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How to.. siimsimsiim 7/6/12 3:38 AM
Where can i ask for advertising near my videos on youtube,
adsense says: Directly at youtube. or so
and i cant find it at youtube so who knows it?
Re: How to.. The Lady from UNCLE 7/6/12 4:09 AM
You will need to monetise your video.  This is done while logged into your YouTube channel and enabling that option in Settings.  Once enabled/approved you can then monetise the individual (original work) video in Video Manager.
Re: How to.. siimsimsiim 7/7/12 1:52 AM
Yes i know, but i have to ask youtube, when i go to Adsense they say go directly to youtube
Re: How to.. The Lady from UNCLE 7/7/12 2:02 AM
If you know then why do you ask Adsense?
Re: How to.. siimsimsiim 7/7/12 5:53 AM
Noo, i thought that i had to ask adsense for accepting me for monnytising but you have to do it at youtube but where at youtube? i know how to get ads near my videos but not how to get monney for it
Re: How to.. JDoors 7/7/12 7:12 AM
That resource may be difficult to naviate so here's how; You go from page to page on each topic by clicking the TEENSY LITTLE double-arrow in the lower right corner, once you are done with each topic you move to the next by clicking the next topic in the left margin.