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reporting spam or phishing emails imjongry 3/16/12 1:28 PM
YouTube, you need to make it easier to give direct information on how and where to report a suspicious phishing email your users receive.  I keep going around and around in circles in your help page and all I find is "what is spam or phishing" !!??
Re: reporting spam or phishing emails JDoors 3/16/12 4:32 PM
YouTube does not provide a way to report issues with your email account. Report email spam to your email provider. Your email provider has sole access to your email account. Your email provider can shunt emails reported to them as spam to a junk or spam folder where you never have to see them if you don't want to.
Re: reporting spam or phishing emails DoppelFaulenzer 3/16/12 5:52 PM

    • use antivirus software
    • report flashy pages antivirus program
    • example KasperSky
example: when you try to call youTube with typo

image view is in german - sorry :)

Re: reporting spam or phishing emails Frijo 5/10/12 1:34 PM
I agree. I  received an e-mail, supposedly from YouTube,telling me that my video has been approved. I did not submit a video to YouTube. Of course, the sender wants me to click on the URL and view the video.

I want to report this to YouTube. As you said, there's nothing on the web site about reporting suspicious e-mails. Why not, YouTube? PayPal does it, so does e-bay, Bank of America, Wells Fargo Bank, etc. Aren't you interested in closing down these guys who are illegally using your name and logo? Maybe you just don't care!!!

Re: reporting spam or phishing emails Frijo 5/10/12 1:35 PM
Re: reporting spam or phishing emails anmoose 5/10/12 1:46 PM
@Frijo, please read the post above by JDoors. It should not be necessary to repeat it over and over.
Re: reporting spam or phishing emails PoiMage 5/10/12 2:33 PM
Try reporting spam emails through a service called, they're backed by a group of anti-spam blacklisting companies that are able to track down, investigate and suppress most spam emails.
Re: reporting spam or phishing emails Jam on Toast 5/11/12 3:45 PM
I agree. I've been getting emails telling my my video is top of youtube for months now, with links to click though.
JDoors, it's phishing, not spam. Phishing isn't an email provider's problem, that's easily dealt with, it's a youtube problem because someone is claiming to be youtube in order to access personal information.
Youtube should be on top of this if only to protect themselves and their reputation.