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YouTube Live - Troubleshooting Please

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YouTube Live - Troubleshooting Please MalakithSkadi 8/10/12 10:01 AM
I recently had YouTube Live activated on my channel and currently have having the following issues:

1. Only available in 360p (I believe I have to talk to my partner provider about this one)
2. When I launch the Desktop presenter there is a noticeable flickering of the Mouse Cursor almost like it is sampling it.
3. When I tick the "Capture Audio" box of the Desktop Presenter the entire screen flicks between what it should be showing and entirely black every second.
4. The performance is absolutely terrible, I have better frame rates recording 1080p and streaming to twitch on far higher requirement programs (CPU and RAM were below 50%) I suspect this is tied in with points 2 and 3 however.

A link to the test video can be found here:

Which demonstrates all of these issues as best as I can capture.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Re: YouTube Live - Troubleshooting Please montagesnmore 9/15/12 8:12 PM
I know for #1, its only available to starter live stream users. There is an "Advanced Feature" which includes 480p and 720p. We have to create more Livestream videos and prove to YT that we can produce great content on Livestream. I don't think its really fair because I too record video games and it looks horrible in 360p, let a lone it lags alot. I still can't figure out why there isn't any audio playback while we are recording live.
Re: YouTube Live - Troubleshooting Please Anna Wolferman 9/17/12 9:15 AM
Hi there,
Please refer to our YouTube Live Help Center for tips to better optimize your streaming experience.

YouTube Live Team