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Monetization Appeal HardLuckCafe 8/13/12 3:28 AM
I have 24 Hero Academy walkthrough videos up on my channel. Of those, 16 were approved for monetization and 8 were disapproved. I'm not sure how that is because they are all exactly the same type of video. I suspect the 8 that were disapproved appear to have been reviewed by the same person.

In any case, how do I appeal this decision? There is apparently no way for me to do anything with these videos accept leave them in a disapproved state or provide commercial use proof. There are monetized game walkthroughs all over YouTube, so either they are all wrong (including 16 of mine) or whoever reviewed mine is wrong.

I can't believe there is no way to appeal this...the exclamation point on my video when I choose to remove monetization seems to indicate I can, but I can't. I've seen in other posts that I should fill out a form included with the email I got telling me they've been disapproved, but there is no link and no attached form.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Re: Monetization Appeal HardLuckCafe 8/13/12 10:04 AM
While I didn't find an answer on how to file an appeal, I did find permission to monetize the walkthroughs on the developer's website.

The appeal process REALLY needs some looking into here.

Worst. Process. Ever.


Re: Monetization Appeal PeggyK 8/13/12 12:46 PM
There should be a link in the email notification you received from YouTube to the form where you submit more information and documentation.