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Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 3/26/12 12:50 PM
Hello fellow YouTube users,

Has anyone ever come across this particular user named "Whyohwhyfools" and ever encountered their harassing and stalker like messages or someone simular?

If so, why don't we start a petition to eradicate YouTube from these types people who do criminal activities while YouTube stands back and watches? If YouTube doesn't protect it's users from these types of criminals, then YouTube will be held accountable for such criminal behavior.

You can find the user "Whyohwhyfools" at this location: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVDdjLQkUV8

You will see that that user has been abusive, likes to harass fellow users (especially me) and stalks users on a daily basis.

Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated.

Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools Mr Sensible 3/26/12 4:34 PM
I just took a look at that insane video and all them crazy people talking shit. What the fuck is wrong with you, huh? Why are you hanging out there? From what i can see you are disturbed, all of you. I googled your like that fools fella said and all what he said was true. Get a life and get off of the inertnet, you need help and so do the rest of them nutjobs.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools The Judge 3/31/12 10:32 AM
Why do you keep coming on here complaining about harassment? There's several people made complaints about you and by all accounts you've been banned from several forums and had accounts removed here. What have you got to say for yourself?
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools anmoose 3/31/12 5:01 PM
Pot. Kettle. Black.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 4/9/12 4:13 PM
That you're actually WHyohwhyfools under an assumed name and yes, you've admitted it to me that you've come on here to ask other people to help defend you when you know you did wrong.

I know who you truely are and know what you're still doing. You admitted it to me.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 4/9/12 4:14 PM
Nice contribution. Just as quilty as Whyohwhyfools is.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 4/9/12 4:14 PM
Apparently you've got alot of YT user names Whyohwhyfools.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools The Judge 4/27/12 7:17 AM
Still got no reply?
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 4/30/12 12:13 PM
Your questions are as worthless as you so I will not answer them. This isn't about me, it's about Whyohwhyfools. Can't you fucking read or are you that too God damn illiterate?
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools anmoose 4/30/12 1:02 PM
And the pot is no longer calling the kettle black; the pot is now shouting that the kettle is black.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools Rihannsu 4/30/12 1:10 PM
Lol, Teenagers. You kids should go outside and play some hop scotch instead of throwing temper tantrums online.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools The Judge 4/30/12 2:29 PM
Are you serious? You came here asking for help and start swearing and acting like a child. How old are you? Are you trying to gather information on this whyohwhyfools character just because they beat you in some crazy argument. You need help alright, a good psychiatrist.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 5/1/12 8:13 PM
My age is none of your fucking business. No you idiot, the asshole named Whyohwhyfools has been constantly harassing everyone on YouTube and the staff @ YouTube has done a fucking thing to stop this person.

It doesn't matter. I'm suing YouTube for Whyohwhyfools actions anyways, I contacted my attorney and lets just say that he said that there's a case. So you motherfuckers keep on playing your games and see who laughs last.

Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools theweedranter 5/1/12 8:58 PM
Good luck with that, you're gonna need it. Who cares who harasses or insults you on YouTube. I will admit i was once surprised by how crude and vulgar some individuals can be toward people they don't even know but that is why YouTube wants members to stay anonymous which is why they don't put in your profile name or even your location. They are more aware than anyone that YouTube is full of some demented psychopaths who use this platform as a method of expressing how psychotic and disgruntled they are and sometimes those assholes will use random strangers to displace their anger towards the world and themself on you. Now I often expect some stupid asshole to insult me for some misinterpreted comment and when no one does I am pleasantly surprised and if they do I am often amused. Just man up and be a man about it and just laugh it off.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools The Judge 5/7/12 12:16 PM
Don't call me an idiot you child. Just take a good look at what you wrote and your hostility here. I've taken a good look at what the whyohwhyfools character has wrote and what you have been up to as well. It's clear he beat you hands down in arguments and then found out who you really are. It seems it's you that has been harassing and stalking individuals on youtube and you got caught and are now complaining about it to cover your tracks. I'm putting an official complaint in against you. You are a nasty little man who is a pest on youtube.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools SpaceRazzer 5/7/12 1:40 PM
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools shakensel 5/8/12 9:50 AM


this person has created two channels and uses the picture of my boyfriend, he calls my boyfriend a pedophile, we did repport those channels many times but youtube does not take any actions
why does youtube let this happen,
please can someone tell me if there is an other way to repport those channels, because the repport link at the channel itself does not help, i repported that way many times

kind regards


Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 5/13/12 5:12 PM
"It's clear he beat you hands down in arguments and then found out who you really are."

I know who you really are too you self delusional asshole. Anyone who praises anyone else for "winning" any arguement with a fake screen name like yours gives you away. Nice try asshole.

Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 5/13/12 5:14 PM
Best thing for anyone to do is have their attorney contact YouTube and file a lawsuit. Sooner or later YouTube will have to give in that their system is a target for pedophiles, stalkers and harassers. That's what I did and from what I hear my attorney has some good news about suing YouTube.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools The Judge 5/17/12 5:53 AM
You are insane, seriously, do you intend to sue YouTube? For what exactly? You ask for help but then attack anyone who tries to tell you what you don't want to hear. You are obviously a very paranoid person. Consider yourself reported for abuse.
Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools TruthersRAlwaysWrong 7/5/12 10:55 PM
Report me? LOL!

You've never really helped me at all Moose. All you did was sneer and make assumptions based on nothing. People know that you're a complete douche and a total waste of time. You've helped noone since you've been helping.

Re: Harasser/Stalker Whyohwhyfools jajouka 7/8/12 4:19 AM
No but somehow utube confuses us with Joujouka music.
These people subscribe to us in order to confuse people.They follow and use our resume.We do not wish to be connected with Frank Rynne nor this impostor group.
We do not know much about the net and we do not know how to fix this.

We are: The Master Musicians of JAJOUKA  not joujouka and the group
is led by BACHIR ATTAR

Is there any way to have joujouka unsubscribe from us as we do not want to be connected with these impostors?


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