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Deleted Videos HamLovesCheese 4/3/12 8:51 AM
I don't know if anyone can help me, but I'm having a problem getting rid of a deleted video in my subscription box.
One of the channels I'm subscribed to uploaded a video and then deleted it. Whenever I click on the video (in hope that it might remove it from my sub box), it just says "This video has been removed by the user."
I've tried unsubscribing from the channel and then subscribing again, but the video still remains in my sub box. It will not disappear. If anyone knows how to remove this video from my sub box - any help would be appreciated!
Re: Deleted Videos JDoors 4/3/12 9:42 AM
It's insane, but YouTube does not provide a way to manage subscription videos other than watching them. If you don't want to or can't watch them, tough, you're stuck with it. Insane.
Re: Deleted Videos Netti4444 4/8/12 7:48 AM
It is absolutely ridiculous that you can't remove these types of video's from your subscription box.  In just one week I now have 5 video's that were removed by the user, which I can't get rid of.  Some have a thumbnail, some are gray.  I understand if YT takes awhile, but a week?  It's time to step up their game. I've seen in these messages that this problem has gone on for quite a while now.
Deleted Videos foxgirl26 4/8/12 11:14 PM
How about just blocking the audio???!!! Why did my entire video get deleted completely for ONLY an audio issue? I'd have gladly removed the music and taken the warning. A STRIKE to0? Over what? It was a HOME video of my dog for crying out loud. the DAY I picked him up from rescue. It was the only copy I had unfortunately. Im not impressed. & who the hell is Evergreen Social Media Associates; ? I cant even find these jokers on the net. I have seen many people saying they are getting strikes by these people for SuperTramp songs. Ok so block the F'ing audio then and move on. Why the deletion & the strike for a HOME VIDEO, ONE OFF, NOT being SOLD OR distributed in ANY way shape or form. Whats the matter Supertramp? not getting royalties from all 100 of your remaining fans loving your music so much they want it playing while their CAT gets high on catnip? This shit pisses me off.

Re: Deleted Videos BoilerRoom4 9/15/12 5:14 AM
Express your disgust at

Re: Deleted Videos J1994 10/31/12 5:38 AM
Apparently, Roger Hodgson is not the one responsible for that stuff. But he could voice that, at least.
Re: Deleted Videos Rick Kindle 4/13/13 4:33 PM
Here is a tip you can consider (to remove the 'deleted' video manually):

1. Point at the video that you do not want to have in your subscription feed.  

2. Somewhere near the right of the video title there is a small circle with a down arrow.  

3. Click the down arrow and select "Remove from feed".

Hope this helps.