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disable feed AnAuraInk 12/3/11 9:00 AM
is there a way on the new youtube channel layout to disable/hide the FEED tab?
Re: disable feed rewboss 12/3/11 9:04 AM
No, but you can control what appears in your Feed tab. To do that, click on your username at the top right corner of any YouTube page, click on "Settings" and then go to "Sharing".
Re: disable feed AnAuraInk 12/3/11 9:09 AM
i did that awhile ago, i only have check upload a video.
but my feed still shows what videos i liked
Re: disable feed rkicf8 12/3/11 9:58 AM
The feed shows everything Done. I spent half an hour tryinng to arrange videos to show the ones I want on the main page and the feed shows all this even if I erase history. No need for all this so back to the more user freindly channel view.
Re: disable feed stsrec 12/21/11 2:59 PM
On the sharing settings, make sure to also uncheck boxes related to "connected accounts".
Re: disable feed Mr Rid 12/27/11 3:41 PM
'Sharing' does not have an option to disable 'recent activity.'  How do you prevent the whole world from seeing every video you view?
Re: disable feed HappyCabbie 12/27/11 6:00 PM
Re: disable feed shanesemler 12/29/11 7:07 AM
No, it doesn't help at all.
Re: disable feed rewboss 12/29/11 8:32 AM
The difference is that Facebook is a social networking site and is geared to sharing private information (not that Facebook has a good reputation when it comes to keeping private information private), while YouTube is a public broadcasting platform and should never be used for anything private. After all, if YouTube implemented your suggestion, and you blocked me from your channel, I'd just log out and access your channel anonymously. If YouTube made channels inaccessible to anyone not signed in to their YouTube account, that would defeat the object of YouTube and I would get around that by creating a new channel with a clean sheet.
Re: disable feed hardwaremister 3/4/12 9:58 AM
what the?! Why is google transforming into this entity?
Google won my trust with their "do no evil" policy. Now is not just that they are hoarding our data, but they also are not giving us the option not to share anything. This is ridiculous. Maybe it is time to vote with my feet.

Ridiculous. What has happened to you, google? 
The same applies to gmail; I was part of the very first to join the beta userbase, and now I am also considering that they are just tying the knot a tad too tight for my taste.
Re: disable feed rewboss 3/4/12 10:10 AM
I don't understand why people say they can't stop stuff showing up in their feeds. The only thing you can't stop appearing in your feed is public uploads, but even that can be circumvented by uploading your videos as "unlisted". The settings are right there where I said (I just checked).
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Re: disable feed swapnaayt 5/7/12 12:33 PM
HappyCabbie and rewboss - thanks! What you guys suggested worked perfectly.
Re: disable feed wickedb 5/30/12 4:22 PM
I guess the FEED tab cannot be disabled - nor is there a check box to disable activity. They should call it a STALK tab....
Re: disable feed ged fked 1/12/13 10:51 AM
You see what happens when google gets involved. I used to love youtube.
Re: disable feed boogger 3/16/13 11:37 AM
this feed option sucks DICK. Fuck off google/youtube and give us the choice to remove it.