Overlays: Wildfires - Greece - Satellite Photos

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Overlays: Wildfires - Greece - Satellite Photos smokeonit 8/26/07 2:10 AM
(Overlay doesn't work in google maps, only google earth!)

What a tragedy! 63 (updated 30/08/2007) people died in Greece, 39 alone near the town of Zakháro. All over Greece more than 3000 have lost their homes and need shelter now. (This summer 12 people died in Italy from wildfires)

Preliminary count of property destroyed from thursday to sunday: €5 billion ($6.8 billion) property damage, 184.000 hectar (454,673 acres) of land burned down, 60,000 sheep and goats died miserably, 4.5 million olive trees burned down.

For Friday, 30/08/2007, the MODIS satellite photo shows all fires are extinguished!!!!

This is the overlay file for 25/08/2007. Just download the "View in Google Earth" file above and open in GE:

these are photos form greece:

Graphic images, please don't go ahead if you have problems viewing graphic images. The charred cars had human remains in them. The grieving people are NOT grieving over their cars, they're grieving for their Loved Ones! My deepest Sympathy and Condolences!

What amazes is that this is not the 1st year fires have been out of control! Most or all firefighters don't have fire protective gear and helicopters and planes do spill only water (sea/salt water that contaminates the earth for years!) NOT fire retardant on the fires... Since nobody is saying anything: Why is the greek government not better prepared for this inferno? I remember that last year almost the same headlines went through the media... Only this year a lot of people had to pay with their lives for this blatant display of incompetence!!!!!

historic olympic site:

Placemark: Zakháro, Greece. Location of horror... smokeonit 8/26/07 3:33 AM
(the kmz file is zipped, download it and then unzip in order to be able to open in google earth)

the death toll has risen to 63 (28/08/2007) in all of Greece!

39 bodies have been recovered in the vicinity of Zakháro, Greece, on the western part of the Peloponnese Peninsula. A mother and her 4 children aged 5 to 15 and another 3 children have been among those found at that location.

My condolences to the Families!
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Overlay: Greece Wildfires - Fire hotspots last 48h smokeonit 8/26/07 11:44 AM
Last picture in this post is included in the download link when you click on "view in google earth".

23/24/25 of august from left to right:

last 48h hotspots (source: maps.geog.umd.edu):
screenshot for illustration

this image is the attached file as an Overlay (go to the top of this post in order to download this Overlay, file is zipped, you have to unzip the file in order to view in google earth):
more pix: Platanos near Olympia, Greece smokeonit 8/26/07 2:41 PM
Platanos near Olympia, Greece:

police has to shut down access roads due to the flaming inferno near Olympia...:
Re: Overlay: Wildfires over Greece - Satellite Pho Chad_Lupkes 8/26/07 7:51 PM
Thanks for posting this!
more pix: Varvasena near Olympia, Greece smokeonit 8/27/07 10:16 AM
near Varvasena Farmers try to help themselves without any protective gear:

the same scene near Platanos. Civilians without any gear use regular water hoses to spray water:

a mother tries to get away near Platanos:

people are giving up. without the proper gear the war against the flames is lost:

near Frixa:
Overlay: Greece Wildfires - Satellite Aug. 27th smokeonit 8/27/07 10:42 AM
Overlay .kmz file is zipped. Please download the "view in google earth" link and unzip on your computer in order to view in google earth

Monday morning, Aug. 27th. The western peninsula is barely noticable under the layer of smoke. The City of Olympia is located in this region.

overlay preview:
Overlay: Greece Wildfires - Satellite Aug. 26th smokeonit 8/27/07 11:06 AM
source: NASA: Fires in Greece

1MB high resolution Overlay of yesterdays, Aug. 26th, satellite picture of Greece:

file is zipped, in order to open in google earth you have to download the "view in google earth" link, unzip file and then open in google earth.
Overlay: Greece Wildfires - Satellite Aug. 27th smokeonit 8/27/07 11:20 AM
source: NASA MODIS Terra Rapid Response

Overlay: 3MB 250m/pixel 4600x5200 super high resolution of today, Aug. 27th, satellite picture of Greece and neighboring countries (preview is smaller than the overlay, @ 1km/pixel):
preview of GE screenshot - greece wildfires: smokeonit 8/27/07 11:25 AM
red areas are still active fire hotspots
preview is the Overlay @ 3MB 250m/pixel 4600x5200 super high resolution of today, Aug. 27th.:
more pix, greece wildfires smokeonit 8/27/07 12:08 PM
near Xirohori:

Hill near Olympia:

neigboring town with crazy teen:
more pix, greece wildfires smokeonit 8/27/07 4:02 PM
Where to??? The house is gone...:

Leprio, Greece:

Time to go:

Fire crossing the street:

Varvasena, Greece:

Kapsala in Evia island, north of Athens:

near Olympia, Greece:

Kalamata, Greece:

Varsavania, Greece:

Platiana, Greece. Nothing left:

Platanos, Greece. Thick smoke leaves almost no daylight:
Re: more pix, greece wildfires HPS3002 8/28/07 2:19 AM
Thank you for posting these horrifying and stunning pictures – this is a true catastrophic event which will scar Greece for the rest of this century.

Any Society should be judged by the way it treats those that cannot help or defend themselves.
Greek Wildfires - MODIS Paths 'til next photo smokeonit 8/28/07 3:34 AM
as you can see @ 09:25 and 20:25 UTC the next MODIS satellite pictures will be shot. i don't know how long it takes NASA to actually post them on the MODIS website @ NASA MODIS Website:

It looks like that there's a 2-3h lag until the pictures get posted.
Overlay: Wildfires - Satellite Aug. 28th 9:20 UTC smokeonit 8/28/07 6:06 AM
Overlay is cropped. 250m/pixel. Photographed @ 9:20 UTC (Zulu), 11:20 CET, 5:20am EST.

Overlay preview @4km/pixel:

Download the "View in Google Earth" link, unzip and open in Google Earth.

PS: This overlay is not the most precise i have created. sorry for that... it is very distorted since NASA hasn't "cleaned" it up. they will clean it up and post it in the MODIS rapid response section. But for now this is the only satellite image available from this morning.
Analysis of Greece Overlay @ 28/08/07 9:20 UTC smokeonit 8/28/07 6:13 AM
still active fire spots:
Overlay Greece UPDATE True Color : Aug. 28th 9:20 smokeonit 8/28/07 6:43 AM
NASA just updated the daily MODIS rapid response page. Screenshot of true color overlay:
Overlay Greece UPDATE NVDI: Aug. 28th 9:20 UTC smokeonit 8/28/07 6:46 AM
NASA just updated the daily MODIS rapid response page. Screenshot of NVDI color overlay:

NVDI=Normalized Difference Vegetation Index. I think it means that the browner the less water the vegetation holds.
Overlay Greece UPDATE 721: Aug. 28th 9:20 UTC smokeonit 8/28/07 7:11 AM
NASA just updated the daily MODIS rapid response page. Screenshot of 721 color overlay:

721=721 band to RGB mapping.
Overlay Greece UPDATE MODIS 29/08/07 (update info) smokeonit 8/29/07 9:21 AM
Overlay is for the 29th, screenshot below from the 30th!

The overall situation has considerably improved and there's one wildfire left.

only 1 major fires is still active:

source: NASA MODIS Rapid Response
Re: Overlay: Greece Wildfires - Fire hotspots last G_Tsolakis 11/17/07 3:17 PM
Hello , smokeonit thank you for this excellent post, showing the situation in Greece. Today (its about three months from the dates the fires took place) we had heavy rainfall. Many houses were tored a part from water and stones. I guess maybe if the forest was stil in its place maybe that thing wouldnt happen.

I was wondering if you had saved the shape files from web fire mapper service then. I would make a service with a google mash up to show these places in google satellite maps. You can see a demo here with protected areas tilled over google sattelite maps :

Re: Overlay: Greece Wildfires - Fire hotspots last G_Tsolakis 11/17/07 5:19 PM
Dear smokeont,

i know its nice to get positive feedback...

As far as concerning the posts , i need to have the shape files of the data posted here.

All these red polygons shown on web fire mapper, are just shape files, files with .shp extension. Web fire mapper gives the opportunity to download these shp files, but only for the last 7 days. Which means that i ve missed my chance . I cannot anylonger download them since its been passing by three months

Is anyone here that has the shp files?
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