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Reply Girl Issues Preistbob 2/26/12 1:13 PM
-Reply Girl youtube channel.

Thanks if you're reading this, I know it's hard work going through these emails but you gotta get the message!
'Reply Girls' are destroying youtube! They ruin the suggestions bar, filling it with poorly made 30 second videos, showing cleavage to get views, and expressing views that simply don't match with the video. It destroys the point of the suggestion bar, and stops youtubers like me from browsing Youtube freely and easily. The Yogscast, for example, makes good quality videos, and obviously want to promote their previous videos in the suggestion bar. BUT, Reply Girls are stopping them from doing so, forcing them into advertising videos at the end of videos, in annotations. I feel it destroys the whole point of youtube. Yes, you should broadcast yourself. But don't broadcast a 30 second video bound to get 95% dislikes, showing stupid views and cleavage. Please, don't put a 'If it gets 90% + dislikes ban it'. Just ban people from using other people's fame to advertise their poorly made piles of garbage.

Re: Reply Girl Issues HappyCabbie 2/27/12 2:16 AM
There is a reason Yogscast put their hit list on their forums instead of posting a video.  They knew that if they dared to upload a video telling people to flag down all those channels they would get a strike or even worse.
Re: Reply Girl Issues Wyaat 3/1/12 3:42 AM
So when I decide that I don't want my kids listening to music with bad language in it, I am able to buy a sencored version of the CD that doesnt include it.

When I watch youtube I don't want to see the reply girls' repulsive faces. So, I should be given the option weather to see it or not.
Re: Reply Girl Issues Gumbyfan 3/2/12 11:24 AM
@ Happy Cabbie 

This proposal to stop the Reply Girls is an act of law enforcement, not censorship. 

These girls are committing fraud, namely Bait-and-Switch. 

Admittedly this is small time fraud, yet they are still putting up a false front of commenting on the videos involved while in actuality they just say things that have no relationship with the topics of the original videos. In effect, they are lying in order to artificially raise their personal ad revenue. 
The reply people's opinions on things are not being rebutted, just the illusion they project to gain attention is being rebutted. 

Bait-and-Switch, even small time cons, is an illegal action that needs to be addressed.
Re: Reply Girl Issues epicnucario 3/3/12 9:24 PM
I also find this extremely annoying and ridiculously stupid. I have no idea why these girls are doing what they're doing, if they're trolling Yogscast on purpose (though highly unlikely), or if they think they're funny. But I agree, this has to stop; for the sake of sanity! So I suggest maybe figuring out a way to accuse them for fraud like what Gumbyfan said, but it needs to be a valid accusation.
Re: Reply Girl Issues LucasFFXI 5/1/12 7:21 AM
I too have a problem with reply girls.  The prime one is MeganSpeaks and her new channel MeganSpeaksMore.  She's not only a fraud but a glutton for attention.  She keeps posting like 30 worthless 30 second of useless replies with thumbnails of an arrow pointing at her disgusting unsexy chest.  No matter what channel I go and what video I want to see, she's hogging all the suggestion features.  It's annoying, illegal, breaking the rules, and YouTube must put her channel down like a bullet to a rabid dog's skull.  People ask her why she's doing this but she doesn't give an answer, except for praised comments from stupid people.  And what about young viewers?  What if young teenagers want to see videos from yomama?  They'll end up watching MeganSpeaks/MeganSpeaksMore.  It needs to stop once and for all.
(unknown) 5/1/12 11:05 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Reply Girl Issues MeganLeeHeart 5/6/12 3:04 PM
No one gives a F**k what you think Lucas. Now move on with your life.
Re: Reply Girl Issues theweedranter 5/6/12 4:13 PM
WTF is a reply girl and how can i purchase one? I watch a lot of videos on YouTube but I have never heard of them. Probably cause I usually watch videos that are educational, historical, helpful, informative, or political. If they are prostitutes I say eliminate the proletariat and reinstate the prostitariat. You may take our wives but they can never take our freedom!
Re: Reply Girl Issues theweedranter 5/6/12 4:33 PM
I just watched a reply girls video and just realized something. Anyone with a video camera can post a random video on YouTube. Also anyone can post a random comment on YouTube. My dog smells like Doritos. Does anyone else own a min pin? Do they all smell like Doritos? I love my dog but when she passes away in a couple of years I will cry whenever i open a bag of Doritos. I'll probably never buy Doritos after that.
Re: Reply Girl Issues LucasFFXI 5/6/12 9:43 PM
Well if it isn't MeganSpeaks.  Care to explain to everyone here why you like to spam post thumbnails of an arrow pointing at your chest?  You know that's misleading spam and it can be flagged.  And if anyone needs to "move on with your life", it's you who needs to get a life.
Re: Reply Girl Issues MeganLeeHeart 5/7/12 5:36 AM
Dont add me as a friend, you're an idiot who keeps harassing me. How about you ignore my videos and move on. I'm not going anywhere and you'll never make me. So give it up and go play with your POS Final Fantasy.
Re: Reply Girl Issues LucasFFXI 5/7/12 7:22 AM
Wow.  This gets even better.  The videos are right about you being a liar and a bully just like LIAT.  If you want people to "stop harassing" and "ignore your videos" and "move on" why don't you stop spamming thumbnails of an arrow pointing at your chest like you're very desperate for attention.  It's that simple.
Re: Reply Girl Issues teknoaxe 5/7/12 12:04 PM
How do you feel, Megan, that this whole algorithm that is killing a lot of us, was designed specifically to stop your spammy ways?  Well...I mean you and your friends.  Maybe next time you should take up a banjo instead...topless would have gotten more respect had you gone that route.
Re: Reply Girl Issues xJohnny9 5/7/12 3:57 PM
They need to fix the algorithm so that if it detects a reply girl video then they have to fill out a captcha.
Re: Reply Girl Issues theweedranter 5/7/12 6:54 PM
I don't get how her videos get so many dislikes. How can anyone dislike cleavage? I don't get how anyone can like her videos either. Probably for the same reason.
Re: Reply Girl Issues xJohnny9 5/7/12 7:20 PM
Well the theater owners tried to stop cable TV when it first came out. The monks tried to stop the printing press when it came out. The cavemen tried to stop the wheel. And now they want to stop the reply girls. I think we all know why.
Re: Reply Girl Issues theweedranter 5/7/12 8:35 PM
Re: Reply Girl Issues MeganLeeHeart 5/10/12 11:33 PM
You're done Lucas, stop talking you have absolutely no life and I have no clue what you are talking about so quit talking like an idiot because its embarrassing seeing someone with less brain cells talking to me it almost kills my IQ. Stop typing. 
Re: Reply Girl Issues theweedranter 5/10/12 11:43 PM
That was sooo three days ago.
Re: Reply Girl Issues kgomepingk 5/12/12 12:36 AM
What the heck is reply girl i watch a lot of videos but never seen a reply girl?
Re: Reply Girl Issues LucasFFXI 5/13/12 5:50 PM
What a hypocrite.
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