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moodwall? help!

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moodwall? help! lagarto220 8/23/12 7:21 PM
my browse page in youtube has been replaced with some weird page that calls itself moodwall. My homepage is still functional, as are the movies and upload tab, but this moodwall is this weird limited selection of a set of the same 15 videos (they were all posted around 2011). All of them have captions like "catchy", "amazing", etc. None of them have video titles. The videos never change. I don't have a virus or anything, and I'm sure it is part of youtube. What is going on? can someone help? I want my old browse back. BTW, I'm using firefox.
Re: moodwall? help! JeyRey 8/23/12 7:41 PM
Could you upload a screenshot of this? It would help the forum understand what "moodwall" actually is.
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Re: moodwall? help! k9992 8/23/12 11:02 PM
I have this problem as well. This page has appeared about 2 days ago and I can't find a solution to remove this page. Every time I click on the section labeled "Browse" the page is redirected to this moodwall page. It seems to only happen on Google Chrome, because Mozilla Firefox works fine on that page. Here is a screen shot of it.
Re: moodwall? help! XtrmOwl 8/23/12 11:16 PM
I have the same thing, signed in or not.  It's not a browser hijack as there are actual files hosted on googles'servers labeled moodwall under experiments.  For me it only happens on Chrome.  Doesn't show up on Firefox for me if i'm logged in or not.

Here are some screen shots of fiddler and of the "moodwall"


Re: moodwall? help! JDoors 8/24/12 6:00 AM
From the screenshot it looks like an official YouTube page. I can go directly to it without being "hijacked" from or to anywhere. It contains other official YouTube pages (via tabs along the top of the page). I can't explain why you would be directed there unless it's an experiment meant to send you there when you choose - whatever it is that sends you there.
If it's a beta then clearing your browser cache and cookies then restarting the browser should get rid of it.
Re: moodwall? help! anmoose 8/24/12 9:25 AM
It wouldn't surprise me one bit to eventually learn that it's another of their force-fed undocumented experiments. Nothing the idiots do surprises me anymore.

And yes, if it is, then clearing YouTube cookies "should" revert it to normal. Unless, of course, they've figured out how to block you from doing that.....
Re: moodwall? help! lagarto220 8/24/12 11:26 AM
Thanks! I cleared my browser history/cache/cookies etc. and browse returned back to normal. I wonder what the intent behind the moodwall thing was...