Security Issue @ Youtube !

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Security Issue @ Youtube ! Shubham NeO 7/30/12 11:43 AM
And a security issue identified in Youtube !

Even if you don't have access to a particular video, i.e. the video is private, one can download the same using KeepVid :O

Google Are you listening ?

Re: Security Issue @ Youtube ! PeggyK 7/30/12 12:16 PM
Re: Security Issue @ Youtube ! gbcali 7/30/12 4:02 PM
Below is a private 14 second video I uploaded to my account.  You (and everyone else) have my permission to try download it and then upload it to your channel to prove that there is a security flaw that allows KeepVid to download private videos.  I'm confident you won't be able to... but if you can prove me wrong I'll gladly contact development and let them know there's a problem.