible idea to have real names attached to personal information found in reviews.  Something as benign sounding as reviewing the place you were married tells people you don't know publicly where you were married.. a common security question is "what town/city were you married?".  Same for a car dealership..  another common security question is "what was the make of your first car?" 

My primary fear is retaliation from a company I need to continue to work with, but identity theft is another layer to this.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Cache Valley Counseling 3/17/17 12:13 PM
I am trying to figure out how to assist my clients in leaving an anonymous review. Many of them aren't worried retaliation from me or anything but I am a marriage therapist and many people don't want the public to know they are attending counseling. Is there any possible way to leave an anonymous review? Even if it says "A google User" all of the tips/tricks I am finding for this are out of date and no longer valid. Anyone else have any suggestions?

tstevens719127 3/23/17 11:32 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Gabe Smithy 5/11/17 9:35 AM
You can easily do that by changing your name and profile pic. You can create a new account especially for leaving reviews. This however is still not perfect because anyone can click on your profile and see your other reviews, which gives a lot of information about you especially if it is unique. This is more of my concern.

My concern is more about someone being able to click on your profile (through your google map review) and being able to see your other reviews as well. There should be an option to disable this. Unfortunately I believe there is no such option:

This is from google:

Write a review or describe a place

On Google Maps, you can write reviews for places you’ve visited. Your reviews are public, so anyone can see what you write. You can’t add an anonymous review. 

Note: Google has a zero tolerance policy for fake reviews. We reserve the right to take down any review that we deem to be fake or which doesn’t comply with our user content and conduct policies.

Here are some other things that others will be able to see:

  • Your name that appears on your About me page
  • Other reviews you’ve written on Google Maps
  • Photos you’ve added to Google Maps

Re: Anonymous Reviews? Sharon Tenney 7/27/17 5:29 PM
As a female now retired from Law Enforcement, my concern is that the full name AND photo can easily be searched.  I am sure the people who decided on this were all males.  A woman has to be very careful about her personal information and GOOGLE ANNOUNCES THIS!  This is a liability issue on the part of Google.  There are many crazy people out there, and more things than you can imagine that doesn't hit the news.  WOMEN BEWARE!  Giving an anonymous review is one thing, and I think that should be private, too -- it is feedback for the vendor/provider.  But having our full names and photos on there is criminal!  Silicon Valley is ruled by men, and I know men who work there in high positions at big companies who have actually laughed about the lack of women (or none) and the lack of white people (or none), but mainly Chinese and Indian, all speaking in their native tongue.  Google doesn't seem to have its pants on right anymore.  Too many projects, too much secrecy, and, frankly, I think the search engine is kind of kaput in terms of interest.  As long as it is monetized, then it will be around -- otherwise, I think Google has a lot of other interests now that that they'd rather pursue.  BUT that does NOT release them from liability for MANDATING that one must put their personal information and make it public.  It is irresponsible, and I do believe that they will be held liable for some horrible crime done to an unwitting individual because Google cares more about the "business provider," rather than the true, human person who wants to share information with others but in doing so they are putting themselves in danger.  It's hard to believe they didn't think about that - the liability and risk of injury or fatality due to putting the entire name and photo online.  Oh, that's right -- they're men.  They have no idea what it's like to be a woman, and I'm sure they'd never listen to their wives or girlfriends, anyway. 
(unknown) 7/28/17 11:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Anonymous Reviews? Christine LaCava 9/15/17 12:38 PM
You can go into your profile and change your name. Apparently, you can change it 3 times in a 90 day period. I just changed mine to my initials.
Re: Anonymous Reviews? RichardEJLund 9/16/17 7:25 AM
I changed my name as Chrstine suggests to an alias but then I heard from a friend on gmail that my emails were being delivered to him as being from this alias rather than my real name, which he found confusing. So I had to change back to my real name again for that reason.
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