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Dropped calls since 4.4.2 update

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Dropped calls since 4.4.2 update Ramw 12/15/13 2:15 PM


I love my Nexus 5, but since the 4.4.2 update it drops 90% of calls when I phone people - to me it looks like the call is dropped instantly. On the receiver's phone, it shows as an instantly missed call.

This has happened with multiple people I have tried to call - can take up to 10 attempts before call actually goes through.

Any ideas?

Re: Dropped calls since 4.4.2 update mikegerbasio 12/15/13 2:37 PM
If you haven't tried to reboot your phone, that might be worth a shot. If that fails, try to boot in safe mode and see if that helps. Also try booting into recovery and wiping the cache. If all that fails, I'd call Google for support and be prepared to factory reset your phone as they'll probably ask you to do it.

What is you signal strength and signal (LTE/HSPA/GSM); I'm -95db LTE? Did you switch from Dalvik to ART virtual machines? Rooted? Stock OS? Some of that may not make a difference for your issue.

Re: Dropped calls since 4.4.2 update Karthikeyan Boopathy 12/15/13 8:29 PM
Hello.. i face the same issue after the android 4.4.2 update, call drops or caller could not hear me. And sometimes the phone doesnt ring. Please suggest some solution