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Account sync cat.iris.irine 4/25/12 11:25 AM
I wish I could associate my Youtube account with my new Google account, but I can't and this is getting me sad, Google didn't even asked me if I wanted to sync my Youtube account with my old Google Account. Please, make something to separate accounts and sync them with new ones.
Re: Account sync JDoors 4/25/12 12:20 PM
They asked. They require you choose a Google account when you create your YouTube channel.
I do agree they do not make it clear up front that you may NEVER be able to change it.
IF the current Google account is gmail and IF you are willing to give up that gmail account and use a non-gmail, non-Google email account, you can add the non-gmail, non-Google email account as a secondary address, then "remove gmail as a service" from that Google account (you'll have to look up how to remove gmail from a Google account without closing the Google account itself). The non-gmail, non-Google email account will then become your new Google account username.