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Re: Lake Nyos--The Deadly Limnic Eruption

danescombe Mar 19, 2008 7:02 PM
Posted in group: The World of Danescombe (Moderated)
Scientist have now given this deadly phenomenon a name " Lake Overturn" "

' Killer Lakes'

This BBC 'Horizon' documentary investigates " Lake Overturn" " & its potential to cause massive human suffering.

Beneath the peaceful surface of this lake lurks a monster which has the power to wipe out the millions of people who live within its reach because deep in the bottom layers the water holds a sinister secret.

It's killed before, it can kill again.

Scientists are now in a race against time to stop this serial killer from striking once more

NOTE:- This is just the first 5 mins of the documentary. To watch the full length--Download the Voeh Video Player -- HERE
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