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nexus 7 WiFi issues

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nexus 7 WiFi issues Boatdog 6/26/14 7:53 AM
I have a 2013 nexus 7, WiFi only model. I upgraded to android 4.4.3 a few weeks ago and when I did I performed a factory reset. When I go to sleep and wake up the next morning to use my device, WiFi is turned off. I try to enable WiFi again in the settings but it is greyed out. I have to turn the tablet off and back on for WiFi to come back on. Recently I downloaded the android 4.4.4 update and the problem is still occurring. Has anyone experienced this problem or have any suggestions? I have called a tech support representative at Google and they didn't have any troubleshooting other than a factory reset, he then transferred me to Asus. They said I could send it in for repairs. I don't think its a hardware issue since the problems started when I upgraded to Android 4.4.3. Any input is appreciated.
Re: nexus 7 WiFi issues Jordi Rosello 6/26/14 8:07 AM
The same issue but in Nexus 5
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Re: nexus 7 WiFi issues Sergio Quiroa 6/30/14 6:01 PM
I have the same issue, please if you find out how to fix it let me know. 
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nexus 7 WiFi issues Boatdog 7/2/14 12:06 PM
I seemed to have discovered a fix. I had the app, battery reborn installed on my nexus 7 and configured it to turn off WiFi during night time hours, however it wouldn't turn WiFi back on when it was supposed to. I have disabled the night time feature in the app. I think the app just needs an update to work with 4.4.4. I will test it out again when the app gets updated. I hope this helps!
Re: nexus 7 WiFi issues sgt.dominicano 7/23/14 3:17 PM
I'm having same issues but still not resolved.  this is very fustrating, I have to keep reboting the device
Re: nexus 7 WiFi issues Ashishrocks41 7/30/14 12:15 AM
Even I have being facing this problem since I upgraded to 4.4.4, whenever my Nexus 7 2nd Wifi only goes to sleeping mode, wifi turns off and to keep my wifi on, either I have to plug in the charger or keep using my Tab. Its frustrating for regular internet user. I am in search of the solution since long time so plzzzzzz if anybody comes to know the solution, plzzzzzz keep us informed. Thank you
Re: nexus 7 WiFi issues Daniel_S. 7/30/14 7:57 AM
I had the same issue on my N7-2012 since 4.4 but it got much worse with 4.4.4: it used to be two or three times a month but now it is almost exactly once a day - I do some bed-time reading and see WiFi drop out, restart the tablet and usually see WiFi drop out again on the following night.