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Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2)

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Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Chasher 12/10/13 11:17 AM
In Canada, after receiving 4.4.2 I was quiet happy because I thought they fixed some major bugs, and they have, but yet I am still Experiencing some really weird bugs...
I tried factory reset 15 times, tried manually updating, tried downgrasing to jellybean, same thing over and over, and tried living with it, all of them are annoying.
I been a nexus user just over a year and ever since kit Kat came about, its been ruining the nexus 4 phone.

Now ever since the update of 4.4.2 everything been perfect except two things for me...

Every time I use data from my service provider (virgin mobile Canada) it automatically disconnects me or shuts down my phone, I reboot, and the battery be 0% even before it would be fully charged.

Apparently with only 0% can get to 100% in 30 minutes of AC charging and I get through a few hours with it. Even idleing it dies within a few hours.

Sometimes when I reboot, I have to retype my WiFi password because it randomly forgets it

The battery censor isn't working well for me and neither is using my data, other than that things seem the way it should be.

Ever since kitkat came out, my nexus 4 been malfunctioning, I got a nexus 7 WiFi tablet with 4.4 and I get random stutter and lag using basic applications like chrome while scrolling , its 32G with 25 GB free so I barely have much on it.

When is Google going to get things right? This is very frustrsting, yes it was our choice to install it but its googles choice to release it as best as it can be. I don't think any nexus 4,5 user will be satisfied any time soon.

I tried everything I could find, factory reset through recovery mode, through settings, downgraded to jelly bean at one point, and also just did my 16th factory reset after installing 4.4.2 realizing that now I can't use my internet data through my cellular network. For some weird reason, I can tether it (share data,WiFi hotspot) but I can't use it on my nexus 4.

Thank you for your effort Google but please for future reference, the next major update, give it some time to test.

Random phone shut downs, battery dying quick or not reading properly, that's what I found so far, and not even 5 hours after the update this all happen to me.

Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Chasher 12/10/13 11:35 AM
Phone has NEVER been rooted or flashed ROMs, always been stock andriod.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Paul 12/10/13 4:33 PM
If you're experiencing these problems even after manually downgrading to Jelly Bean, I'm suspicious that there's a physical problem with your phone. I recommend contacting the place you purchased the device from and asking about warranty or repair service. If you purchased it directly from Google you can contact the Google Play Support Team here.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Chasher 12/10/13 4:45 PM
Well I don't think there is anything wrong with the phone, it was working before kitkat, and all of this started happening after the update was released, and I'm not the only one experiencing this, I got a ton of sources with other nexus users getting the same as me or even worse, who even tried the same solution as I did.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Chasher 12/10/13 7:00 PM
I called LG and they are the ones responsiable for the technical coding and Google is responsible for taking LG code and putting it with andriod, people are expererincing battery life is super short, celliar connection is disconnecting, and random shut downs, I'm glad to hear that its not physical damage but if they don't fix it soon, my battery will get physical damage.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Bruce Li San 12/13/13 3:03 PM
I am also having my battery drain super quick post 4.4.2, and apparently not charging well.  Last night phone got super hot in my pocket and i turned it off to charge - scared the thing would blow up on me...

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Charles Silveira 12/14/13 10:35 PM
After the 4.4.2 update, the front camera does not work correctly. On clicking a snap, you have to wait for at least 10 seconds before u can move, else the picture will be a mess, all blurry and looks like the post click software is merging everything captured during those 10 seconds. Really sad, when this comes from google.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Ali Chaudhary 12/14/13 11:27 PM
After updating to the latest android 4.4.2 my Music player is not working at all. I've tried other music players and they work just fine but the stock "play music" doesn't work. I hope Google can figure that out soon.
Ali Chaudhary
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Kate J 12/15/13 1:09 AM
I can't get Bluetooth to even switch on since upgrading to 4.4.2. When I slide the switch to On, it says "Connecting" but the message goes away very quickly and the switch slides back to Off. Very frustrating!

Btw - what on earth is the special screen for that you access by tapping multiple times on the Android version in the About screen? I thought it was a game but couldn't determine the logic behind it.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Livin970 12/15/13 12:29 PM
I am also having WiFi issues on my Nex4 since the 4.4.1. and 4.4.2 updates. First thing was that I seemed to be having to charge my phone more often. Thought it was just my imagination but a few days of paying close attention to the power meter, and then reading about these new KitKat issues confirmed that it indeed is discharging faster even though my phone use is light (my phone is idle much of the time). Secondly, just after KitKat update is when I started noticing my WIFI was being disabled, and can only be reactivated by rebooting the phone. This is also apparently a common problem that Nex4 owners are experiencing after KitKat update as evidence by the rapidly growing issues being logged on the internet. At this point, VERY discouraged because my phone worked great previously on Jellybean and wish I had not jumped on the OS updates. Now just at the mercy for Google to get busy and hope to see another update come along soon that hopefully will address these issues. And from what I've found while searching the net about these Kitkat issues, apparently I'm still somewhat lucky to only be having these couple of issues (as far as I know) compared to the list of other problems being reported. I sure hope Google is not becoming the 'new' Microsoft model of rushing OS changes out to users that are full of bugs. <frown>
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Andrew Parley 12/15/13 6:45 PM
My battery is apparently also crazy after the 4.4.2 update. It suddenly plunges to 1-2% without reason or warning. Phone will shut down. It can plunge to a few 5 and then go back up to 46% in an instant!I can have it plugging into AC charge overnight and it seems to only partly charge.
It does seem to behave normally if it charges through the USB on my PC. I am convinced this is simply a software issue introduced when I did the OTA upgrade to 4.4.2. I am unaware of any physical damage to the phone of any sort whatsoever.
Any ideas how to fix it google? LG?
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Benjamin Solberg 12/16/13 1:01 AM
Similar issue with WIFI on mine in that it will suddenly not connect to my Linksys AC router without a reboot.  Normally happens after a few hours of the WIFI being off and then I turn it back on.  I thought my WIFI network had died until I noticed that my N7 2012 was still connected and working fine (though it's WIFI never gets turned off).
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) hiralshah265 12/16/13 2:02 AM
I'm having the same issue. From 86% the battery suddenly plunges to 1-4% and the phone just shuts down. It wont restart unless i plug it into the charger.. After i charge it for a few mins (5-10 mins) and turn it on the battery has jumped back to where it was like 80%. There is no damage to the device. I have been facing this problem since the 4.4.2 upgrade only..
Google/ LG please help! Its really inconvenient when you're on the go.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) João Vargem 12/16/13 6:29 AM
Another one for the pile:
In my case I just noticed that my WiFi connection is broken.
The phone is apparently connected, but no internet accesses work.
This happens randomly and there's no way to force a fix. Not even rebooting.
After a random amount of time the connection is restored for a brief time until it breaks again.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Marc DH 12/16/13 6:26 PM
KitKat turned my favorite phone into a serious pain in the bum. I was hoping the update would fix issues but they're still prevalent.

Among the issues I can think of off hand.

1) Battery life and heating. Phone runs super hot now and battery life has been significantly shortened

2) Spotty bluetooth. I connect to my car and a few Bluetooth speakers. Both connections have horrible quality, my car disconnects all the time without warning now. Never had this issue before.

3) Glitches with 3rd party SMS programs. Outbox shows that I'm sending 2 of the same messages every time I text, even though multiple messages are not being sent. I use Go SMS Pro.

4) Mobile Hotspot Connectivity. Phone shows it's connected but when trying to access sites on my laptop I cannot get any site to work other than

I'm thinking a return to Jellybean may be in order. This has been horrible experience. I'm sure I'm forgetting some things but these are the issues that popped in my head.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Balente 12/17/13 2:14 PM
Every since the upgrade to KK, my Nexus 4 sucks! It was perfect before. Now it's just a lemon.  Email push works whenever, wi-fi connection is lost randomly, it takes forever to start up.  What a piece of rubbish upgrade they have come up with. 
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Raphael Rocha de Araujo 12/17/13 2:35 PM
The same thing here in Brasil.

Google, i need a phone that works!!
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Rob Keenan 12/18/13 2:37 AM
I'm also getting the stutter issue. Seems to occur when I've got more than four or five apps showing in the 'recent apps' list. The problem disappears if I remove them from the list, but this has to be done frequently. I presume it's a RAM issue. Hope it gets sorted.

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Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Dave P(UK) 12/18/13 3:03 AM
Similar problem, not getting wifi at all, either to my netgear router or wifi repeater. It spends ages authenticating, sometimes succeeds but then stalls obtaining ip address. Could get internet access through both router and repeater until 4.4.2. Have turned Nexus 4 off several times but no better. Access is normal and ok through laptop.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Raphael Rocha de Araujo 12/18/13 6:28 AM
Every time I use data from my service provider (Tim) i have my Nexus 4 turned off, and when i turn on the phone starts to reboot. The only solution is turn off the data conection. 

It's unacceptable the second release with so many bugs. I hope google fix it soon, this season we need our phone the most.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) therealzeldar 12/18/13 1:24 PM
I switched from a Galaxy Nexus to a Nexus 4 last January.  Since then I have had one serious problem with the N4, that being the Bluetooth turning off spontaneously and requiring a restart of the phone to get it to work again.  That BT problem seemed to have been fixed in 4.3.  Along with the awesome panorama camera feature that was added, I was loving this phone and the stability of 4.3.  Now that it has updated to 4.4 and then 4.4.2, the Bluetooth problem is back and I am getting very poor battery life.  Additionally, the Maps / GPS seems to be having problems finding a proper route to a destination.  ...and one other issue: Phone randomly goes dead.  It will be sitting there and the next time I pick it up it will not wake up.  I don't know if it is off or just dead but still on, but it is unusable.  I have to push and hold the power button a few times to get it to boot. Since I still have the Galaxy Nexus and it has not been updated to 4.4 (not 'eligible' luckily), it may be time to go back to my old phone.  I hope Google gets this problem solved.  The poor battery life and the Bluetooth problem are serious enough that I would dump the N4 phone if not resolved soon.  Can I just go back to 4.3 on my Nexus 4?????  Pleeeeezzzzeeee!
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Mjet 12/18/13 11:53 PM
I am also facing a number of issues in my nexus 4 ever since I upgraded to kitkat 4.4.2..... where to start from... the entire phone has become highly unstable... weird things are happening.... touch is not working properly... phone is hanging.... screen is blinking... My phone is still under warranty but I have no idea where to go for support... I could not contact goolge support because I haven't bought it thru playstore..... Anybody could help?
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) David Strachan 12/19/13 8:35 AM
Dear Google,

Thank you for updating my Nexus 4 phone. I was extremely happy with my Nexus 4 and use it extensively for listening  to music and podcasts via bluetooth headphones which also allow me to answer calls should i get any while doing this. I used to use an iPod to listen to stuff but the hassle of synching with iTunes and also pulling earbuds out to answer incoming calls was a pain. So with my New Nexus 4 phone I called it a day on my use of an iPod as I had a device that did everything i needed and did it well.

However since update 4.4.2 my phone is a piece of junk, the bluetooth keeps failing and only a reboot will fix it only to sometimes immediately break again. I cannot rely on being able to answer my phone while driving because bluetooth is not reliable. I cannot use as a device to listen to either podcasts or music as it keeps intermittently disconnecting only rarely reconnecting. How about having a method to try a new version of the O.S. but provide a method to go back to the previous one if either it does something I do not like or as in this case you make a complete horses arse of the test and release process.

This is not the first time I have had issues with the Google verse and if it is not fixed in a timely manner I will be leaving the google world behind as I do not like the fact that there is no way to contact this company to log any issues and get any information on progress towards a fix, and the fact that even with there own specified product they cannot be relied upon to provide software that actually works.

Can I go back to ver 4.3

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Raphael Rocha de Araujo 12/19/13 10:39 AM
LG is mending my smartphone now ... Only God knows when my nexus is back.
Here in Brazil the customer support is terrible and slow. Instead of exchanging the unit for a new  they attempt to fix them, and always turning back with news problems, So it is never cool. It all started after that damn update, my phone heated up a lot, hung alone shall often besides many reboots, all together damaged the motherboard.

Hey Google!!!...say something!!!
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) therealzeldar 12/19/13 12:43 PM
One other annoyance is the fact that the Cell signal and the WiFi indicators no longer change color to indicate the phone is able to contact Google, i.e. 'online'.  This makes it so you can't tell if your WiFi is a dead gateway.  All you can tell is that you have a great signal but can't get mail or access anything on the Internet.  It was so much better when it was blue to indicate you were online and white when you weren't.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Hasaan Zia 12/19/13 4:50 PM
Playstore no connection error and sync not working after kitkat 4.4.2 update on my nexus 7,pretty stressed i am now by trying again and again.fix it please
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) therealzeldar 12/19/13 11:00 PM
Switched back to my Galaxy Nexus tonight.  I never would have guessed I would need to swap phones to recover from a botched newer version of Android, but today was the last straw.  My car kept saying 'downloading' but the phone showed the Bluetooth was dead.  As usual, the only way to fix it is to power off the phone and back on and then it may only last a few minutes before it goes dead.  Also, the phone went dead again sitting on my desk.  I had to hold down the power button (presumably to power it off) and then hold it down again to power it back on.  Sheesh!  .  COME-ON LG and Google, fix our Nexus 4's!!  There are dozens and dozens of separate reports of these same problems from all over the planet.  If you can't do that, then dig out the code for 4.3 and release it as 4.4.3.  At least then we'd have stable phones again.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Ibrahim Showa 12/19/13 11:25 PM
Am from Nigeria a new convert to Nexus line of phone. I just get nexus 4 while waiting for my delivery of my Nexus5. I noticed immediately I upgrade my nexus 4 to 4.4.2 kitkat there is a significant drop rate in my cellular and mobile data connection. I thought is network so I tried same sim on gs3 and I didn't experience cellular or mobile data drop. So I did go a step further by comparing the network on my wife's s3 and nexus4 of Same network my nexus 4 was un-usable due to persistent drop in cellular and mobile data while my wife's didn't experience any drop at all. So it software issue that came with the kitkat 4.4.2 update.Another problem worthy of mentioning is the rate the battery depleted on kitkat is alarming. A full fully charged battery doesn't last more than three hours.
Ibrahim Showa 12/19/13 11:26 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Ibrahim Showa 12/19/13 11:29 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Ibrahim Showa 12/19/13 11:29 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Ibrahim Showa 12/19/13 11:45 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) HariKrishnan1 12/19/13 11:53 PM
Same issue with my nexus after 4.4.2 update. If mobile data is switched on , battery wont even last 2 hours.Once the battery goes down to 50-60% , and if someone calls me at that time ,the phone gets switched off.If I switch it on back again,the battery will shows 10-20% .It will get charged to 100% in 30 minutes.Again the same thing happens.

Couple of questions here.
My back case is  slightly broken?Will this cause such a misbehaviour?:O
The charger ratings are a standard .I have been using a cable provided for the Nokia phone to charge my nexus 4.Is this the cause for the issue?

Again , before kitkat , with the broken case and with the nokia charger , everything was working fine.

Hari Krishnan
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) NanduCh 12/19/13 11:57 PM
Even I am facing the same issue. Since 4.4.2 update I see my cellular signal strength is very low.
Settings -> Battery -> Cell Standby screen reports almost 40% time without signal whereas T-Mobile claims Excellent Signal strength in my area.
Our apartment is almost on to the road, not deeper in buildings. And I didn't notice any issues before update.
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Ibrahim Showa 12/20/13 3:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Ibrahim Showa 12/20/13 3:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Ibrahim Showa 12/20/13 3:40 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Zach Froats-crowder 12/23/13 3:29 AM
CHASHER, Well I'm also a nexus user .. Nexus 4, and I find that 4.4.2 update fixed many bugs but my phone has been slower than usual ... I thought it was my internet connection but then after a while my phone crashed and now it happens every ten minutes . so I'm just sitting here waiting for 4.4.3 to come out praying that it will fix my issue . I'm also experiencing similar issues to you as well.
Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) [email address] 12/23/13 9:12 AM
Yeah I have issues as well. My phone this morning actually was giving me trouble and the screen wasn't turning off when I charged it because the cord kept charging and disconnecting like repeatedly. I tried it again later and it charged NY phone so far...Another problem is that the front camera isn't working in terms that when I go to take a picture, the "switch camera" option doesn't show up. I pray 4.4.3 comes out and fixes my (yours, and everybody else's) problems
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) dudemanjg84 12/24/13 10:49 PM
Also seeing the Nexus 4 shutdown issue that others are reporting with 4.4.2.  Go to check phone and it is unresponsive/off.  Takes multiple long presses to get phone to restart.  Had not had any prior issues with the Nexus 4.  Had been running 4.4.2 since its release with no issues until the past 12 hours (4 random shutdowns).
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Cristian Alexe 12/25/13 9:57 AM

After updating my Nexus 4 the power button is crazy.
Sometimes is working properly and sometimes i push it 2 times to work.
It's not a hardware problem because before the update there was no problem and now sometimes is working flawless.

There is somebody with the same issue ?

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) HariKrishnan1 12/26/13 1:56 AM
I tried everything , finally decided to downgrade my nexus 4 from kitkat to 4.3 and now its stable. Hope this helps someone. 
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) vinil kumar 12/26/13 3:24 AM
Hey Hari, how did you downgrade? would be great if you could let me know the process.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Mjet 12/26/13 4:59 AM
My problems are sorted out after uninstalling truecaller app.... I am happy with phone again. I would suggest you guys to try uninstalling apps that may be conflicting with the latest android version
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) HariKrishnan1 12/26/13 5:06 AM
Downgrading is easy. Do it at your own risk. 

I just followed these steps

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) ------------- 12/26/13 9:10 AM
mine has had this kind of issue since i unpacked it. In most places here in Rome, the signal is so low i cannot even have a phone call.
My 3-years-old motorola could make phone calls almost everywhere with the same carrier.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Paul 12/26/13 10:00 AM
It looks like this discussion has drifted from its original question, and is now covering a rather broad set of questions. Although I certainly don't mind the general discussion about your Nexus 4 concerns, I do encourage you to search this forum for threads to post in that more specifically address your individual concerns as they may have been covered elsewhere.

Here are a couple of general troubleshooting steps. These might not address all of the concerns brought up in this discussion, but perhaps these will help some of you to pinpoint or resolve something:

Try starting your device in safe mode (instructions and info here) and not running any apps you've installed to test if one of them is causing the problem. If you don't experience the problem while in safe mode that's a good indication that an app you've installed is the source of your issue.

If you continue to experience this even in safe mode, try resetting your device by visiting Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset and then checking to see if the problem persists.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Raphael Rocha de Araujo 12/28/13 7:58 AM
I tried and nothing...still the same thing and now my phone is with Lg.

Google ande Lg needs to fix it soon, a phone that doesn`t work is good for nothing. 
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Paul Massicotte 12/28/13 11:44 AM
I must have gotten lucky with mine (Nexus 4 with Fido in Canada).  I haven't had any real issues with any if the updates.  I, like most, wish for a better battery life, but that's a personal usage thing as well. Some services and apps take more energy than others, which is obvious.
Thanks for continuously improving a great product Google!
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Paul Massicotte 12/28/13 12:14 PM
Hey all,  
I just read a tip that I never thought of.  If you're using Google Now, but not using "OK Google", turn off the "Hotword detection" selection under Voice in the Google Now menu.  Apparently (this makes sense..) the phone is constantly listening for those magical words- "OK Google" if it's not turned off.

Hope this helps!
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Hana Crew 12/29/13 4:18 AM
I email google to see what to do after all the "recommended" steps was taken to fix the phone this is their response:Since you have tried all the troubleshooting steps that we recommend, you are eligible for a warranty replacement.
A little bit of an inconvenience however you can always flash the phone back to older os.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Daniel Ingram 1/1/14 7:02 AM
This is exactly the issue I'm experiencing. Hope we get some help soon.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Paul Massicotte 1/1/14 1:18 PM
I had the connectivity issue between WiFi and my data network. I called my carrier, Fido (Canada), and they did something from their end. All I had to do was restart my phone and I've had no issues!  Give it a try.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) HariKrishnan1 1/2/14 1:43 AM
I started experiencing the battery drain and network loss even after downgrading.My happiness didn't last long :(.I had then gone to a LG service center and the guy says , it is a problem with the battery and will need replacement and currently stock is not available. He also said that many complaints are coming related to the same issue after the 4.4.2 update.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Dario Filizzola 1/3/14 3:46 AM
same problem here!
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Raphael Rocha de Araujo 1/3/14 6:27 PM
Mine is back...Lg changed the mainboard and it is on 4.3 again.
Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Lag Gi 1/11/14 1:55 PM
I had the same struggle.. Man, but now everything.. is great, after i changed the battery.. Three issue is in the battery.. My used to shocked me with the battery life and indicator.. But Noire's is peace try it man!!!👍👍👍
Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) vlahuede 1/13/14 3:08 PM
It is a shame for Google! My Nexus 4 was never rooted vor modified and I'm experiencing a lot of problems:
1. Phone reboots during Skype calls. On 4.3 and on 4.4.2
2. Phone reboots when I use the camera! This feature is present only after the gorgeous update on 4.4.2
3. Phone randomly powers off and I can't turn it on, only after pressing the power button for about a minute can I get it on! Wow!
4. Sometimes when I wake the phone there is no lock screen

These are only the most annoying problems with my phone which in 2013 the reference phone of Google was. I am an android user since the beginning but things are so f...ed up here that I'm really considering to change to Apple. Thanks Google! Great Job!

Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Hana Crew 1/13/14 5:37 PM
If you're still under warranty you can RMA per google, however they will charge you the full price for the phone, if you're like me and can't afford a 200 dollars hold, downgrade your OS and change the battery. I think 4.4.2 somehow fried my battery, at first it was random rebooting when I first update, but now the phone would reboot as soon as it turn on and battery would go from 100% charged to 0%.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Karine Brown 1/17/14 5:13 AM
please help, I am experiencing the same problem, but I didnt downgrade as I dont know how. my phone connection is giving me lots of problems since upgrading, it shuts off my phone, it looses reception, most of the time makes a very bad call sound when I am in the middle of a call and then either restarts on its own or doesnt let me call out or receive calls unless restarted. This can happen up to 3 times a day.

I am very frustrated and dont know what to do
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Jimmy I Marshall 1/18/14 3:27 PM
Okay, this is what I've got going on:

Nexus 4

1. Micro USB port totally failed permanently after November update.  Will not charge, will not connect to any devices, charger has been tested on other devices and works fine, and the charger IS sending power to the device.  This is evidenced by the charger heating up.  After noticing the phone was not charging, I attempted to reestablish the connection.  The connector burned my finger immediately, causing me to curse rather loudly.  I now have an inductive charger.  This could be a coincidental hardware issue, but I just want to cover all bases.

2. Random radio malfunctions causing all data to timeout and fail to reconnect.  This happens most commonly during a call.  This was not an occurrence prior to the update.  There is no definite temporary fix.  Switching the radios off and back on again only works some of the time, other times I must reboot.  Some nights I may reboot several times.

3. Random issues locking the device screen.  Sometimes my power button accepts input just fine, most times I must press it several times.  Based on the fact there are times when the power button works just fine, this could not be a hardware issue.  Supporting that logic, when charging my phone, my digitizer freaks out while I'm using the phone.  This results in input misreads on the screen, failed input recognition overall, and phantom inputs, where I haven't even touched the device.  This only happens while the phone is sitting on the inductive charger as of the last update.

3. My phone generates more heat than before while performing common tasks.  

4. The keyboard is sometimes slow to recognize input, has begun to make more prediction errors, is auto correcting needlessly, and fails to offer me the option to add new words I've typed into a text field unless I add them to the dictionary the long way.

5. My signal is bonkers.  I can leave the phone in the exact same spot, without touching it, and the signal strength will constantly change.

6. Noticeably less battery life.  There has been a significant decrease in battery performance.

7. Random hangs, reboots, and downloads.  This is pretty straightforward.  My activities are irrelevant, I cannot reproduce the problem on a whim.

8. How do I use screen cast?  I'd like to keep records of the phone's behavior, but I can't record what's going on because the screen cast feature doesn't seem to be present yet.  It was promised, where is it?

9. Lower Bluetooth volume.  The volume only seems to be lower during a call.

10. Not sharing mobile data with other devices.  My 2012 Nexus 7 shows it's connected and just idles.  It will load very little.

11. Sometimes the device will not sound notifications or vibrate when someone is contacting me.  If I'm not looking at the device at the time, I won't know I've received a message or an update until I check it.

12. Hangouts was fine before the update, now late at night it lags terribly.  Some nights I don't actually receive a message for an hour, even if I'm looking at the conversation as it's being sent.  I can check the conversation several times and still not get the message until minutes after setting the phone down, a message possessing a timestamp indicating I received the message a very long time ago.  Also, I have many more failed message downloads and outbound MMS transmissions.  Even when not on the phone, with good service, my outbound pictures may fail several times.  Some of those times I'll have to delete the failed attempt and start again to make it send.  Also, I have the same trouble receiving MMS from my contacts.

13. By now we should have better People/Calendar/Now integration.  There is no excuse for Now to only be able to detect and notify us of birthdays on just Google+.  There is also no excuse for the calendar to take Google+ birthdays and no locally stored birthdays from People.  I shouldn't have to manually add them, they should import automatically.  This is KitKat, this should be standard by now.

2012 Nexus 7

1. Random sporadic on screen behavior.  Swipe left, goes left.  That's the opposite of the intended result of the gesture.  This issue can't be reproduced.  It is random.  A left swipe should make the device scroll right.  The gesture is intended to literally pull the desired screen in from the right edge of the bezel.

2. Not receiving shared connection from phone.  Loads very little then just sits there pretending to download something.  It won't even buffer.

I bought my device from the Play Store May 2013.  I've addressed service issues with T-Mobile, the fault is not theirs.  They've reset my connection to no avail.  I can't afford to use my warranty because my phone will be absent far too long without a backup.  I cannot keep my job without it.  

Please give us some word in regards to approximately when we can expect an update fixing these issues - or whether or not there will even be an update that addresses these issues.  I'm honestly shocked and frustrated by The quality of the update.  My JB experience was much better than this.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) therealzeldar 1/18/14 5:14 PM
I'd been having pretty good luck since wiping the data cache, but today my Nexus 4 finally failed again on the Bluetooth.  I was paired with my car head unit and enjoying music when it suddenly stopped. Afterward, I could faintly hear sound coming out of the phone speaker.  Sure enough, but Bluetooth icon was greyed out and could not be enabled just like it had been after the 4.4 and 4.4.2 updates (and also with the 4.1 update as I recall).  I restarted the phone and, although the Bluetooth icon was again active, it would not pair again with my car unit.  I had noticed earlier in the day that the Bluetooth cut off for about 10 seconds and then recovered.  Perhaps this was a prelude to the failure.  This happened in an area where my cellular signal was spotty.  Not sure if that was a factor in the failure. 

At this point, I am really fed up with this device.  I hereby request that Google and LG either fix the software or make available the previous 4.3 version of Android for the N4 so I can have a functional phone again.  This is not acceptable for a one-year-old phone with the latest version of firmware.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Itzik Winisch 1/26/14 11:02 PM
From my download of 4.4.1 My nexus 4 three most important home bottoms have stopped function most of the time. The next version 4.4.2. even made it worse....the three bottoms have never functioned any more.
Then I have a phone for one application....even my old Nokia can do better.
Two months without a phone. Google has no place to repair those phones, and LG dealer in Phnom Penh doesn't want to touch it even.
Google has long way to become's a shame even to compare those two.....t
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Ole Bø 1/27/14 12:40 PM
I'm having big problems with my GPS, anyone have any suggestions? the phone only connects to GPS after a restart, or some turning off and on of the "location".
olivio 1/28/14 1:11 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Itzik Winisch 1/28/14 1:28 AM
No I haven't. Two months ago I had seen a guy description how to fix it. I have tried to do exactly how he explained, but it too complicates for me, just for pros. It also needs lots of time to upload all the softwares that are supporting this process. As I said I wasn't succeed.
It also too risky because u have to get into the Android Sys. I didn't want to go on, I wasn't sure that it allowed by Google license.
At least now I know that if Google will come with a new ver 4.4.3. Then I'll upload it by USB connection and not by wifi.
I understood that all bugs were made by sys uploading by wifi.
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Diogo Andrei Schroeder 2/3/14 5:15 AM
I've installed kitkat 4.4.2 and the button for switching the camera is missing, so now all I have is the front camera. Anyone knows how to solve this?
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Cristian Alexe 2/3/14 5:19 AM
Hello Diogo,

The button exist.
When you are in camera mode press the option button an then you have the icon to swtich to front camera.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Diogo Andrei Schroeder 2/3/14 5:33 AM

Its not there

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Cristian Alexe 2/3/14 5:57 AM
It's very strange because i have 5 options.

From your photo i have in plus the flash icon and the switch camera.

I have 4.4.2 on my Nexus 4.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Arshad 9895 2/7/14 10:35 AM
Ya same prblm and the touch is not smooth as earlier
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Arshad 9895 2/7/14 10:43 AM
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Arshad 9895 2/7/14 10:43 AM
Arshad 9895 2/7/14 10:43 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) Hemkiran Singh 2/17/14 10:35 PM
yes i have the exact same issue... power button someone's works flawlessly and sometimes won't work at all... and several times during a day the phone reboots by itself... it's working properly and then when i pick it up the next time there is my sim unlock code screen up (which comes up after a reboot).... did you get any solution to this issue ?
Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) GreggoExige 2/22/14 4:49 AM
I had the same thing. After upgrading to 4.4.2, the phone started running really hot and then started to randomly switch off even though the battery was indicating over 50%. This just got worse until I noticed a bulge in the phone case. On opening the case, it was clear that the battery had swollen. It's a bit coincidental that this all started after the 4.4.2 update and I'm not the only one... Here is what the removed battery looked like, I think I'm lucky that it didn't explode.

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) sohail siddique 2/26/14 9:08 PM
Whenever I use Line or Skype for video calls the fone shuts down n reboots. Is there any solution to this problem?

Re: Nexus 4 - Issues & Bugs (4.4.2) sohail siddique 2/26/14 9:08 PM
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