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Not a UFO

Markopolo Jul 26, 2009 10:13 AM
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There is a place in the U.S. Nuclear Test Site facility which has been posted about extensively, and about which I was recently asked to explain in a PM. The previous placemarks no longer exist (I don't know why that is), so I thought I'd put one here so people can understand something about this location. First, let me post an image so you can see what is so interesting:

The object of interest appears (to some) to be a silvery-white circular UFO floating over the desert, casting it's black circular shadow to the lower-left. In addition, it is located in a secure U.S. military facility, which adds to the drama.

This cannot be a UFO, for two reasons: first, the black circular "shadow" is located to the SW of the white object. As we learned in high school science class, hopefully, the Earth is tilted in it's orbit by 23.44 degrees (see HERE for a supporting Wiki). This means that the sun never casts a shadow Southward at any point North of 23.44 degrees latitude, the Tropic of Cancer. The location in question has a latitude of 37.31N, well North of the Tropic of Cancer, ergo, the sun can never cast a shadow Southward of any object at this latitude. From this bit of information, we can conclude that whatever the black circular object is, it is NOT the shadow of the white circular object.

Second, in the GE database of imagery, there are actually two separate images of the same location, taken at different dates. The image above was taken on April 17th, 2006. Here is an image of the same location taken on August 18th, 1998:

The image isn't so clear, but both circular objects are clearly visible at the same location. So, whatever these objects are, they have been perfectly stationary for nearly 8 years.

My own personal guess is that these are two separate piles of powdery or granular construction or drilling materials. There are extensive construction and drilling sites at the NTS facility, and there are several similar piles of materials around the facility. Browse around yourself, you can find them if you look.
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