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Re: Active US ICBM launch facilities

deadeyeii Sep 21, 2007 11:38 PM
Posted in group: Military (Moderated)
Jim, here is the .kmz file for the Malmstrom AFB Minuteman III silos.

I got the map of the locations from, here:

And according to Malmstrom AFB's own website, they maintain a full 200 bird complement of Minuteman III's, all on active alert.
Malmstrom AFB 431st Space Wing Fact Sheet

All of this information is PUBLIC DOMAIN, so I don't want to hear about security violations! I'm a 20 yr U.S. Navy vet who has experience with security of "Special weapons". There is nothing classified about the locations of these facilities. All the countries that have any interest in the locations of these silos found that information out a long time ago, well before Google Earth came along.