The new layout... (disappointed)

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The new layout... (disappointed) LilBoda 7/12/12 3:41 PM
I just want to say that I have never been a fan of youtube's new layouts. I thought that the old one was perfect. the one with the tabs for;subs, recommended videos , and all activity. It displayed the most information without having to scroll down. It was easy to use and I could choose what I wanted to see. Now with this new layout, I CAN'T choose what I want to see, I can only see about 3 videos at a time, and the recommended videos are all blended in with the rest of the videos. I am very disappointed with youtube's actions and I would like to see more customization features. It would be nice to be able to see subscription uploads in one tab, recommended videos in one tab, Featured videos in one tab, and activity in one tab. I am sure that I am not the only one that thinks this so I speak for a lot of people in saying that the new layout needs to be changed.
Re: The new layout... (disappointed) etrfsg 7/12/12 4:11 PM
Literally every update YouTube makes is a step backwards and a more dumbed down YouTube.

Stop fucking with shit every other week, YouTube.

Re: The new layout... (disappointed) ChadAllard 7/12/12 6:44 PM
On my screen the new layout has a HUGE amount of whitespace on the left and right of the content which blends in with the now white layout headers and features. Someone must hate color.
People should be able to choose what content they see by default. There was never any problem finding people to watch in the past, and I don't need recommendations blasted in my face in an unavoidable fashion. I want to see my subscriptions, and I want to see them now. Let me use the "My subscriptions" tab as my main screen and completely remove the "home" tab. That would be what I would do....

Seriously... I don't want to see all of that social activity either. I have to jump through hoops just to make youtube display nothing but videos. Is this a video site or a twitter feed? Feels like the latter sometimes due to the huge amount of "so-and-so liked this video" and now "recommended because you watched ____"

Yes I can make it only show subscriptions. Yes I can make it only view their videos and not their activities. Yes I have to click these options each and every single time I go to the youtube homepage. So annoying.... I used to go back to the homepage by simply clicking on the youtube logo, but now I have to pull up a bookmark toolbar and bookmark the subscription feed just to avoid seeing so much crap.
Re: The new layout... (disappointed) LilBoda 7/12/12 7:22 PM
I agree completely. I don't want to see why i am recommended a video, I just want to watch it. If I wanted to see who liked a video, I would uncheck the uploads only. Google has really lost some respect on the community side. I haven't seen anyone who likes these changes.
Re: The new layout... (disappointed) ChadAllard 7/12/12 7:40 PM
Well of course you'll definitely hear the "negatively bias" comments more frequently than those who like it, but when it impacts the usage of the site as much as it does, I don't see how liking it is even possible :P
Re: The new layout... (disappointed) JDG61 7/13/12 3:18 AM
If you are using Adblock, you can block the recommended videos section etc. from showing at all, but you you shouldn't have to use an ad blocker to block sections of a YouTube page because Google developers have no programming skills.
Re: The new layout... (disappointed) JDG61 7/13/12 3:40 AM
FYI  If you clear the cookies in your browser you can get back the previous YouTube UI.

Given the clearly amateur level of programming and design of the new layout, I can only surmise that the new UI was coded by a child and was accidentally uploaded by their Google employed parents.    Certainly no real software designer/engineer would ever publicly release anything written so poorly even as an alpha build.      

Re: The new layout... (disappointed) Paddysden 7/13/12 4:56 AM
I agree with everything above. I find it extremely difficult to navigate through my channel to get it how I want it, and why, oh why can't we customise the channel frames and text anymore? Not everyone's desire is to blend in with the GREY! Who designed this? It was much better before.
Re: The new layout... (disappointed) Netflix Junkie 9/16/12 1:36 AM
They should have left the layout as it was a year or more ago. This new one takes longer load and it's very cluttered.